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Recent articles by Scott:

Shifting Tides on Israel

Israel today is less unpopular in the world but far more hated by Western progressives. → Read More

Anne Applebaum's Dinner Party, and Mine

Liberal dinner parties are missing a key menu item - an honest assessment of populism. → Read More

An Open Letter to a Self-Described 'Socialist'

One cannot ignore the legacy of communism: millions dead, imprisoned, and ultimately, not free. → Read More

A Trump Voter's Lament

The president has squandered much of his promise with his hard line on Iran. → Read More

Marion Maréchal’s Populism is the Future of the French Right

An important convention highlights the changing character of French conservatism—and France itself. → Read More

Is Demography Destiny?

Experts know that eventually, minorities will outnumber whites in the U.S. and Europe. So how do we talk about it? → Read More

How Emmanuel Macron Outlasted The Yellow Vests

The populist roar from forgotten France has been drowned out by provocateurs and the hard Left. → Read More

How Emmanuel Macron Outlasted The Yellow Vests

The populist roar from forgotten France has been drowned out by provocateurs and the hard Left. → Read More

Two Cheers for Israel

They're having children and defending their culture without apology. The West could learn a thing or two. → Read More

Algeria: The Iceberg That Could Sink Emmanuel Macron

Recent unrest there now threatens France, with possibly another migration wave on the way. → Read More

Willing ISIS Brides Should Be Tried for Treason

They aren’t cowards and they aren’t snowflakes. But they are traitors. → Read More

How an Anti-Semitic Attack Marked the End of the Yellow Vests

The Gilets Jaunes emerged as a populist movement from the middle class. Then they were co-opted by the wrong people. → Read More

The Stakes for Nationalists in This Year’s European Elections

The European Union's critics may soon win real power. → Read More

Hungary Shows the West the Path to Survival

Just as they resisted communism, so too are they leading the charge against the radical open-borders project. → Read More

Bernard-Henri Lévy: Poster Boy For the False Europe

The rich philosophe is trying to save the continent from Euroskeptics. But his scholarship is sloppy and his politics inconsistent. → Read More

How Brexit Burst the West’s Immigration Taboos

It circumvented the usual cries of "racism" and made the issue impossible for elites to ignore. → Read More

Macron Puts Immigration Controls on the Table

Under pressure from protesters and with his presidency hanging in the balance, France's leader considers the unthinkable. → Read More

The Immigrants Challenging Europe’s Code of Silence on Islam

They have been liberated by their ethnic backgrounds to speak more candidly than the vast majority of their countrymen. → Read More

What The Weekly Standard Has Wrought

Its shuttering is a loss. But the awful costs of the foreign policy it advocated shouldn't be forgotten. → Read More

France’s Yellow Vests Take a Left Turn

The anti-tax protesters are being replaced by something closer to Antifa. What ultimately will emerge from all this? → Read More