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Recent articles by Daniel:

Worried about recent warnings, desert locusts rethink plans to

They could let the winds blow them southwest, into the heart of the continent where the lands were greener and food more bountiful. But the move was fraught with dangers → Read More

Moi: Let’s not cry over spilt Nyayo milk while forgetting the

Having been stripped of his presidential immunity, Moi often found himself a defendant, as did many of his acolytes → Read More

Voting by lining up is a great way to separate the wolves from

When the incumbent released a remixed folklore song around the 2011 election it was widely acknowledged, even by opponents, as clever politicking that resonated with younger voters → Read More

Milk and eggs make a good food fight plot but it does not tell

The biggest challenge isn’t the prevalence of stuff grown in Uganda, but the decline in or absence of high-order white goods made in Kenya → Read More

How do you deal with a generation that has grown older without

How do we account for the open hostility and utter lack of civility in public debate? → Read More

The long marches to Luweero Triangle will always be paved with

Every re-examination of our history throws up interesting facts and anecdotes and helps us better understand the motivations and actions of key players and moments → Read More

To fight graft and incompetence one must be able to chew while

As noble as it is, the “fight against corruption” is the wrong fight. First, corruption is the jet fuel that powers the regime and, increasingly, many aspects of everyday life → Read More

Do not bet your underwear money if you are afraid of walking

Those days, such frilly things as swimming costumes could only be found in Owino Market, a leisurely hour stroll from our digs. So off we went → Read More

Here’s why a four-star general might salute a three-legged

In other words, while it is bad manners for Madam Catherine Kusasira to “undermine” and talk down to elected party officials in the capital, it is good politics because it sets up a competition for → Read More

An armed LDU on Shs10k per day is just a robbery waiting to

If LDUs fall under the military and are deployed on law enforcement duties, where does this leave the police? Who is in charge of law enforcement; Internal Affairs or Defence? → Read More

Planting melons, harvesting apples? Makerere’s problem is value,

So let’s try to summarise the easier part: Universities used to be elitist and rarefied academic and intellectual spaces → Read More

From poetry at Makerere in 1980, NRM now governs in prose, hangs

Officially, the students are protesting against a 15 per cent annual fee increment. They say it will put degrees out of reach for smart, but indigent kids → Read More

To end violent crime, start with traffic idiots and those who

This violent crime is the bastard child of that defilement. Melons, when planted, do not bear apples → Read More

People Power, red berets and fight for the soul of Uganda

It is becoming polarised into two extreme camps: One that can see nothing good in the current government and one that can see nothing wrong with it → Read More

People Power, red berets and the fight for the soul of Uganda

The point is that it says a lot about a society when there is a danger of mistaking an ordinary civilian for a highly trained killer just by the T-shirt or beret they wear → Read More

We need an honest conversation about putting real money in

You do not have to be a chartered financial analyst to see the problem is: A small number of people in formal employment earning and saving very little → Read More

Mugabe the tyrant is dead. Long live Comrade Bob the liberator!

Mugabe’s death coincided with the latest wave of xenophobia in South Africa where angry locals, mostly Black men, have long harboured resentment towards foreigners they believe are taking away their opportunities. → Read More

Dear Men, there’s simply no excuse for raping and sexually

There is simply no excuse for rape. Never has been, never will be. Teach that to your sons, and remind yourself every day. → Read More

Now that Uganda Airlines is back in the skies, a few ideas on

Get the handling contract back, and urgently. It will cut Uganda Airlines’ costs and even bring it some revenue. We know who has it → Read More

Fight over fate of UTL is a bit like two bald men fighting over

Asset stripping was the condition-precedent for many of the privatised national enterprises, including most famously Uganda Airlines → Read More