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Virginia, United States

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Past articles by Cheryl:

Pete Buttigieg should go back on maternity leave

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg came out of weeks of hiding to defend his inept handling of the supply chain and to prod along President Biden's boondoggle of an infrastructure plan. And since, it's become glaringly apparent: America had it better when he wasn't out and about -- speaking. → Read More

Barack Obama arrogant, elitist and divisive, now as then

Barack Obama took to the stage in Glasgow to tell his starry-eyed followers that we, we, we need to cut greenhouse gas emissions by watching what we drive, what we fly, what we consume by way of energy -- and by we, of course, he meant thee. → Read More

Big Pharma, big bamboozlers, turning Americans into medical addicts

The way Big Pharma is headed, it won’t be long before every American, every man, woman and child will need a vaccine, booster or pill — or better yet, a combination of all — as a means of fighting off infection. It’s good for business, dontcha know. → Read More

GOP needs to ignore the bogus polls, the American people don’t want vaccine mandates

Vaccine mandates, especially the coming ones for kids, and the accompanying vaccine passports are the central political, cultural and freedom-fighting issues of our time. → Read More

Science says coronavirus vaccines, over time, barely effective

A new study of veterans' medical histories published in the journal Science finds that the effectiveness of all three COVID-19 vaccines available in America dramatically dropped as the months wore on -- by double digit levels, in fact. That's science, folks. → Read More

Democrat Party goes bust, and it’s just the beginning

Virginia’s next governor will be a Republican — Glenn Youngkin, not Terry McAuliffe. Virginia’s next lieutenant governor, attorney general, majority in the House — all will be Republicans, day-after voting counts increasingly show. Everywhere you look, Democrats are being rejected. → Read More

Jen Psaki, the latest in long list of fully vaccinated to get COVID-19

A fully vaccinated White House press secretary Jen Psaki has just tested positive for COVID-19. That's after a fully vaccinated Colin Powell died -- reportedly, from medical issues tied to COVID-19. Hmm. A clarification of the word "works" seems to be in order. → Read More

Front-line responders bucking vaccine mandates are modern Paul Reveres

Thousands upon thousands of first responders, backed by their union leaders, are resisting coronavirus vaccine mandates, refusing to cave to what they characterize as an unconstitutional and immoral intrusion of government into personal choice. These are today’s American heroes. → Read More

Joe BIden must fail, for the good of the country

What’s best for America is for Joe Biden’s presidential pushes to fail. All of patriotic America should pray for the Biden Administration to go down in flames. It’s what’s best for the country. → Read More

COVID-19 vaccines: One shot, two shots, three shots, four

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just announced new coronavirus guidelines that said some people, some people with vulnerabilities, may indeed, should indeed, may very well mightily should indeed get -- get this -- a fourth shot. Oh, "Saturday Night Live," where are you? → Read More

Terry McAuliffe campaign for Virginia governor goes bust on web of COVID-19 lies

Democrat Terry McAuliffe is a liar. He’s campaigning for governor of Virginia on a ship of lies about COVID-19 hospitalizations of children — making him also a liar of the worst kind: an exploiter of the most vulnerable. Just ask The Washington Post and its Four Pinocchio rating. → Read More

Science in the hands of Democrats is a weapon

Joseph Ladapo, the top health official in Florida, just made national headlines for refusing to wear a face mask while meeting with a Democrat diagnosed with breast cancer and possessed of a fear of catching COVID-19. Ladapo is right. And this Democrat is all that’s wrong in America. → Read More

Tennessee fights history whitewashing with common sense

Instead of tearing down, Tennessee officials decided to build up — and in so doing, maintained Confederate history while adding context and alternate viewpoints. This is how you heal a nation. → Read More

Texas takes Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates and tells him — shove it

Gov. Greg Abbott just banned private businesses, public businesses, any businesses at all, from forcing employees to get the coronavirus vaccine as a condition of work. Gov. Greg Abbott for president! → Read More

Southwest pilots are patriots for fighting vaccines

Southwest Airlines canceled 1,800-plus flights over the weekend on account of wink, wink, bad weather -- but the more plausible reason is that scores of pilots refused to fly because of vaccine mandates. If so, these pilots are patriots who deserve Americans' full support. → Read More

Home-schooling will soon be targeted for outlaw

President Biden's Department of Justice has just been weaponized against parents in America, and it won't be long before home-schooling, religious schooling and private schooling -- particularly private Christian schooling -- become the next targets of this administration. → Read More

Peaceful Taliban peacefully display dangled, dead bodies — but peacefully

The Taliban strung up the bodies of three deemed criminals and left them to dangle from a couple of cranes parked in the northeast Herat section of Afghanistan, for all to see, a la 1990s regime style. But it was entirely peaceful and professional. → Read More

Joe Biden, in weakness, emboldens China to aggress Taiwan

Every time a Democrat takes over the commander-in-chief position, the free world is set on edge. It's good times for tyranny; bad times for liberty. Or, in the case of this Biden administration, happy days for China; shaky times for Taiwan. → Read More

Take it to the bank: Biden’s pick for currency comptroller shows his love affair with socialism

President Biden's choice for the new comptroller of the currency is fresh off the Marxist bus, having graduated from Moscow State University in 1989 and since, spoken in glowing terms about communism. → Read More

Never-ending COVID-19 crisis shifts to pill form

America has listened to health bureaucrats chat up the efficacy of face masks and vaccinations, assuring these mitigation efforts would return the country to pre-pandemic normalcy. Didn't happen. But here comes the magic pill that will no doubt carry the same promises. → Read More