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Recent articles by Elizabeth:

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Researchers Call for a Focus on Fitness for Health Rather Than Weight Loss or Management

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Struggling With Mental Burnout? Aerobic Exercise—Like Running—May Help Your Brain Recover

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Vitamin D May Protect Against Colorectal Cancer, New Research Finds

Vitamin D has been linked to reducing your risk of colorectal cancer, according to new research in the journal Gastroenterology. → Read More

Here’s the Optimal Prerun Warmup Sequence, According to New Research

Foam rolling followed by stretching before a run can improve your range of motion, which can, in turn, improve your running performance, according to new research. → Read More

Outdoor Exercise Can Lower Anxiety Levels, According to New Research

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New Research Highlights the Importance of Hydration for Your Heart

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How to Build a Sustainable Running Training Plan

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Isometric Training Offers an Unexpected Benefit, New Research Finds

Isometric resistance training may lead to significant positive changes in blood pressure overall, according to new research. → Read More

Why Strengthening Your Hip Flexors Is Important, According to New Research

Ignoring these key muscles could lead to long-term mobility issues—and could affect your performance short-term. → Read More

Vitamin K Benefits Include Boosting Your Heart Health, New Research Shows

You should eat foods rich in vitamin K to get maximum heart health benefits, according to new research. → Read More

Are Naps Good for You? They May Not Make Up for Sleep Deprivation

If you’re trying to catch up on sleep, research shows it’s better to change your evening habits instead. → Read More

Exercise Can Lower Your Risk of Sleep Apnea, New Research Shows

Being physically active and spending fewer hours watching TV could substantially lower your risk of developing obstructive sleep apnea, new research suggests. → Read More

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New Research Highlights Yet Another Benefit of Exercise for Your Brain

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New Research Highlights the Difference Between the Strides of Elite and Sub-Elite Runners

New research highlights a difference between the strides of elite runners and sub-elite runners, even those who are highly trained. → Read More