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Past articles by Kelsey:

How Bad Is It Really to Mix Different Types of Alcohol?

Dietitians explain if drinking wine before liquor really prevents hangovers and if the mixing alcohol myth (i.e. drinking cocktails with beer) is actually true. → Read More

20 Foods High in Choline for Plant-Based and Meat-Eaters Alike

Foods high in choline are both plant-based and animal-based and include beef liver, eggs, peanuts and more. Check out the foods high in choline chart for more. → Read More

A 20-Minute Plyometric Workout to Release Rage and Boost Endorphins

Plyometric workouts are good for more than just improving your fitness — these explosive exercises can also help release your anger and improve your mood. → Read More

6 Walking Mistakes Making Your Stroll Way Less Effective (and Enjoyable)

Walking is an easy, healthy activity to pick up — but it's possible to fall prey to simple mistakes that could harm your fitness or cause an injury. → Read More

A Super-Simple 10-Minute Walking Workout to Do When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

When life starts to overwhelm you, take 10 minutes to get outside (or hop on a treadmill) and do a short walking workout to calm your brain and move your body. → Read More

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Starting Teletherapy

Find out how to get started seeing a therapist virtually, along with tips for having successful phone or video sessions, with this guide to teletherapy. → Read More

Why Zinc Is So Important for a Healthy Immune System — and How to Get More

Zinc is essential for staying healthy, as it supports a functioning immune system. Here's how much you really need per day and the top foods high in zinc. → Read More

Should You Wear a Mask While Running Outside?

Wearing a face mask while running outside might be uncomfortable, but it's a smart safety precaution if you can't stay at least 6 feet away from other people. → Read More

3 10-Minute Walking Workouts to Get More Steps in Your Day at Home

Even during times of social distancing, your body needs a physical activity. Short 10-minute walking workouts benefit your physical and mental health. → Read More

Healthy and Delicious Dinner Ideas to Meal Prep This Sunday

After a busy day, the last thing you want to do is cook dinner. Try these easy and nutritious meal prep dinner ideas to manage your weight and budget. → Read More

Ready to Adopt a Mediterranean Diet? Start With This 7-Day Meal Plan

Learn tips to build a healthy Mediterranean diet meal plan that emphasizes heart-healthy foods and try our Mediterranean diet recipes to last you a week. → Read More

A 7-Day Budget Meal Plan, and Tips to Save Money

Need some cheap meal plans that are healthy, too? Our step-by-step guide will help you build a budget-friendly plan loaded with wholesome ingredients. → Read More

How to Get a Flat Stomach in 30 Days

If you want to get a flatter stomach in one month, boost your physical activity intensity and clean up your diet. → Read More

The Tiny Muscle That Can Be a Pain in Your Butt, Back and Knees

The tiny piriformis muscle can be a big pain in the rear end, particularly if it affects the sciatic nerve. → Read More

What Exactly Is Fascia, and How Do You Take Care of It?

Although it's not often talked about, fascia plays a large role in how your body feels. Take good care of it through stretching, rolling and other techniques. → Read More

What to Expect From a Dietitian

If you need help with a healthy diet, whether you’re overweight, underweight or just need more nutritious food, visit a registered dietitian. Before making an appointment, make sure the professional you have chosen is a registered dietitian, not a nutritionist. Anyone can call himself a nutritionist, but R.D.s must take a national exam to... → Read More

Top Ten Foods to Never Eat

The phrase "all things in moderation" has merit, particularly when you're watching what you eat. However, some foods are so laden with trans fats, added sugars and sodium that you should avoid them entirely. Focus on eating whole foods such as lean proteins, whole grains and plenty of produce rather than the foods that dietitians, doctors... → Read More

List of the Sugar Content of Various Soft Drinks

The term "soft drink" refers to more than just sodas -- it also encompasses any beverage with added sugars or sweeteners, including fruit punch, lemonade, sweetened teas, sports drinks and energy drinks. For optimal health, you should keep your added sugar consumption to less than 10 percent of your daily calories -- that's 200 calories... → Read More

How Many Crunches a Day to Get in Shape?

Although you can include crunches in a workout routine, no set amount will get you in shape. In fact, crunches aren't necessary to lose fat and build muscle. → Read More

Does Coconut Oil Make You Fat or Lose Weight?

Coconut oil is widely believed to be a healthy option, but research is slim on whether it will help you lose weight. → Read More