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Past articles by Daniel:

The Big Dogs Instagram is weird, man

About a month ago, an Instagram account claiming to be the official account for Big Dogs Sportswear starting posting some seriously bizarre content. The account appears to be linked to an equally absurd Twitter account that is slowly unraveling in quarantine. → Read More

The Zoolander animated miniseries is now available in the U.S.

Four years after it was released on Netflix in the U.K. and Ireland, Zoolander: Super Model, an animated miniseries based on the 2001 Ben Stiller comedy is being made available to U.S. subscribers to CBS All Access. → Read More

Take today to listen to some of our favorite podcast episodes ever

Including episodes from Mystery Show, The Adventure Zone, The Read, and more. → Read More

The guy who made Michael Jordan’s “flu game” pizza stands by his pie

In the final episode of ESPN's The Last Dance, Michael Jordan reveals that the real reason he was sick during game five of the 1997 finals is that he got food poisoning from a pizza the night before. Craig Fite, the man who made that pizza, begs to differ. → Read More

Empty highways have reignited the Cannonball Run Challenge

In a new video, former Cannonball Run Challenge record holder Ed Bolian announced that the record for the illegal cross country race had been beaten several times in recent weeks thanks to highways being empty during coronavirus quarantine. → Read More

Uncut Gems gets an incongruous, upbeat theme song

Musician Nick Lutsko released a new indie pop ballad for the Safdie brothers' film Uncut Gems that uses the film's dialogue as lyrics. Lutsko has previously used similar techniques to make songs out of Alex Jones videos and Trump quotes for Super Deluxe. → Read More

Tenants offer hilarious tour of their flat to potential renters

Soon after learning that he's being forced out of his flat, London-based actor Sandy Batchelor was asked to make a video tour for potential tenants. The hilarious resulting video shows off every corner of the lop-sided, rundown apartment, including the traps. → Read More

Adam Sandler called Jim Carrey in the middle of watching Sonic

In these uncertain times, why wait another minute to give your friend a compliment? In a recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Adam Sandler admitted that in the middle of a screening of Sonic The Hedgehog a couple months ago he took out his cell phone and called Jim Carrey in order to tell him how good he was in the movie. → Read More

Seinfeld's Michael Richards makes social media debut to share Jerry Stiller tribute

Yesterday, Michael Richards made his social media debut on Instagram in order to pay tribute to his former Seinfeld co-star and regular scene partner, Jerry Stiller. It's unclear whether Richards plans to make his move to social media permanent. → Read More

This mashup of Saturday morning cartoon themes is the nostalgic banger you needed today

Recently, London-based DJ Geggs shared a mashup of theme songs from classic Saturday morning cartoon and live-action shows. Featuring music from Darkwing Duck, The Real Ghostbusters, and the X-Men, this nostalgic dance track is an undeniable banger. → Read More

Eric Trump warns Democrats the “chips are starting to crumble,” confusing everyone

No one would ever accuse Eric Trump of being a rocket scientist, but he’s usually at least a touch more coherent than his rambling, all-caps pops. On Tuesday, however, Eric attempted to tweet out a scathing bon mot directed at the Democratic leadership that left people scratching their heads even more than usual. → Read More

Every episode of The Office is now playing out live on Slack

The latest project from the online creative collective MSCHF is a public Slack channel in which every episode of NBC's The Office is recreated in real time. Join the various channels created for accounting, sales, and the conference room to follow along. → Read More

TikToker uses song, dance to show which states are taking COVID-19 seriously

Recently, TikTok user Justin Pollack performed a simple dance to the popular "50 States Song" in order to update his follows about which states are taking the current COVID-19 pandemic seriously. → Read More

Roger and James Deakins get into the cinematographic weeds on Team Deakins

You might not be familiar with the name Thomas Rose, but by the end of his new six-part audio memoir you won’t be able to forget it. Written and performed by comedian Tommy McNamara (Stand By Your Band), My Spectacular Life! A Memoir In The Key Of Storytelling chronicles the rise and fall of Rose, a legendary and technically illiterate singer-songwriter who seems to believe success and fame… → Read More

Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon go to prom in this SNL "digital exclusive"

In a cut-for-time sketch from this past weekend's Saturday Night Live season finale, Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon give a blow-by-blow breakdown of exactly what seniors will be missing at this year's prom. → Read More

David Chase wrote some COVID-themed Sopranos bits for Michael Imperioli and Steve Schrippa’s podcast

On the latest episode of Talking Sopranos, the new podcast hosted by actors Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa, the hosts read some new lines written by showrunner David Chase that show how each Sopranos character would react to the current pandemic. → Read More

Edgar Wright is live-tweeting the entire first season of Spaced tonight

On Friday night, writer/director Edgar Wright is going to be live-tweeting a marathon of the beloved British sitcom Spaced, which is airing on Channel 4. The show, created by and starring Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson, was directed entirely by Wright. → Read More

Read this: Josh Trank recalls feeling "castrated" during Fantastic Four reshoots

The behind-the-scenes issues that plagued Josh Trank’s 2015 attempt at a new Fantastic Four film are no secret. The director himself aired his grievances about the post-production process in a concise, vitriolic tweet before most audiences even got a chance to see the film. A new piece from Polygon, however, goes into much greater detail about the young filmmaker’s journey from being Hollywood’s… → Read More

Gorge yourself on hundreds of hours of ‘80s-era MTV, when it was all about the music, man

Once upon a time, long before The Real World, The Jersey Shore, and the endless parade of Teen Mom sequels and spin-offs, MTV made a better effort to live up to their name. As anyone over 33 will tell you, they actually played music, man. Now, you can relive those glory days that you may or may not actually remember thanks to the efforts of one benevolent Internet Archive user who has uploaded… → Read More

Japanese aquarium wants people to video chat their eels

The spotted garden eels at Tokyo's Sumida Aquarium haven't had regular visitors since the aquarium closed on March 1. Now, their caretakers are asking people to video chat with the eels to remind them what people look like and make them less scared. → Read More