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Recent articles by Gus:

Wines to wish your mom a memorable Mother's Day

Email: Facebook: Gus Clemens on Wine. Twitter: @gusclemens. Website: → Read More

Wine sales soar during coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus disrupts life worldwide. For the wine world, however, the situation has meant boom rather than bust. → Read More

How many grapes go into a bottle of wine?

How many grapes does it take to make a bottle of wine? Depends, as it so often does in wine. → Read More

Clemens: Valentine’s Day

By Gus ClemensValentine’s Day is Friday. Monster moment for chocolatiers, florists, and greeting card makers. Is there a place for wine in all this? → Read More

New Year resolutions and wine in 2020

Happy New Year. May your 2020 be filled with health, happiness, and quality wine. You survived “amateur drunk night.” Good for you. Well played. → Read More

Rosé are a popular wine choice, here are 7 of the most searched

Rosé has been the fastest growing wine category in the U.S. for several years. Gus Clemens takes a looks → Read More

Wine world has been transformed by COVID-19

As sheltering-in-place, face masks and social distancing save lives, COVID-19 has reshaped the wine world with positive and negative effects. → Read More

Trust us, you want these sangria recipes

Wine aficionado Gus Clemens shares some of his favorite sangria recipes. → Read More

A zin by any other name

Zinfandel has been called many names through the years. Here's a look a some of them. → Read More

Science brings back Leonardo da Vinci winery

Leonardo da Vinci was a master of many things, including wine. Da Vinci’s writings and notes demonstrate he was a wine connoisseur and wine maker. → Read More

Why are some wines expensive? Here's what goes into crafting the pricey bottles

Wine aficionado Gus Clemens takes a look at what makes wine collectible, and thus expensive. → Read More

How do wine get their flavors? A lot of factors are involved

Wine professionals split aromas and flavors into three different categories: primary, secondary, tertiary. What do those terms mean? → Read More

Are natural wines the next big thing? Wine aficionado Gus Clemens takes a look

Believers assert natural wine is how wine was made for thousands of years. True, but there are reasons most wine is not made that way anymore. → Read More

Where there is wine, art and literature will follow: Clemens

Professor John J. Mahoney, PhD asserts wine was “the catalyst that created civilization” in his book “Wine: The Source of Civilization.” → Read More

Consider wine for your dad this Father's Day with these tips

It is hard to recommend a wine that goes with power tools — wine does not go with power tools. But here are some tips. → Read More

Sparkling wine sales continue 10th straight year of growth

Sales of table wine in the United States essentially are flat after a sustained boom. But sparkling wines are seeing continued sales growth. → Read More

Which country drinks the most wine? The answer might surprise you

The world drinks a lot of wine — some 6.5 billion gallons in 2018, according to the Paris-based International Organisation of Vine and Wine. → Read More

What is this 'Old World' 'New World' wine thing?

Wine expert Gus Clemens talks about the terms Old World and New World. → Read More

10 years in, wine column remains about fun, flavors

Wine writers encounter a Rubicon, and their decision flavors and follows them whenever they write: wine availability or wine distinction? → Read More

Here are some of the best wine choices for mom

With Mother’s Day forthcoming this Sunday, a note to gift givers: women are more likely to drink wine than any other alcohol beverage. Just saying. → Read More