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Past articles by Caroline:

Calls for Trudeau to step down during ‘Freedom Convoy’ traced back to Russian proxy sites

Beyond overt propaganda outlets, like Russia’s RT, disinformation spread through proxy sites and on social media messaging apps like Telegram, which was widely used by the convoy’s genuine grassroots supporters. → Read More

'COVID-19 kills in many ways': The suicide crisis facing health-care workers

The death by suicide of a top NYC doctor highlights a dire emergency affecting front-line health care workers around the world. → Read More

Grim new guidance for EMS in NYC: Don’t bring cardiac arrest patients to hospital for revival

As COVID-19 patients overwhelm New York City's emergency services and hospitals, EMS is being ordered to stop bringing cardiac arrest patients to the hospital if they don’t have a pulse on scene. → Read More

Right-wing conspiracy theories go mainstream amid mounting COVID-19 death toll

In the epicenter of America's coronavirus pandemic, pro-Trump conspiracy theorists started a trending hashtag aimed at downplaying the severity of the crisis. → Read More

In America's largest city, COVID patients are dying alone

The last time New York City faced a mass casualty event of this scale was on September 11, 2001. → Read More

Facebook is removing links to coronavirus information on government websites

Accurate information about coronavirus is being removed from Facebook due to a glitch in the spam-detection system. → Read More

The truth about coronavirus is scary. The global war on truth is even scarier.

On one side of the world, countries like China and Iran are punishing doctors and journalists for sharing unfavorable information about the virus. On the other side of the world, the Trump administration is waging its own war on truth by undermining those who speak it. → Read More

Arrest of Canadian connected to neo-Nazi extremists reveals plans for violence

Arrest of former Canadian Armed Forces reservist Patrik Mathews by the FBI and his reported plans to engage in an armed standoff in Virginia reflects a startling trend among far-right extremists of using social media to coordinate activities and training, → Read More

Nearly 3 billion people have lost their freedom in the name of ensuring public order. Now what?

Currently, nearly three billion people — 89 per cent of internet users — are under surveillance by advanced social media monitoring systems used by governments and law enforcement agencies, according to Freedom House. This number has grown rapidly in recent years, with many countries justifying these efforts “in the name of enhancing security, limiting disinformation, and ensuring public order.” → Read More

The mysterious ad firm behind People's Party of Canada's anti-immigration billboards

People's Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier says he had nothing to do with the anti-immigration billboards featuring his picture. But the advertising firm that paid for them is linked to a company that hosted a fundraiser for him. → Read More

It turns out Trudeau wasn't snubbed by Bolsonaro

An edited video of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the G20 summit, a scandal-plagued robocall firm implicated in a mysterious mass text-messaging campaign, signs of foreign interference and more. → Read More

Fake antifa Twitter accounts spread disinformation on Fourth of July

Accounts purporting to be associated with the antifa movement tweeted violent threats in advance of the holiday. → Read More

EXCLUSIVE: Canadian Facebook page weaponized Islamophobia behind facade of "news"

From videos hyping the fictitious threat of creeping Sharia law in Canada to posts warning that Muslims would take over Canada and destroy the country if they weren't stopped, this so-called "news network" was actually much more like the website of a hate group than a news organization. Facebook removed the page after a National Observer investigation. → Read More

How far-right extremists rebrand to evade Facebook's ban

As social media companies struggle to purge extremist content from their platforms, a new National Observer investigation reveals how purveyors of hate speech and disinformation are gaming the system to evade social media bans and keep their content online. → Read More

Pompeo bans top prosecutor investigating war crimes from entering US

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is punishing a war crimes investigator — for daring to investigate war crimes. → Read More

White House trying to hide Trump's shady conversations with our enemies

Trump claims he has nothing to hide — so why is he going to such great lengths to make sure no one ever finds out what he discussed with Putin? → Read More

Trump team is forcing trafficking victims back into danger

Despite claiming to care about human trafficking, Trump is forcing more victims back into danger and prosecuting fewer of their traffickers. → Read More

Devin Nunes' attempt to silence his critics backfires spectacularly

Devin Nunes is finding out the hard way that trying to suppress information often just publicizes it more widely. → Read More

Leaked chats reveal neo-Nazi group plotting to rebrand in Trump's image

White supremacists know they have a place in today's GOP — as long as they wear their racism under a MAGA hat. → Read More

Trump quietly signs order to hide number of civilians killed by drones

The Trump administration has already ramped up drone strikes at an alarming rate — and now it's trying to keep the public in the dark about them. → Read More