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Recent articles by Tara:

Why People With Asthma Don't Get Brain Tumors

Scientists have come forward with data to explain a puzzling clinical phenomenon—people with asthma have a reduced risk of developing brain tumors. T | Clinical And Molecular Dx → Read More

Women Produce More COVID Antibodies Than Men

An exploration into the human immune response after a COVID-19 infection has revealed a surprising finding: women produce more antibodies to the coronaviru | Immunology → Read More

Should We Rethink COVID Vaccine Recipes?

In a study reported in the journal Cell, immunologists provide evidence for an Achilles’ heel in current COVID-19 vaccines: they don’t har | Immunology → Read More

It's Not Just Cholesterol That Clogs Arteries

Researchers have discovered a gene that is directly linked to the development of cardiovascular diseases, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, and tha | Immunology → Read More

Single-Cell Technology Exposes Melanoma's Weak Spot

The immune system encompasses a powerful arsenal of weapons against pathogenic threats. But what stops healthy tissues in the body from ending up as collat | Immunology → Read More

AI Test Distinguishes Cancer Cells From Healthy Ones Based on Their Acidity Levels

Researchers have developed a new way of differentiating cancer cells from healthy ones—by how acidic they are. The novel diagnostic leverages artific | Clinical And Molecular Dx → Read More

New Panel of Arthritis Biomarkers Diagnoses Disease With 93.2% Accuracy

Rheumatoid arthritis, or RA, is a painful and debilitating autoimmune disorder of the joints, particularly those of the wrists and hands. The disease can a | Clinical And Molecular Dx → Read More

Gene Marker PACS a Punch for Cervical Cancer Treatments

In cervical cancer, mutations in healthy cells cause cells to grow and multiply uncontrollably, invading surrounding tissues and spreading around the body. | Clinical And Molecular Dx → Read More

Routine Diagnostic Tests Linked to a 59 Percent Increase in Testicular Cancer Risk

New research has revealed that exposure to radiation from diagnostic procedures such as X-rays could contribute to an elevated risk of developing testicula | Clinical And Molecular Dx → Read More

Air Polution Particles Detected in the Placenta, Immune Cells Mop Them Up

Tiny, black particles much like those found in polluted air have been found in the placentas of pregnant women, as reported in a study at The Royal London | Immunology → Read More

Radioactive Tracer Shines the Floodlights on Inflammation

A patient checks into the hospital with difficulty breathing. Is inflammation to blame? How can physicians visualize areas of inflammation in the respirato | Clinical And Molecular Dx → Read More

Presenting the World's Smallest Ultrasound Detector

It’s smaller than a human cell, but the diminutive size of the newly-developed ultrasound detector is by no means reflective of its power. With minia | Clinical And Molecular Dx → Read More

2-In-1: Stroke Scans Also Diagnose COVID

King’s College London researchers took a closer look at emergency room CT scans of patients suspected of having a stroke and made a surprising discov | Clinical And Molecular Dx → Read More

Open Your Heart to the World's Smallest Diagnostic Probe

Certain health conditions require doctors to be able to observe tissues and organs in order to tell what’s wrong. The problem is that getting scopes | Clinical And Molecular Dx → Read More

Depression, but Not Anxiety, Causes Inflammation and Metabolic Imbalances

Scientists have discovered that depressed individuals show higher levels of inflammation as well as elevated fat concentrations in their bloodstreams. They | Immunology → Read More

Peek into the Inner Workings of the Spinal Cord

Scientists have established a state-of-the-art method for observing and analyzing the complex flurry of neurological activity within the spinal cord. By co | Clinical And Molecular Dx → Read More

Spot the Robodog Measures COVID Patients' Vitals

Hospital staff caring for COVID-19 patients face the greatest risk of exposure to the virus. A new dog-like robot designed by researchers at MIT has come t | Clinical And Molecular Dx → Read More

CRISPR Pumps the Brakes on the Immune System to Support Gene Therapies

The ability to edit the human genome using CRISPR has been heralded as a revolution in medicine. However, one of the biggest challenges facing gene therapi | Immunology → Read More

A Low-Cost COVID-19 Treatment, Made in Horses

Researchers in Costa Rica are turning to horses as an unlikely source of potential therapeutic antibodies against COVID-19. If these equine immunoglobulins | Immunology → Read More

Alarmins: The Immune "Gold" in Breast Milk

We know that infants fed with breast milk develop more robust immune systems as a result of factors that support the natural intestinal flora. Just what th | Immunology → Read More