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Recent articles by Elie:

House Judiciary Impeachment Hearing Devolves Into Farce

What. Is. This? → Read More

Please Enjoy This Bowl Of Posts — See Also

WE KNOW WE ALREADY MENTIONED THIS: But if you haven’t read the “bowl of dicks” story, do yourself a favor. DISGRACED JUDGE ALEX KOZINSKI’S REHABILITATION TOUR IS IN FULL SWING: I mean, his protege Brett Kavanaugh allegedly tried to rape somebody and nothing has happened to him, so while dismayed, I can’t be surprised. HOLIDAY CARDS PLEASE: Don’t forget to submit your firm’s offering. → Read More

The Republican’s Star Impeachment Scholar Is a Shameless Hack

Jonathan Turley’s testimony was so inconsistent it contradicted his own previous statements on impeachment. → Read More

Don’t Fall For Originalism Just To Impeach Trump

Using the flawed logic of the enemy is never necessary or worth it. → Read More

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like School Closing Season — See Also

SCOTUS WON'T SCREW EVERYTHING UP: Not on gun laws -- not today, at least. TRUMP WON'T PARTICIPATE IN THE PROCESS: He'll still whine about it though. THIS LISA PAGE ARTICLE IS THE BEST: Great article by Molly Jong-Fast. HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Is here. HOLIDAY CARD CONTEST: Is happening. → Read More

LOL At Your ‘First Amendment’

Bloomberg being iced out. → Read More

All Quiet On The SCOTUS Front: Supreme Court Unlikely To Upend Gun Laws Today

Oral arguments proceed without a bang [pun!]. → Read More

Trump Refuses To Participate In Process So He Can Continue Whining About The Process

More hypocrisy from the Trump administration on a day that ends in 'y.' → Read More

This Thanksgiving, It’s Time to Take On Your Conservative Relatives

Contrary to popular opinion, the holidays are not a time to ‘navigate’ your uncle’s racist MAGA jokes. They’re the time to confront him. → Read More

The Impeachment Gender Gap

> CNN Poll: There is a *forty* point gender gap with regards to impeaching and removing Trump. Men oppose impeachment 40-53 while women favor it 61-34. That's a pretty stunning contrast. — Josh Jordan (@NumbersMuncher) November 26, 2019 (You’re pretty close to convincing me to amend the Sixth Amendment so that it provides for an impartial jury OF WOMEN.) → Read More

McGahn Ruling Gives Bolton Cover, Exposes Bolton’s Cowardice

For a warmonger, John Bolton seems timid AF. → Read More

In Non Criminal President News — See Also

The U.S. Supreme Court (by Joe Ravi via Wikimedia – CC-BY-SA 3.0) THE KIDS, OF SUPREME COURT JUSTICES, ARE NOT ALRIGHT: Eugene Scalia accuses Biglaw of “self-censorship.” INDEBTEDNESS AT THIS LAW SCHOOL IS FRIGHTENING: Don’t go to Florida Coastal, y’all. ONE MORE BONUS TO CLOSE OUT THE WEEK: At least they still have cool offices. → Read More

Impeachment Mega Thread

> Missed the impeachment hearings over the last 2 weeks? Well, I watched almost every word (doing commentary for @NBCNews & @MSNBC ) so you didn't have to. My quick takeaways in one thread. 1. — Michael McFaul (@McFaul) November 22, 2019 → Read More

The Keyser Soze Of Test Taking

> Imagine trying to cross examine a woman who has a childhood anecdote like this. Devin and Jim are going to get eaten pic.twitter.com/w7LBCI24ob — Zerlina Maxwell (@ZerlinaMaxwell) November 21, 2019 → Read More

When You Have A Dog Of A Client And Work For A Complicit Party, You End Up Sounding Like Steve Castor

Steve Castor is being mocked, but he's just a defense attorney with nothing to work with. → Read More

Roger Stone Convicted Of All The Crimes

Gordon Sondland, if you're listening, you might want to refresh your recollections. → Read More

Five Ways to Debunk the GOP’s Defense of Donald Trump

The Republican anti-impeachment arguments are weak but pernicious. Here’s how to counter them. → Read More

That Time The President Of United States Engaged In Witness Intimidation During Said Witness’s Testimony

Trump added an impeachment count to himself in real time. → Read More

Brett Kavanaugh Doing A FedSoc Event Hosted By Facebook Is Kinda Why We Live In Hell

Facebook employees are being encouraged to protest the company's continued association with an alleged attempted rapist. → Read More

Senator Confuses Shakespeare for Jesus

Republicans really know how to elevate ignorance into an art form. → Read More