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Sherryn Groch

The Sydney Morning Herald

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

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Recent articles by Sherryn:

Djokovic is gone. What does his case mean for Australia’s border rules?

A whirlwind visa battle between the world number one and the Australian government has reached its climax. How did it play out in court? And what does it mean for the Open? → Read More

Djokovic’s visa has been cancelled. Can he appeal? What happens next?

The world number one could be deported within hours. But he’s vowed to fight on in court. What legal options does he have left? And why did the minister intervene to kick him out? → Read More

The horrible thud: What can we do to reduce roadkill?

It’s the problem no one really wants to think about too much. But what can be done to reduce roadkill as development expands? And how can you help keep animals safe if you’re out driving this summer? → Read More

How do rapid antigen tests work and how reliable are they?

They’re cheaper and faster than the standard PCR test and you can buy them over the counter. So, when can you opt for the rapid antigen kit and how accurate are they? → Read More

Why do we need vaccine boosters and how do they work?

What does the science say about boosters? Are they being tweaked for new variants? And how many are we likely to need? → Read More

Can lawsuits, boardroom takeovers and protests save the planet?

If governments fail to deliver the policy needed to match the urgent science of climate change, this is where else the people power is. → Read More

The climate clock: What’s the world’s carbon budget, and what’s Australia’s share?

This is the gameplan for averting the worst of climate change: staying within a “carbon budget” as we shift to green energy. But how are the numbers crunched? → Read More

Quantum sensors, sea drones and hypersonic missiles: what are the new frontiers of war?

As well as subs, the AUKUS powers will work together on AI, cyber, quantum, hypersonic missiles and other “undersea capabilities”. What do these mean, and how will they change the game? → Read More

Russia votes, no big surprises: How does Putin’s ‘vertical of power’ work?

As Russians vote in parliamentary elections, how does their nation’s political system (and Putin’s empire) work? → Read More

What is a nuclear submarine and why would you want one?

A fast guide to the fast (and stealthy) new subs on the horizon for Australia. → Read More

Why do some vaccinated people catch COVID and how severe is it?

Are “breakthrough infections” as scary as they sound? What are COVID symptoms like if you’ve been double-jabbed? And what do these cases mean for reopening? → Read More

What’s rapid antigen testing and is it about to become part of daily life?

They’re cheaper and faster than the standard PCR test but will they help Australia reopen? Your quick guide to rapid antigen tests. → Read More

Is Havana syndrome a new method of covert sabotage – or all in our heads?

A mystery illness has been hitting diplomats and spies around the world. But is it an attack or something else? → Read More

Why do vaccines cause side effects and what should you watch for?

It’s not unusual to feel lousy after a vaccine. But why do some people get side effects and others don’t? And what are the more serious ones to watch out for? → Read More

‘Die as a human or live forever as a cyborg’: Will robots rule the world?

Will nanobots and brain chips help us thrive – or could cyborgs wipe us out? → Read More

Some nations using China’s vaccines are battling outbreaks. So do they work?

A quick guide to Sinovac and Sinopharm and what they mean for global protection. → Read More

The Pentagon’s UFO report is out. So will we ever find aliens?

Is there anybody out there (or, at least, anything)? In a new explainer series, we explore how close science fiction is to becoming reality, starting with the search for alien life – and how UFOs went mainstream. → Read More

What is Israel’s Iron Dome?

Your fast guide to the high-tech shield that’s changed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. → Read More

Robots, worms and satellites: How do you fight a cyberwar?

Total meltdown or death by a thousand hacks – how bad could a cyberwar get? Where is the line between espionage and attack? → Read More

What will happen to our cities (and beaches) at 3 degrees of warming?

Jungle turning to savannah. Homes swept away by rising seas and monster storms. The world is on track for 3 degrees of warming by the end of the century. What does that mean? And what can we do about it? → Read More