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Recent articles by Jessie:

Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd & Christian Cooper: The 'weapon' that could change everything.

George Floyd Minneapolis and the 'weapon' that changed everything. Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Charlie Cooper and the difference a phone makes. → Read More

We don't want to get your hopes up, but international travel could kickstart on July 1.

International travel Australia: According to a new timetable, overseas travel from Australia to New Zealand and elsewhere could be as soon as July 1. → Read More

The 25 thoughts every single one of us has had in social isolation.

Lockdown Australia thoughts: In Australia, we've been practising social distancing for more than two months. Here are the 25 thoughts we've all had. → Read More

The 3 most urgent questions we have after watching Oprah attempt to make her own bed.

Oprah Winfrey house: Oprah Winfrey has posted to Instagram trying to make her own bed. And we have precisely three questions. → Read More

The Third Quarter: Why everyone in your life is genuinely really weird right now.

Third quarter of isolation phenomenon: Right now, you're experiencing what's known in psychology as the 'Third Quarter'. And things are getting weird. → Read More

"This is where things get awkward." A very telling 'leaked' diary entry from President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump coronavirus: From a disastrous press conference, to putting the wrong people in charge, here's the latest Trump news. → Read More

That feeling we’re all feeling: The weight of universal grief.

Covid mental health: That feeling we're all feeling, and the weight of never-ending grief. Here's what it's actually doing to us. → Read More

Just watched Tiger King? You’re going to want to see Louis Theroux’s doco with Joe Exotic.

Louis Theroux Tiger King: Here's how you can watch Louis' documentary with Joe Exotic, titled America's Most Dangerous Pets. → Read More

Excuse us, but Kim Kardashian West is currently losing it at Taylor Swift on Twitter.

Kim Kardashian Taylor Swift 2020: Kim Kardashian is losing it at Taylor Swift on Twitter right now, after full conversation was leaked. → Read More

Pictures of Bondi Beach will go down in history. Let's tell the right story.

Bondi Beach coronavirus. On Friday afternoon, tens of thousands of Australians gathered at Bondi Beach. But there's more to the story. → Read More

"A huge mess is about to happen." Italians have recorded messages to themselves 10 days ago.

Italians share messages about coronavirus to themselves 10 days ago, including "what is happening is much worse than you thought it was." → Read More

More than 60,000 lives changed: Dr Catherine Hamlin has died, aged 96.

Dr Catherine Hamlin death: The doctor who changed more than 60,000 lives has died, aged 96, leaving behind her Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation. → Read More

Cancel everything: The advice we all need to be listening to today.

Mass gatherings Australia: It's time we all canceled our plans, to curb Australia coronavirus cases and to escape the same fate as Italy or China. → Read More

The Twins recap Married at First Sight: A big sex lie is laid bare.

Aleks Ivan sex: The Twins recap Married at First Sight, where a big sex lie starts to unravel, thanks to Michael's meddling and the dinner party. → Read More

The Twins recap Married at First Sight: 'I want to apologise to the gay community.'

MAFS recap Tash Amanda. The Twins recap Married at First Sight - the commitment ceremony that sees Tash and Amanda finally call it quits. → Read More

An Australian woman was killed this week on a suburban footpath. It hardly made the news.

Domestic violence Australia: An Australian woman was killed this week on a footpath. It hardly made the news because he allegedly wasn't a stranger. → Read More

The 'rule of the cow' and a different story about depression.

Signs of depression and how a Cambodian village came up with the 'Rule of the Cow' which treats depression in an unconventional way. → Read More

"Oh. Apparently Crocs are back in fashion and that's a shame because they're awful."

Crocs shoes: Crocs are the worst thing ever invented because they're ugly, are offensive to feet and also me personally, and cause fungus. → Read More

"I am not a virus." How coronavirus became a petty excuse to be racist.

Novel coronavirus. "I am not a virus". How coronavirus became a petty excuse to be racist all over the world, including Australia. → Read More

Rafael Nadal's struggle as a young man will change how you watch him play tennis.

Rafael Nadal struggle as a young man will change how you watch him play tennis. Competing in Australian Open 2020 with chronic injury. → Read More