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Past articles by Mike:

How a sand-guzzling box could power a future city on the Moon

A box that sucks in sand and spits out solar panels could power humans through the climate crisis and further our ambitions in space. → Read More

Why Polestar's controversial "moonshot" electric car plan just might work

Polestar aims to produce the world's first climate-neutral car. COO Dennis Nobelius explains how the company plans to produce its ambitious vehicle. → Read More

Scientists just taught a robot to complete this deceptively simple task

A team of researchers successfully programmed a robot to dress a mannequin, a task that requires a complex understanding of soft materials. The system asks a robot to compare numerous cloths. → Read More

This is when we may finally achieve fusion energy — a Holy Grail of clean power

Humanity needs to transition to clean energy. Could fusion hold the answer? This innovative means of generating electricity is essentially the opposite of nuclear fission. → Read More

Tesla Cybertruck vs. Rivian R1T: Price, specs, performance for the two monster EVs

Tesla is set to enter the world of pickup trucks with the upcoming Cybertruck. It's set to face off against Rivian, whose R1T truck is making waves with the more outdoors explorer. → Read More

It's open! Images show moment NASA cracks into 50-year-old Moon rock sample

A tube sample, collected during the 1972 Apollo 17 mission, has finally been opened. The lunar core sample, dubbed 73001, was opened at the Johnson Space Center. → Read More

Blue Origin's biggest rocket launch yet just got delayed — here's what it means

Blue Origin's plan to launch a giant new rocket is unlikely to unfold this year. It leaves the spaceflight firm sticking with New Shepard tourist launches for the coming year. → Read More

Behold! Colossal NASA SLS Moon rocket revealed in full for the first time

NASA rolled out the rocket that will power its Artemis missions, giving the public a glimpse at the sheer scale of the agency's ambitious space launch vehicle. → Read More

Spotted! Webb Telescope photobombs an European space observatory's deep space image

The James Webb Space Telescope is a landmark in humanity's space exploration. Here's what you need to know about the European Space Agency’s latest photo. → Read More

NASA Lunar Gateway: Launch window, specs, and orbit of the Moon’s space station

NASA plans to launch a spaceship to support future Artemis lunar missions. Here's what you need to know about the Lunar Gateway. → Read More

Blue Origin NS-20: Launch date, passenger list, flight details for Pete Davidson trip

Jeff Bezos' spaceflight firm Blue Origin is gearing up to send more passengers into space. Here's what you need to know about the company's upcoming flight plans. → Read More

SLS vs. Starship: How NASA's rocket could fuel ambitious space missions

NASA wants to launch its Space Launch System on a trip to the Moon. Here's how the agency's giant rocket compares with SpaceX's giant Starship rocket, which Elon Musk wants to use to go to Mars and beyond. → Read More

Rivian just reversed its controversial R1T and R1S price increase — here's why

Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe wrote in an open letter that the electric vehicle company was "wrong" to change prices for consumers that had already pre-ordered vehicles. → Read More

A piece of space junk just hit the Moon — and it could unlock lunar secrets

It's likely not from SpaceX as originally reported, but the mysterious piece of junk has captivated spaceflight fans as they watch its journey across the skies. → Read More

Elon Musk says Tesla will "do nothing to stop" UAW holding a vote

"Tesla will do nothing to stop them," Tesla CEO Elon Musk declared about the prospect of the United Auto Workers union holding a vote at its Fremont factory. → Read More

Ex-NASA astronaut calls on humanity to populate the Solar System and beyond

Ron Garan, a former NASA astronaut, sees humanity's future as one that expands further into the stars. But we need to fix Earth's big issues first. → Read More

How pollution-munching nanobots could solve a major societal issue

Our waterways are a step closer to being patrolled by tiny robots. New nanobot technology could enable cleaner waterways, as they remove the pollution and enhance cleanliness. → Read More

SpaceX Starlink: As dishes ship to Ukraine, what to know about the internet service

SpaceX's Starlink internet service promises high speed and low latency internet access regardless of ground-based infrastructure. CEO Elon Musk plans to use the money to fund a Mars city. → Read More

Watch: Drones capture an epic new 360-degree video of SpaceX Starship

SpaceX is currently developing its Starship rocket at the firm's Starbase facility in Texas. The project could lead to a giant, fully-reusable rocket system. → Read More

New study solves a major problem with living on the Moon and Mars

New research reveals that electrolysis does work at lower gravitational levels. The findings could support the idea that humans could travel to Mars, use the planet's resources to refuel, and return home. → Read More