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Past articles by Alex:

Israeli Troops Beat Up a Palestinian With Epilepsy, Jailed Him Outside Overnight

His illness is readily apparent: the mild trembling of the hands, the twisted fingernails, the sores on his face and arms, his pallor. Tall and gaunt, he speaks gently and projects fragility. Yazid Amer is 24. At age 11 he fell off a ladder while working in a garage and suffered a head injury. Since then he has suffered from epileptic seizures and other neurological phenomena. → Read More

It Started With a Drone. It Ended With a Deadly Raid by a Gang of Armed Israeli Settlers

Armed settlers swarmed a Palestinian village and ordered builders to stop working. A Palestinian man was shot dead. No one has been questioned yet → Read More

This Palestinian Protester Wasn't Endangering Anyone. Israeli Police Shot Him Dead

Yousef Muhaisen was killed two days before his 23rd birthday during a protest outside Jerusalem → Read More

A Palestinian Teen Was Killed in a Protest. Israel Didn't Let His Family Mourn in Peace

A Palestinian youth takes part in a violent demonstration and a policeman shoots and kills him. Israel refuses to hand over the body, and then Border Police arrive and tear down Palestinian flags and mourning posters → Read More

Israeli Troops Raided a Palestinian Refugee Camp to Arrest a Volunteer. They Killed a Boy on the Way Out

Israeli soldiers invaded the Deheisheh refugee camp on a mission to arrest a 55-year-old Italian activist suspected of being a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. On their way out, the force shot at stone throwers, killing a 14-year-old boy → Read More

Israeli Troops Killed a Palestinian. The IDF Claimed He Tried to Grab a Gun, but Showed No Proof

Driving to work with his son, Ahmed Kahla was stopped at an army checkpoint, where he was shot dead. The army claimed he tried to grab a soldier's weapon. His son insists that he was slain for no reason → Read More

Israeli Troops Came to Raze Palestinian Homes, and Along the Way Killed Two Young Men

Two Palestinians were shot dead by IDF soldiers on a demolition mission – to destroy the houses of families of two other young men, who had killed an officer. Collective punishment was thus compounded by more killing → Read More

'He Was a Child, Why Did They Kill Him?': Israeli Troops Ambush Palestinian Teens With Gunfire

The village, the street, the wall of the house and the deceased’s room – all are now adorned with two portraits: one of the uncle, Wilyam Rimawi, who has been incarcerated in an Israeli prison for 21 years, and the other of his dead nephew, Diaa Rahmi, 16, whom he never met. → Read More

What Happened When a Palestinian Family Discovered Settlers Planted a Vineyard on Its Land

Members of the Dar-Mohammed family from the village of Tarrama were astounded to find one day that settlers had planted grapevines on their land. When younger members of the family began uprooting them, soldiers assaulted them → Read More

Beatings, Humiliation, Fear: Israeli Jail, According to a Palestinian Teen

They would call him “the Christian” to insult him. They would repeatedly beat and humiliate him in jail. In the course of his abduction at the break of dawn from his East Jerusalem home, the black-clad police officers beat him until he bled. They broke his nose and a tooth, after he refused to undress in their presence. Then they dragged him by force, bound and blindfolded, to their van. → Read More

Night of the Dead in Nablus: A Cook on Vacation Left Paralyzed, a Businessman Lost an Eye

One October night, Border Police killed five people and wounded a number of others in this West Bank city. Two of those killed were barbers, shot at the same time in different places. One now-paralyzed man had worked for 13 years in Israeli restaurants without a permit and was making a quick trip home to see his family. A local businessman was blinded in one eye → Read More

The Ramming Attack That Didn't Involve a Ramming or an Attack

Three young Palestinians return from working a night shift and Israeli soldiers rain fire on their car, killing two and wounding the third, who’s hospitalized and detained. His parents think he’s dead, however, and the authorities see no reason to tell them otherwise → Read More

Israel Has Kept Him From Seeing His Mom for 20 Years. He’s Determined to Change That

Born in Gaza, he has spent most of his life in Israel. He studied film, and now works as a sous-chef in a popular restaurant in Tel Aviv, where he lives. But his mother is in Gaza, and despite the proximity, for the past 20 years Israel has prevented the two from meeting → Read More

Rifat Didn't Try to Flee the Israeli Soldiers. He Was Still Shot Dead

After working briefly at a Jaffa restaurant, Rifat Eissi returned to his West Bank hometown to renew his entry permit. As he climbed through a breach in the separation barrier on the way back to Israel, a soldier shot him to death – even though he was standing still → Read More

There's Only One Way to Describe This Settler Attack: A Pogrom

Entering the home of the Mashani family in the small town of Al-Shuyukh, north of Hebron in the West Bank, is like paying a visit to a rehabilitation ward in a hospital. Almost every member of the family is hurt, some remain in bandages, a few are limping and all of them have wounds to show us – some of them quite serious. → Read More

A Young Palestinian Set a Tire on Fire During a Protest. Israeli Snipers Shot Him Dead

When the news broke that five Palestinians had been killed that evening by soldiers in Nablus, he went with some friends to protest near the army guard tower that looms over his village. He set a tire ablaze – and then snipers shot and killed Qusai Tamimi, 19, from a distance of dozens of meters → Read More

Israeli Troops Shoot, Wound, Kill and Delay Medical Care for Casualties

Palestinian villagers protest theft of their land and incessant harassment by settlers from an illegal outpost. The army and the Border Police set ambushes for the protesters and shoot at them. A 17-year-old is killed and a 16-year-old, who is left by the troops to languish on the ground, is seriously wounded → Read More

A 12-year-old Boy Goes Out to Sell Water on an Intersection, and Is Shot Dead

Mahmoud Samudi sold bottles of water in the Jenin refugee camp to earn pocket money. A jeep stopped opposite him during an army raid there and a soldier inside the vehicle began shooting at a group of stone-throwers. Samudi, just 12 years old, was critically wounded and died two weeks later. He is the youngest person to be killed in Jenin this year → Read More

Bloodstains and Destruction at This Palestinian Home Tell the Whole Story

Police raided the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina to arrest Shadi Khoury. When the 16-year-old refused to disrobe in their presence, he was beaten in front of his parents, then taken away. No one told the parents – who both run local cultural institutions – why their son was arrested → Read More

A Palestinian Boy Went Out With Friends. An Israeli Soldier Shot Him in the Head

An Israeli soldier shot Adel Daoud in the head from an ambush as he sat with friends next to the separation barrier in Qalqilyah, killing him. The army says he threw Molotov cocktails at the troops; eyewitnesses and the city’s governor say the area was quiet and nothing justified such a lethal act → Read More