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Recent articles by Will:

Nurse: “We Are Screaming at the Top of Our Lungs and So Few Are Listening”

Medical workers are scared. COVID is spreading. We need public mourning and acts of solidarity. → Read More

All Eyes on Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona

Trump seeks to smash the election system that dared to deny him victory. → Read More

Trump Is Sowing Chaos in His Wild Bid to Cling to an Unsalvageable Presidency

Undermining Biden appears to be the only policy Trump cares about now. → Read More

Rest Today. Soon We Begin the Work of Clearing Trump's Wreckage.

Trump has yet to concede, and probably never will, and it doesn’t matter a damn. → Read More

Donald Trump, the Cannibal King, Has Eaten the Republican Party

Tonight, we will bear witness to the handiwork of the Cannibal King, eater of his own people. → Read More

If Trump Doesn't Win Pennsylvania, His Chances Crumble to 2 Percent

For the second election cycle in a row, Pennsylvania will play a definitive role in choosing the next president. → Read More

Now Is No Time for Cowardice. Abolish the Filibuster and Expand the Court.

The Democrats must make a decision to stop being doormats. → Read More

Godzilla Attacks Nashville! Oh, Sorry, It’s Just Another Trump Debate.

Trump rages futilely against the dying of the light. → Read More

Trump Will Never Admit Error. His Lack of Self-Accountability Is Deadly.

Trump already knows everything he will ever know, and will never know anything else, ever. → Read More

Will COVID Knock Out Trump's Campaign?

Get well soon, Mr. President. We wouldn’t want you to miss your court dates. → Read More

Tonight’s Debate May Have Little Effect on Trump’s Base But It Will Affect Biden

Tonight may decide whether we face a protracted post-election mudfight, which could be averted through a landslide. → Read More

Tax Returns Show Trump Looting Treasury to Stave Off His Own Financial Disaster

If Trump loses this election, he loses his access to the federal money he’s using to hose down his inferno of debt. → Read More

Youth Action Gives Me Hope Amid Climate Crisis and Trump’s Totalitarian Threat

The frightening truth is no longer a theoretical model that will play out on some socially distanced tomorrow. → Read More

Romney Crowns His Hypocrisy by Backing McConnell’s Push to Fill Ginsburg’s Seat

Romney has become a parody of himself in allowing Mitch McConnell’s brazen hypocrisy to stand unchallenged. → Read More

With the Passing of Justice Ginsburg, Democracy Just Got Harder, Again

The seating of another right-wing Justice would be a full-scream nightmare turn during this gruesome administration. → Read More

Every Trump Lie Is a Confession

It’s all one long, stream-of-consciousness confession now. → Read More

GOP Convention Pretended COVID Was Over While Creating Super-Spreader Conditions

Trump spoke before a death cult of cheering, sweaty, unmasked, shoulder-to-shoulder devotees. → Read More

Night Two of the RNC Was All About Mainstreaming the Extreme Right

The RNC’s shifting schedule highlights the party’s uneasy mix of conspiracy theorists and boilerplate GOP economics. → Read More

Biden Isn't a Progressive. The Question Is How Far He Can Be Pushed.

A Biden administration would have to be pushed, and pushed hard, by progressive activists from day one. → Read More

“His Only Pre-Existing Condition Was Trusting Donald Trump and For That, He Paid With His Life”

Expecting heft and depth from a modern political convention is to expect Shakespeare from a fern. → Read More