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Past articles by Graeme:

Does Labour understand why it lost?

Corbyn's party finally achieved its ambition to empower and politicise the working-class → Read More

The violent emptiness of identity politics is a threat to science

Identity politics is just bullying made respectable by theorising → Read More

Labour's original sin

Labour's problems are the result of a founding myth that equates the party with virtuousness → Read More

Wordcrimes: how identity politics distorts meaning to stop debate

Victoria Atkins' reasonable comments have been twisted into a cavalier disregard for the lives of human beings → Read More

Why does 'moderate' Labour tolerate Corbyn and the anti-Semitism he refuses to tackle?

The treatment of Kate Hoey and Frank Field reveal why Corbyn's behaviour goes unchecked → Read More

Barnet shows that Labour's poisonous politics don't work

You can be a promoter of Jeremy Corbyn’s party, or a moderate. You cannot be both → Read More

Heal the nation, abolish the House of Lords

In one of those “careful what you wish for” unintended consequences, anti-Brexit agitators may have unleashed constitutional reforms with a wider reach than dreary negotiations about the product labels and border control (how anyone gets worked up about leaving the EU is one of life’s big mysteries, for me). So angry were (at least) 123,821 … → Read More

Labour under Jeremy Corbyn has no claim to moral superiority

The mural praised by Corbyn was an act of undeniable Jew-hatred → Read More

There is an obesity problem – it just isn't the government's fault

Share * The National Obesity Forum ignores choice in their explanation of poor diets * Obesity isn't about money. It's about agency * Freedom is worth a lot more than whatever floats Jamie Oliver’s crusading boat I’ve lost count of the number of stories about fat people which feature Mr Tam Fry of the National Obesity Forum lecturing us that it’s all the fault of Conservative governments. He was… → Read More

The Tories will pay a high price for failing to tackle the housing crisis

Flat-sharing into your 40s is the new norm for professionals → Read More

The Left's sinister curbs on free speech in the name of 'niceness'

We've unintentionally produced a generation who equate totalitarianism with 'being nice' → Read More

Stop the Remoaners to save the centre-left

During the campaign which gave Blair his first landslide, a campaign whose inevitable outcome made me sick, there was one certainty from which I, and the 12 other Britons who didn’t vote for To-nee, could take comfort. Every claim made in the 1997 election by the Labour Party was scrupulously checked, pre-release, by a committee … → Read More

Graeme Archer: The great university mis-selling scandal

The uncomfortable question is this: has the push for expansion altered the nature of these institutions? If not, why do they tolerate jaw-dropping illiberality? → Read More

Graeme Archer: It’s my union that Sturgeon is messing with

A third-rate leader like her - who can’t even run her schools properly - wants to make me a foreigner to my other half, and turn my home into "abroad". → Read More

Should Ireland say Yes to gay marriage?

As Ireland goes to the polls, Graeme Archer and Melanie McDonagh argue the cases for and against gay marriage → Read More

Nicola Sturgeon - the most dangerous woman in politics

Don't fall for the SNP leader's charm – she only cares about destroying the Union → Read More

The Green Party are spiteful, malicious toddlers

Their reign in Brighton shows why Syriza's British cousins aren't to be trusted with power → Read More

Build, baby, build – dig up those green fields: we need a new generation of New Towns

"Write more about Harlow," he said to me, as I left. "He" being Robert Halfon, MP for the New Town. "You used to write about us." As our fingers touched in farewell I felt a spike of melancholy: I am more fond of this man than it makes sense to disclose, though our overlap time [...] → Read More

Bravo, Mark Carney: for capitalism's sake, greedy bankers must be punished

Perhaps there is light at the end of the anti-capitalist tunnel. Mark Carney is using language sharp enough to penetrate the ears of even the most ostrich-like banker: "Bankers made enormous sums in the run-up to the crisis and were often well compensated after it hit. In turn, taxpayers picked up the tab for their [...] → Read More

From Climategate to Thomas Piketty, Lefties sure do have a way with numbers

What are we learning from the row over the statistical methods used by rock-star Leftish economist Thomas Piketty in his new "Tax everyone, everywhere" book? Well: nothing we've not learned before. The first and important point to make is that the FT has done us a service, by subjecting the book to the sort of [...] → Read More