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Recent articles by Lori:

Lori Borgman: Does the ‘Best Ever’ game ever end?

The husband has a “Best Grandpa Ever” hat. I happen to know that the same kids who gave him that hat also gave one just like it to their other → Read More

Lori Borgman: Getting a grip on the future

We are opening back up here. Slowly. At the speed of a turtle. Make that a turtle in its shell, but it is happening.Some want a faster open, some want cont → Read More

Lori Borgman: Now needing a refresher in social graces

We are going to need a refresher course in social graces before rejoining humanity when this virus thing cools down.I get dressed every day, but usually in → Read More

Moms have a permanent place in the heart

It's good to tell others what your mother, or someone who has helped fill that role, means to you. But if your mother is still living, it might also be good to tell her. → Read More

Lori Borgman: Moms have a permanent place in the heart

Last year on Mother’s Day, I was taking notes on my cell phone in church as fast as my fingers could fly, hoping auto-correct would render them intel → Read More

Lori Borgman: Hair we stand with clippers in hand

Now that panic buying of toilet paper and hand sanitizer is subsiding, people are moving on to the next phase of panic buying: hair clippers. Sales are mov → Read More

Lori Borgman: Going the distance in social distancing

Many years ago, the husband and I took personality tests that were supposed to tell us about ourselves and each other. Under the category measuring how soc → Read More

Lori Borgman: Jackhammers, sunshine and duck eggs, all welcome

A parade of trucks and heavy equipment arrived down at the corner an hour after sunrise. A jackhammer pounds with ear-splitting force, and metal keeps scra → Read More

Lori Borgman: Easter a good fit amid uncertainty

Picture-perfect celebrations frequently fade into oblivion. The celebrations that are somehow off are the ones we never forget.There was the Halloween in C → Read More

Lori Borgman: Lori Borgman: What will we remember?

Some of our grandkids are so young they will not remember this time of social distancing and isolation amid a global pandemic. Others are old enough that t → Read More

Lori Borgman: Close together and far apart

The hardest part of social distancing during a pandemic has been ignoring the little table and chairs in the living room that periodically heave deep sighs → Read More

Lori Borgman: To Do or To Be, that is the question

I recently read “Things Successful People Do Before 8 a.m.” It was 9:30 a.m. at the time. Successful people were already ahead of me by an hour → Read More

Lori Borgman: We’ve got your number

We have a number of number people in our family. Sadly, I can’t tell you exactly how many because I’m not one of them. As nonnumber people are → Read More

Lori Borgman: Junk drawers charging into the future

Competition for space in kitchen drawers is fierce these days. That beloved staple, the junk drawer, may soon be crowded out by something called a charging → Read More

Lori Borgman: Once upon a time Grandma was a kid

Explaining you were a mommy before you were a grandma to a young grandchild quickly becomes a who’s who of considerable complexity.“Grandma, Mo → Read More

Lori Borgman: When appliances are all washed up

We need a new washing machine, but one does not simply dash out and buy a new machine these days, one first does research.I know this because I tried dashi → Read More

Lori Borgman: Enrolling in hanger management

You know those beautifully organized closets where all the clothes neatly hang on identical hangers spaced precisely the same distance apart?That’s n → Read More

Lori Borgman: Santa will see you now

I-PASS is the nifty system where you stick a gizmo to the windshield of your car and automatically pay tolls from an online account, which lets you forgo s → Read More

Lori Borgman: No matter how you stack it, some still prefer paper

Every morning I engage in a ritual on the verge of extinction. I walk outside and bring in the morning newspaper.There was a time when every house on both → Read More

Lori Borgman: Lock your doors; zucchini, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers are exploding

We have long kept a small backyard garden to teach our children, and now our grandchildren, a few basics about gardening.The biggest lesson they have learn → Read More