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Recent articles by Drew:

Hackers are waging a guerrilla war on tech companies, revealing secrets and raising fears of collateral damage

A resurgence of “hacktivism” seeks to portray cyberattacks as a moral crusade. But everyday users can also end up having their private information exposed. → Read More

Dubai ruler used Pegasus spyware to hack princess, U.K. court rules

The ruling offers a major confirmation of the Pegasus Project's reporting, which revealed evidence that Princess Haya and her inner circle had been targeted for surveillance after her daring flight from Dubai. → Read More

Biden to nominate critic of surveillance software to FTC, further bolstering agency as check on Big Tech

Law professor Alvaro Bedoya, the founder of Georgetown Law’s Center on Privacy & Technology, has spearheaded pivotal research into how the government’s use of facial recognition software and other surveillance technologies affect America’s most marginalized groups and threaten civil rights nationwide. → Read More

Federal government to expand use of facial recognition despite growing concerns

Ten federal agencies, from the departments of Agriculture to Veterans Affairs, said they intended to grow their face-scanning capabilities by 2023. One watchdog official said, “Even with all the privacy issues and accuracy problems, the government is pretty much saying, ‘Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.'" → Read More

Telling conservatives it’s a shot to ‘restore our freedoms’: How online ads are promoting coronavirus vaccination

Long criticized as invasive, discriminatory and divisive, microtargeted advertising has become an important tool in the battle to boost vaccination rates across the United States. → Read More

Rumble, a YouTube rival popular with conservatives, will pay creators who ‘challenge the status quo’

The video site has exploded during the pandemic as a home for anti-vaccine misinformation and conservative complaints about Big Tech censorship. → Read More

Human rights activist and close ally of detained Dubai princess had phone hacked by NSO spyware, forensic test finds

A phone belonging to a prominent supporter of two princesses who fled Dubai was infected with Pegasus spyware last year, a new forensic examination shows, offering more evidence that government clients of the Israeli surveillance giant NSO Group have used its phone-hacking tool to target human rights activists and adding to the confirmed targets of the surveillance firm’s clients around the… → Read More

How Washington power brokers gained from NSO’s spyware ambitions

The Israeli surveillance giant NSO Group failed to build a big business in the U.S. But an influential network of consultants, lawyers and lobbyists, including from the Trump and Biden administrations, still earned money from the company along the way. → Read More

Chinese surveillance firm builds influence in Washington, with help from former members of Congress

Three former lawmakers have registered as foreign agents for the U.S. branch of Hikvision, the maker of cameras used to monitor Uyghur Muslims inside China’s detention camps. The firm has been blacklisted in the U.S. due to security and human-rights concerns. → Read More

Amazon extends ban on police use of its facial recognition technology indefinitely

The tech giant said in June its freeze would last a year to "give Congress enough time to implement appropriate rules." No federal laws have been passed since. → Read More

Remember the ‘deepfake cheerleader mom’? Prosecutors now admit they can’t prove fake-video claims.

The "deepfake" allegations became a symbol of the dark power of computer-generated video. A lawyer for the suspect, a 50-year-old mother in suburban Pennsylvania, argues the case “ruined her life.” → Read More

This facial recognition website can turn anyone into a cop — or a stalker

While most facial recognition tools are reserved for police or government use, PimEyes is open to the masses, whether they’re hunting down U.S. Capitol riot suspects or stalking women around the Web. → Read More

A ‘beautiful’ female biker was actually a 50-year-old man using FaceApp. After he confessed, his followers liked him even more.

The middle-aged father’s big reveal sparked a debate over identity in the Internet age: ‘The only thing I’m creating is … my appearance. Everything else is me.’ → Read More

Senators seek limits on some facial-recognition use by police, energizing surveillance technology debate

The bill represents one of Congress’ most ambitious attempts yet to regulate the controversial technologies that government officials have used to track and watch the American public. → Read More

Wyden urges ban on sale of Americans’ personal data to ‘unfriendly’ foreign governments

The proposal, a copy of which was reviewed by The Washington Post, would treat Americans’ personal data with the same caution as powerful weaponry, using export-control laws to block its sale to countries marked as potential security threats. → Read More

Wrongfully arrested man sues Detroit police over false facial recognition match

The case could fuel criticism of police investigators’ use of a controversial technology that has been shown to perform worse on people of color. → Read More

Accused Atlanta gunman’s church expels him, saying his sin 'displays the total corruption of mankind’

The conservative Baptist church said Sunday that he is no longer considered a “regenerate believer in Jesus Christ.” → Read More

Massive camera hack exposes the growing reach and intimacy of American surveillance

A breach of the camera start-up Verkada "should be a wake-up call to the dangers of self-surveillance,” one expert said. “Our desire for some fake sense of security is its own security threat.” → Read More

Fever scanner company reverses decision, saying tool cited in FDA warning will continue to be sold

The company had previously said it was "retiring” the device while it looked into the FDA’s concerns. → Read More

Fever-scanner company pulls device off market following FDA warning

The FDA on Thursday sent a warning letter to Certify, saying it had not been authorized to sell the device for multi-person scanning. → Read More