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Recent articles by Sophie:

Pacemaker-defibrillator device shocks patient 60 times, but manufacturer Biotronik denies problem

An ABC investigation finds multiple cases of faulty pacemakers-defibrillators made by one manufacturer, which claims there is no evidence of systematic failure. → Read More

Duane Coogan lives with chronic pain — this study shows how it changed her brain

When Duane Coogan realised pain would be her constant companion she spent days in tears, but a new understanding of what that pain is doing to her brain, and in turn her emotions, is providing relief. → Read More

Survey shows most Australian doctors give patients 'active placebos' — real drugs that won't help

An Australian-first survey shows almost four out of five Australian GPs prescribe treatments they know are unlikely to fix their patient's illness. → Read More

Fear of dementia overtakes cancer for older Australians, as new study looks at lifestyle and diet options

Experts say a 'dementia tsunami' is coming. But a ground-breaking study of 6,000 Australians is assessing whether diet and exercise can dramatically reduce a person's risk of developing the condition — and potentially reverse some symptoms. → Read More

Dementia and Alzheimer's disease trials giving suffers hope of a better life

Karen Cooke and Linda Jackson have had their lives turned upside down by dementia. It is a disease that affects more than 400,000 — but two separate trials are giving both women hope for a future without the 'disco haze' in their mind. → Read More

More than 1,350 women win class action suit against pelvic mesh maker Johnson & Johnson

More than 1,350 women who suffered devastating side effects from a pelvic mesh implant used to treat issues from childbirth win a class action suit against global giant Johnson & Johnson. → Read More

Viagra could help women avoid emergency childbirth, research finds

An Australian drug trial shows erectile dysfunction drugs could dramatically reduce the number of births that end in emergency deliveries. → Read More

HRT breast cancer risk may persist for years, study finds

A study has found the use of hormone replacement therapy is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer, and that the risk can persist for more than a decade after use stops. → Read More

Meat and dairy guidelines have changed. What and how much should we now eat?

New guidelines recommended full-fat dairy, more eggs and less meat. But what about the other key food groups? → Read More

When it comes to health, which party has the best plan?

Targeting health is seen as a vote winner in elections and there's been no shortage of announcements this election campaign. So far, most of the promises are designed to make it cheaper for you to see a doctor or specialist. → Read More

Doctors 'expect the flu to kill at least 4,000 people' this year. Here's what you need to know

Three times as many Australians have been diagnosed with influenza in the first three months of 2019, compared to previous years. Public health experts are urging people to protect themselves with vaccinations. → Read More

Breast implants linked to cancer to still be available after Australian regulator stops short of ban

Textured breast implants linked to a rare cancer will continue to be available to Australian women having surgery, despite a crackdown on similar products by regulators in France and Canada. → Read More

Lily survived breast cancer but fears developing another cancer because of breast implants

There are already bans in place in several countries after concerns linking a brand of implant and a rare type of lymphoma and doctors in Australia say they would back the Therapeutic Goods Administration if it decides to implement similar rules. → Read More

TGA overhauls medical implant rules and admits 'more can be done' to protect patients

Australians with medical implants could soon have their devices tracked with a barcode system and smartphone apps under a new plan health authorities are calling the biggest shake-up in patient safety in 30 years. → Read More

Federal Budget leaves patients hopeful Medicare rebate freeze will mean cheaper healthcare

From July 1, Australians will be able to claim a higher rebate when they visit GP — irrespective of who wins the federal election. But will increasing rebates lead to cheaper doctor visits? → Read More

Yoga, Pilates and naturopathy rebates cut as 'wacky' therapies face Government crackdown

If you are among the 80 per cent of Australians who use natural medicines and treatments such as naturopathy, yoga and Pilates to improve your health, prepare for a shock. → Read More

New liquid discovery could stop bodies from rejecting medical implants

Brian Roberts is still suffering from a motorbike crash 40 years ago. But while his body rejects grafts and stents, Australian scientists are feeling optimistic about new liquid they have developed which could help him. → Read More

Australian working mums are asking for help to cut back on booze, doctors say

Australian working mums are increasingly asking their GPs for help to cut back on booze, doctors are reporting. Experts say it points to an alarming trend of the mummy juice wine culture going too far. → Read More

Emergency caesarean delays at Royal Hospital for Women putting babies at risk, doctors say

Babies' lives are being put at risk at a popular Sydney hospital, with one in two emergency caesareans not being done within the recommended time, doctors say. → Read More

These people face excruciating pain daily, but medicinal cannabis makes life bearable

Christian Read is one of thousands of Australians now taking medicinal cannabis and he insists while it cannot cure him of the pain he experiences, it grants him some relief and the ability to engage in the world. → Read More