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Recent articles by David:

The share market is telling us how we're doing in the fight against coronavirus

Right now, the fate of Australia's economy rests on how quickly Victoria — which represents roughly a quarter of all economic growth — can open up again, writes David Taylor. → Read More

Coronavirus vaccine research is delivering huge profit to corporate insiders

Imagine a biotech company is progressing well with its coronavirus vaccine, shares soar in value, company execs dump them and take a 600 per cent profit. Is it legal and what are the ramifications for research? David Taylor explains. → Read More

Job applications near 300 per white-collar vacancy, with recruiters saying it's never been this tough

With the official unemployment rate at 7.4 per cent and expected to climb above 9 by the end of the year, recruiters say they are seeing hundreds of applications for each white-collar job available. → Read More

Superannuation early withdrawals near $30b as new financial year sees double-dipping

The new financial year has triggered what some are describing as a fresh "run" on superannuation funds as the Government's early withdrawal scheme allows people to take out another $10,000. → Read More

With coronavirus, economic uncertainty and redundancies, this is what Australia's bosses are talking to their therapists about

As one of Australia's best known business and community leaders, Geoff Cousins is used to making tough calls. But over time, the stress and uncertainty of his position took its toll. → Read More

Victoria's coronavirus lockdown won't help an economy that's being held hostage by a pandemic

It's becoming increasingly apparent the stomach of anyone dependent on a broader economic recovery will sink now every time there is a major coronavirus outbreak, writes David Taylor. → Read More

Coronavirus downturn has hit the banks' basic business model — and that's going to hit your superannuation

Now, thanks to coronavirus, analysts say just about every bank stakeholder is worse off. That may sound like a hyperbole, but it's not, writes David Taylor. → Read More

With interest rates so low what tools does the Reserve Bank have to support the economy?

We're at a point now where you cannot reasonably expect to earn anything more than a percentage point on your savings for the foreseeable future, writes David Taylor. → Read More

The coronavirus recession is like no other — and it risks becoming a chronic problem

Forget what you know about recessions, this one is very different — it's going to remain tough going for many Australians for years, writes David Taylor. → Read More

JobKeeper and the coronavirus stimulus bill has been slashed, but what can we do with the extra cash?

Despite a $60 billion miscalculation, government bonds are still flying out the door at $5 billion a week. And there's little sign this is going to stop, writes David Taylor. → Read More

Coronavirus has led to an epidemic of overtime, with loneliness and anxiety growing, too

Work-life balance can be hard to find when your desk is three metres from your couch. New research suggests 13 per cent of workers are putting in more hours than usual and an anxiety epidemic is looming, writes David Taylor. → Read More

Debt helpline reports steep fall in calls as coronavirus response lifts welfare payments

Even as Australia plunges into its sharpest recession since the Great Depression, calls to the National Debt Helpline have dropped 20 per cent. It seems odd, but the financial counsellors who run it say it makes perfect sense. → Read More

Coronavirus killed May's Federal Budget. Now three huge hurdles stand in the way of getting back on track

Today should have been Budget night, with Treasurer Josh Frydenberg fronting the nation for the second time with a plan for the nation. But that's all ancient history, writes David Taylor. → Read More

Coronavirus may take home ownership further out of reach for younger Australians

Logic suggests a coronavirus slump may provide a window of opportunity for first homebuyers to enter the market. But a new report suggests the opposite may be true. → Read More

Women bear biggest job losses from coronavirus, latest ABS data shows

New data shows how hard the impact of the coronavirus has been on women's jobs as a leading economist worries about the long-term impact for females in the workforce. → Read More

Coronavirus recovery is just around the corner — if the stock market can be believed

The experts don't always get it right, but the main Australian stock market index right now is much higher than it was back in March, when the shock of coronavirus hit households across the country, writes David Taylor. → Read More

Compulsory superannuation payments due today, but employers struggling to pay amid coronavirus shutdown

Today is the deadline for employers to pay superannuation they owe workers for the first quarter, but many may struggle to do so amid the COVID-19 economic shutdown. → Read More

Record-breaking government bond auction proves the world is 'bullish' on Australia

Global investors were falling over themselves to get their hands on Australian government bonds this week, and that's something of which we can all be proud, writes David Taylor. → Read More

Coronavirus chaos has hit the economy and the RBA's approach to money printing is supposed to save it

Yes, Australia's central bank is now plugging in extra digits on its computer trading screens to artificially pump-up how much cash it has. Here are some answers to your most common questions. → Read More

As part of its coronavirus response, the RBA is creating money out of thin air. Here's how

When you think of the Reserve Bank printing money, you might imagine a truck full of cash arriving from the mint with brand new money. But now the Reserve Bank is creating money out of thin air instead, writes David Taylor. → Read More