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Recent articles by David:

Margin lending could help you supercharge your savings, but it's not without risk

Margin lending can turbocharge savings in an ultra-low interest rate world, potentially helping home buyers save up a deposit faster, but it's also incredibly risky, explains David Taylor. → Read More

Love him or loathe him, Donald Trump supercharged your retirement savings in 2019, analysts say

Australian superannuation funds posted their best returns since 2013 last year, and many analysts say investors can thank Donald Trump's economic policies for it. → Read More

Australian bushfire donations from big business worth millions but charities warn long-term assistance needed

Charities on the front line of the bushfire recovery effort are pleading with corporate Australia not to go too hard out of the blocks with big cash donations while ignoring long-term commitments. → Read More

Calls for urgent stimulus led by 'shovel-ready' projects as economy loses momentum 'quite quickly'

A global consulting firm is warning that the Australian economy is in urgent need of more stimulus, and is encouraging the Federal Government to green-light more shovel-ready infrastructure projects. → Read More

US-China trade war and Brexit drag global manufacturing into recession, analysts say

Market analysts say the data from manufacturing surveys published overnight shows European business growth has stalled, adding to signs that the global economy is headed towards a recession. → Read More

Insider trading 'rife' among company directors on the ASX: ANU study finds

A study from the Australian National University suggests company directors trading on the Australian Securities Exchange are illegally using insider information to profit. → Read More

Australia nears its first balanced budget in a decade. But is it what the economy needs?

Australia has effectively posted its first balanced budget for more than a decade, but economists — including a former Liberal leader — say a deficit and more Government spending is actually what the economy needs right now. → Read More

Wall Street as we know it has gone as investment banks look for greener pastures

When you think of Wall Street, you imagine tall sky-scrapers housing some of the biggest investment banks, and the richest investment bankers, in the world. But that Wall Street doesn't exist any more, writes David Taylor. → Read More

1,400 cases of 'revenge porn' abuse reported across Australia

New research released by the eSafety Commission explores the motivations of people who commit image-based abuse, commonly referred to as revenge porn. → Read More

Australian economy set for weakest GDP growth in nearly 20 years

Australia's economy is forecast to post its weakest annual economic growth figures in almost two decades, with some economists saying a short, sharp recession may be the quickest way to cleanse debts and return to stronger growth. → Read More

Businesses cut back as weak economy puts pressure on profits

In the battle between stakeholders, it appears to be customers and shareholders winning out, while employees bear the burden of low wage growth and, increasingly, job losses. → Read More

Economists expect interest rates to stay at record lows until 2025, so what does that mean for you?

Major global investment banks are now forecasting record low interest rates as far as the eye can see. → Read More

'I can't look after myself': Latest ABS figures show those on Newstart going backwards

People on Newstart are seeing their quality of life deteriorate with ABS figures showing their cost of living is increasing faster than the Consumer Price Index by which their payments are increased each year. → Read More

Australian dollar decline holds best hope for economy to escape trade war fallout

Market watchers are growing increasingly worried about the escalating trade war between the United States and China, but hope the falling Australian dollar will cushion the blow locally. → Read More

Independent advertisers largely support ACCC's proposals

The ACCC's proposals have the potential to radically change both the advertising industry, and how we all see and engage with online ads. PM spoke to a North Sydney-based independent ad agency to gauge their response to the news. → Read More

Inflation problem not going away, so rate lower for longer: RBA

Australia, like many countries around the world, has a problem with low inflation. For wage earners it means little hope of a pay rise soon. For borrowers, it means interest rates will remain very low for a very long time. RBA governor Philip Lowe has told a Sydney gathering that he's not going to push the Government any more to help boost the economy, but the nation's economic problems are… → Read More

Banking cop zeros in on gratuitous bank boss bonuses

Bank bosses have been known to walk away with millions in bonuses, even after leading their companies astray. Banking regulator APRA today said "enough is enough," proposing a range of measures to get the country's most senior executives to do the right thing. → Read More

Public sector propping up employment and the economy, analysts say

The public sector is creating most of the jobs being added in Australia, and without its growth the domestic economy would be stalling, economists warn. → Read More

Private sector stalls as companies baulk at hiring new workers

There's plenty of evidence indicating the public sector is going strong, as a result of initiatives like the NDIS. But at the same time, economic activity in the private sector has come to a complete stop. Economists and businesses are calling for urgent economic reform because, they say, the government sector can only carry the economy for so long. → Read More

ASIC to ban unwanted cold calls from insurance companies

Many horror stories emerged from the Banking Royal Commission, but one story stood out as particularly heartbreaking. A 26-year old man with Down syndrome took a cold call from an insurance company selling life insurance. Today corporate regulator ASIC says it has begun the process of banning these types of calls to make sure something like this never happens again. → Read More