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Sherryn Groch

The Sydney Morning Herald

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

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Who has nukes, and what do Russia’s nuclear threats mean?

The world’s nuclear arsenal started to seem irrelevant – until Putin put his nation’s on high alert. What is the likelihood of him using nukes, and how effective is “deterrence” today? → Read More

What are chemical weapons and how might Putin use them?

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What does heat do to the body – and how does it kill?

Deadly heatwaves are on the rise around the globe. But what does the heat do to us - and what’s the best way to stay cool? → Read More

How is the cyber war unfolding in Ukraine – and could it spread?

Cyber attacks now feature in most countries’ war plans. In Ukraine, the world may see what that means in action. → Read More

Why is there still so much plastic in the world – and what could replace it?

Plastic is great until you need to get rid of it. Why has it taken over the world, how big a problem is it – and what can we do about it? → Read More

‘Limbo’: What’s happening to refugees still in immigration detention?

Djokovic has left but refugees are still held in detention around Australia. How does the system work today? And how does our hard border stack up internationally? → Read More

Putin is massing troops on Ukraine’s border. How likely is war?

Europe is locked in a stand-off reminiscent of the Cold War. Why is Russia threatening Ukraine and what does it mean for NATO – and the rest of the world? → Read More

Djokovic is gone. What does his case mean for Australia’s border rules?

A whirlwind visa battle between the world number one and the Australian government has reached its climax. How did it play out in court? And what does it mean for the Open? → Read More

Djokovic’s visa has been cancelled. Can he appeal? What happens next?

The world number one could be deported within hours. But he’s vowed to fight on in court. What legal options does he have left? And why did the minister intervene to kick him out? → Read More

The horrible thud: What can we do to reduce roadkill?

It’s the problem no one really wants to think about too much. But what can be done to reduce roadkill as development expands? And how can you help keep animals safe if you’re out driving this summer? → Read More

How do rapid antigen tests work and how reliable are they?

They’re cheaper and faster than the standard PCR test and you can buy them over the counter. So, when can you opt for the rapid antigen kit and how accurate are they? → Read More

Why do we need vaccine boosters and how do they work?

What does the science say about boosters? Are they being tweaked for new variants? And how many are we likely to need? → Read More