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Recent articles by Lori:

Lori Borgman: To be or not to be a coffee filter

We may soon apply for “historic preservation” designation.I was making coffee the morning after some of the grands spent the night when one ask → Read More

Lori Borgman: Just when you think you can’t get any richer

We closed out a bank account we once used for direct deposit and no longer need. Yes, it’s a sad day when your direct deposits cease to exist. A mome → Read More

Lori Borgman: The mini-coach has reasonable rates

Others apparently see us more clearly than we see ourselves, which is why we are often the recipients of free advice.When our oldest daughter was living at → Read More

Lori Borgman: Is it really better to give than receive?

I am at the “Making Things Even” stage of Christmas. It is a family tradition.When I was a kid, my mother sent me to retrieve something from he → Read More

Lori Borgman: The choice is a good meal or a good story

It has been said that if you don’t have a good meal on a holiday, you probably have a good story.I was in a fowl mood before Thanksgiving. Tired of c → Read More

Lori Borgman: Why some staples are edible and some are not

I sent an email to our girls and our daughter-in-law a few weeks ago saying it might not be a bad idea to stock up on staples again.Crickets. Not a single → Read More

Lori Borgman: Sour response to expiration dates

The husband regards expiration dates on food as a mix of sheer fantasy and mathematical improbabilities.The man has a hard time believing any food ever tru → Read More

Lori Borgman: Thanksgiving may be closer than you think

“I want a baby brother for Christmas!” she shrieked, lunging from her chair. She’d made her desire known. It was a demand really.“Y → Read More

Lori Borgman: Welcome to the performance; protect your legs

Despite pandemic restrictions on gatherings, we are still able to enjoy attending live performances. They are family productions that are affordable (free) → Read More

Lori Borgman: Linking a man with a face on the Wall of Faces

Seems I see them more often these days, caps and jackets that say Vietnam Veteran. What always surprises me is how old the people wearing them look. I reme → Read More

Lori Borgman: When a snake catches a ride

The black snake, stretched out on the hard clay, was nearly 5 feet long. We stood watching to see if it would slither back toward the woods or toward the b → Read More

Lori Borgman: Hard to slow down in high speed

The way the husband talks, you’d think I was a racehorse.“Pace yourself!” he says. “Pace yourself.”He says I move too fast. I → Read More

Lori Borgman: Getting their feet wet and backsides, too

Our oldest daughter and I are on the deck of a rented lake house eyeing kids scattered on the shoreline below. They, in turn, are eyeing three bright red k → Read More

Lori Borgman: Shedding light on the stars

I’ve always been sorry I don’t know more about the stars and galaxies.I was especially sorry a few weeks ago when I went out early one morning → Read More

Lori Borgman: Two kinds of grandparents in this world

There are two kinds of grandparents in this world: Those who love personalized gifts emblazoned with adoring messages and those who do not. Naturally, the → Read More

Lori Borgman: 2 tips for improving your smize

One of the grands sent a self-portrait she created for art class. The top half of the portrait shows her hair parted in the middle with one of her signatur → Read More

Lori Borgman: Happy to help — and get free fries

A financial planner on the radio said we should all patronize our favorite restaurants now, because in two months they’ll probably be out of business → Read More

Lori Borgman: Enjoying one of the last concerts of summer

The gravel path leads up a small rise and cuts through tall grass. At the path’s end a wooden deck protrudes into the pond, which provides a sort of → Read More

Lori Borgman: It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a commercial!

“Stop the show,” a grandkid says. “I have to use the bathroom.”They are watching “Jeopardy.” I don’t know that th → Read More

Lori Borgman: Beware of falling unicorns

We are still recovering from the birthday party of all birthday parties.It was a child’s birthday party. There were no pony rides, hired clowns or pr → Read More