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Recent articles by Sophie:

Number of active coronavirus cases among Victorian health workers hits 1,065 as Premier orders more N95 masks

As more healthcare workers become infected with coronavirus, managers of hospitals and aged care homes, as well as state and federal governments, face growing pressure to keep staff safe. → Read More

COVID-19 patients presenting with unusual symptoms like inflamed eyes, skin rashes and, in rare cases, hair loss

Some health problems have been considered COVID-19 symptoms since the disease first emerged, but the list now includes unusual conditions such as skin rashes and conjunctivitis. → Read More

Melbourne nurse begged for better protection from coronavirus before her 'worst fear' came true

After her requests for an N95 mask were rejected, this nurse contracted COVID-19. Now in isolation, she is unsure when she will see her one-year-old daughter again. She is among a growing number of healthcare workers who want better protection from coronavirus. → Read More

Melbourne's stage 3 lockdown prevented thousands of coronavirus cases, research data shows

Lockdown restrictions in Melbourne during July prevented almost 19,000 people from contracting COVID-19, according to new research from the Burnet Institute. → Read More

Melbourne is three weeks into coronavirus lockdown but the curb isn't flattening — so what's next?

Halfway into Melbourne's six-week lockdown, the science and modelling suggests the curve should be flattening. But today's shock results triggered two questions: how and what's next? → Read More

Flu deaths drop in Australia as coronavirus restrictions save hundreds of lives

Australia has seen a huge drop in influenza cases and deaths this year. Experts say a combination of school closures, physical distancing, hand hygiene, border closures and increased vaccination rates have all contributed to the sharp decline. → Read More

Expert highlights key differences in Melbourne and Sydney coronavirus clusters as NSW works to avoid second lockdown

Infectious disease experts say Sydney can avoid a second Melbourne-style lockdown if it stops multiple clusters of community transmission through hard "ring fencing", compulsory masks and a renewed focus on social distancing. → Read More

Why six weeks? The thinking behind Melbourne's stage-three coronavirus restrictions

As the rest of the country loosens restrictions, Melburnians are headed for another six weeks in lockdown, but scientists say there's good reason for it to be so long. → Read More

Long-term effects of coronavirus mean returning home from ICU is not the end of it

A long way from home, Karl Schurr and Annie McCluskey both tested positive for coronavirus. While Annie had no symptoms, Karl barely survived, and is still struggling months on. → Read More

Coronavirus false-positive test results rare, experts say — so how do they get COVID-19 wrong?

An AFL footballer tests positive for COVID-19, then days later gets a negative result. So how can this happen? The experts say there are a multitude of factors at play. → Read More

Rules designed to protect patients from faulty medical devices delayed until next year

Patients affected by medical mishaps caused by malfunctioning medical devices are angry the Federal Government is quietly delaying important safety reforms until the end of next year. → Read More

Coronavirus lockdown takes toll on mental health, with younger people worst affected, survey finds

More than a quarter of survey respondents report experiencing moderate or severe depressive symptoms while COVID-19 restrictions were in place. But some people turned to creative pursuits to preserve their mental health. → Read More

Coronavirus vaccine research takes step forward as UQ, CSL, CEPI sign deal for human trials and production

Australian scientists hope to produce up to 100 million doses of a COVID-19 vaccine by the end of next year as Queensland researchers sign a major partnership with pharmaceutical giant CSL, which will see human trials start next month. → Read More

Asymptomatic coronavirus cases account for 15pc of COVID-19 infections: study

Bev and John Kable were diagnosed with coronavirus after a crew member on their cruise got sick, but they — like many others — never felt ill. Researchers now believe about 15 per cent of COVID-19 cases are asymptomatic. → Read More

Coronavirus pandemic plan for mental health too small, suicides likely to increase, expert says

The Federal Government's $48 million spend on a pandemic mental health plan falls well short of what's needed to prevent a looming disaster, with Australia facing a likely 25 per cent increase in suicides, a former national mental health commissioner says. → Read More

Experts worried people delaying medical tests due to coronavirus will create 'tidal wave' of diagnoses

Advocates and doctors say the number of people attending specialist check-ups and calling an ambulance for chest pain has dropped dramatically since COVID-19 began, with possibly dire consequences. → Read More

Overweight people at greater risk from coronavirus, heightened by COVID-19 links to respiratory illness

Research from multiple studies across the world points to evidence that being overweight or obese might also make the impacts of COVID-19 more severe, particularly for those aged under 60. → Read More

Kawasaki disease symptoms in kids in UK, possibly linked to coronavirus, concerns doctors

The discovery of a potential link between an inflammatory condition in children and coronavirus has important implications for developing an effective vaccine, Australian scientists say. → Read More

Should you get a rebate on private health insurance because of COVID-19? Some experts say yes

Consumer experts are asking why insurance policies are not being reduced even when many services are unavailable because of coronavirus restrictions. → Read More

Modelling shows coronavirus being suppressed as Australia prepares to start surveillance testing

Scientific modelling suggests that every ten people infected with the virus in Australia will infect just five others — but without physical distancing measures, those same ten people would infect 25 others. → Read More