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Mississippi, United States

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Past articles by Douglas:

It’s Time for an Anglo-American Free Trade Deal

One of the most compelling arguments in favor of Brexit was that it would give Britain control over its trade policy for the first time in a generation. No longer part of a protectionist European trade block, Brexit Britain is free to negotiate trade deals with partners around the world, particularly with the United States. Why does an Anglo-American free trade deal matter so much? → Read More

The EU is blind to its own failing tactics

The next round of EU-UK negotiations have begun. Now Britain has left the EU, the aim of these new talks is to work out what kind of relationship we will have once the transition period ends in ten months time. Given their opening position, it’s clear that the EU thinks these talks are about the … → Read More

The Tories are spending much less than Labour online

The big loser in this election campaign so far is not any party but television broadcasting. Presented with an opportunity to inform us about some of the policy differences between Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party and Boris Johnson’s Conservatives, the TV producers have made a mess of it. The leadership ‘debate’ hosted by ITV managed to … → Read More

The People's Vote is flailing for one fundamental reason

As public relations campaigns go, it could hardly be much worse. At the start of a crucial week in the great Brexit battle, the campaign group set up to fight for a re-run of the referendum, the so-called People’s Vote, is fighting itself. Over the weekend, Tom Baldwin, the campaign’s head of communications, was apparently … → Read More

Why the next election will be the most important in a century

The outcome of every General Election, we are always told, is critical. And for those politicians whose names are on the ballot papers, you can see why they might say that. But what about for the rest of us? Was the 1992 or the 2005 General Election really that important? Had say, John Major lost … → Read More

It's Remainers, not Boris, who are making a mess of Brexit

‘Boris has bungled it!’ they scoff. ‘He’s made an absolute mess of everything’ various pundits imply. Among the opinion-forming classes it has become common wisdom that it is all starting to unravel – not just for Boris Johnson’s unapologetically pro-Brexit administration, but for the Brexit project itself. Are they right? Things certainly haven’t been easy. … → Read More

No Deal issues are real – and solving them is key to a successful Brexit

What, ministers asked their civil servants, might happen if the UK were to leave the EU without a deal? What would be the best and the worst-case scenarios? So off their civil servants went, preparing a report which outlined precisely that; the best and worst case as to what might happen. This report into the … → Read More

If you want Brexit, you must back Boris Johnson

I know all about switching to insurgent Eurosceptic parties. Almost exactly five years ago to the day, I left the Conservative Party – and a safe 12,000 majority seat in Parliament – to stand for UKIP in a by-election. If your overarching objective is to get Britain out of the EU, switching to UKIP made … → Read More

At last, a Tory government determined to change the status quo

Britain doesn’t just have a new Prime Minister. Yesterday’s Cabinet reshuffle makes it clear that we now have a new government, with a very different set of priorities. The composition of the Cabinet tells us a lot about Boris Johnson’s attitude towards an election. Faced with the narrowest of majorities in the House of Commons, … → Read More

Kamikaze Remainers know it's over, but they have never looked more defiant

What are the Remainiac rump of Tory MPs going to do? → Read More

What to look out for if Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister

Unless there’s an extraordinary upset in the Tory leadership election, Boris Johnson will become Prime Minister next week. What kind of government are we going to get? Could this be the start of something extraordinarily significant, a pivotal moment in our history, like the formation of the Attlee government in July 1945 or Margaret Thatcher’s … → Read More

John Major's outburst will only quicken the screeching downfall of our elite

The former PM's nerve and hypocrisy is something to behold → Read More

Don't let discredited doom-mongers undermine Brexit

Both Hunt and Johnson – unlike Mrs May – recognise that EU intransigence is a choice → Read More

Defending progress from parasitic elites

There’s been more technological innovation in the past 20 years than there was over most of the previous 200,000 years. For most of our existence as a species, humans tended to use the same sort of primitive tools, to perform the same tasks, from one year to the next. When there was, for example, a … → Read More

Nigel Farage is the one figure in British politics who has learnt from his mistakes

Success in politics, as with so many things, is often about learning from past mistakes. What is surprising, perhaps, is how few in politics – full as they are of their own sense of certainty – are able to do this. Following last week’s catastrophic election results for the Labour Party, which saw millions of … → Read More

Is more gotcha journalism really what people want?

Current affairs broadcasting is being disrupted - and for good reason → Read More

The next Prime Minister can turn things around. Here's how

At some point soon, Theresa May is going to go. The next leader of the Conservative party will then be asked to form a government, and in doing so will face an unenviable challenge. With no working majority in the House of Commons, and under pressure to hold an early General Election, whoever follows Mrs … → Read More

How to sell the free market to millennials

The millennial generation are ever so different, apparently. As they grow up, we’re told, an intergenerational shift is underway. Those under the age of 35 not only think differently to the rest of us, claimed Matthew d’Ancona recently, they are deeply concerned about climate change. It’s not just that they value identity over individualism. The … → Read More

Free exchange can conjure something from nothing

Dubai is a powerful example of the benefits of free exchange → Read More

What could Brexit Britain learn from Venice?

What made a mudbank off the north east coast of medieval Italy so prosperous? → Read More