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Recent articles by Abby:

4 Holiday Season Nutrition Myths You Should Ignore

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I've realized that not everything about getting older is negative. Here’s a list of the actual good things that have happened to me as I've gotten older. → Read More

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There's a lot of buzz about carnivore diets (also called zero carb). Instead of believing the hype, let a registered dietitian break it down. → Read More

We Really Need to Stop Complimenting People on Weight Loss

Maybe it seems like weight loss compliments would always be welcome. But like our relationship, as a culture, to weight, it's a lot more complicated than that. → Read More

I’ve Been a Dietitian for Almost 20 Years. These Are the 5 Most Important Healthy Eating Lessons I’ve Learned

Turns out life's too short to skip every happy hour. → Read More

Here's What a Registered Dietitian Eats When She Doesn't Meal Prep

If eating hummus right out of the blender is wrong, I don't want to be right. Same with having two desserts. And skipping meal prep when I feel like it. → Read More

Here’s What It’s Like to Make Money as a Healthy Food Blogger

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8 Simple Meal Prep Hacks for Beginners

Meal prep like a pro with these expert ideas from a registered dietitian who has done it for years. Make meal prep easy with these creative tricks and tips. → Read More

I'm a Registered Dietitian and These Are the New Year's Resolution Mistakes I Wish People Would Stop Making

New Year's resolutions can be setups for guilt and shame. Don't let yours get you down. Avoid these big New Year's resolution pitfalls. Read more here. → Read More

A Dietitian's Picks for the Top Food Trends of 2018

Healthy food trends include innovative drinks, single-serve everything, and super-healthy snacks in 2018. Get a dietitian's picks for the best products to try. → Read More

8 Shortcuts That This Busy Dietitian Mom Takes to Eat Healthy

As a busy dietitian and a mother, food is my job, but it's not my life. Here are my tips for how I make healthy eating and cooking work when time is tight. → Read More

9 Nutritionists Share the Worst Nutrition Advice They've Ever Heard

Everybody eats, but that doesn't mean everyone is a nutrition expert. Nutritionists share the worst nutrition advice they've ever heard. Prepare to cringe. → Read More

Fasting for a Week Isn't Biohacking, It's Disordered Eating

Starving to increase your productivity? No thanks. → Read More

I Hid My Cavernous Hemangioma for Over 40 Years—I'm Done Covering Up

I couldn't bear to let anyone see the veins and scar on my leg for years, but my daughter taught me an important lesson about body positivity. → Read More

These 3 Changes Took My Running To A New Level

The result has been a crazy bump in speed and in energy. → Read More

Let's Just Stop With The Charcoal Food Craze

From ice cream to smoothies to yes, waffles -- activated charcoal is popping up all over the place. → Read More