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Past articles by Thanh:

Before I was boss: She's the 'accidental' funeral director

When you think of running your own business, what comes to mind? A restaurant? A startup for a cool product? Maybe something in tech? What about… a funeral parlour? For Ang Jolie Mei, a person's last order of business is exactly her line of business. As a funeral director, she takes care of people who have passed, from the moment she receives a call from a client who has recently lost a family… → Read More

Who did it? Racist posters targeting Chinese students found at two Melbourne universities

Offensive posters directed at Chinese students have been recently posted at both Melbourne University and Monash University in Australia. On Sunday (July 23), Melbourne University student Lisa Lu came across an offensive flyer displyed on the east gate of the Doug McDonnell building at her school. Written in simplified Chinese, the flyer said, "Notice: Chinese citizens are not allowed into the… → Read More

Baby born with drug addiction given more drugs to hide symptoms

The parents of a newborn are in jail for giving an opioid drug to their daughter the day she was born, according to a report from the Utah County Sheriff's Office. In an attempt to hide from hospital staff that their baby was born addicted to drugs, Colby Glen Wilde, 29, and Lacey Dawn Christenson, 26, from Elk Ridge city gave their daughter drugs to mask signs of addiction. → Read More

Tank top that went viral is now up for eBay bidding

The tank top that recently went viral with the words "Gay But Not Yet Equal" is making a reappearance. And this time, it's up for grabs on eBay. → Read More

Did Japan's first lady pretend not to speak English to avoid talking to Trump?

The first lady of Japan avoided speaking to Donald Trump for the entirety of an almost two-hour dinner, and everyone has been left wondering: did she pretend not to speak English to avoid talking to him? Akie Abe, the wife of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, was seated next to President Trump during a dinner on July 8 at the end of the G20 summit in Hamburg, Mirror reported. → Read More

British Airways releases star-studded new safety video, and it's hilarious

British Airways just released a new pre-flight safety video and it's hilarious. Following the example of other airlines such as Emirates and Air New Zealand, who have famously invited stars to appear in their advertisements, the six-minute video features several top celebrities. → Read More

Parents of toddler who had severe allergic reaction on board SIA urge all airlines to stop serving peanuts

The Australian parents of a toddler who had a severe allergic reaction due to the opening of too many peanut packets on a Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight are urging all airlines to stop serving peanuts onboard. Marcus Daley, 3, was travelling home to Melbourne from Singapore after a holiday in Thailand with his parents, Chris and Hong Daley, when he began suffering from symptoms of anaphylaxis… → Read More

We try a durian pizza topped with cheese

Whether you're a fan of the king of fruit or strongly anti-durian, you've got to admit that Pezzo, the homegrown pizza company, has cooked up quite the creation: Durian charcoal pizza. The first of its kind in Singapore, this dessert-like pizza, named 'Durian King', is handmade with charcoal pizza dough and topped with 100 per cent pure Mao Shan Wang and D24 durian flesh. But how exactly is such… → Read More

Buddha statue that mysteriously appeared on Los Angeles street vandalised

What kind of vandal lacks so much peace in their heart that they would want to destroy a Buddha statue four times? While the answer to that question remains unknown as the perpetrator has yet to be identified, we do know that the Los Angeles neighborhood of Palms in the US is determined to set things straight. This is because the beloved Buddha statue, made of stone and raised on a large… → Read More

Shake Shack to open first China location in Hong Kong

Shake Shack Inc., the fast casual restaurant chain known for their burgers and fries in the United States, is headed towards Hong Kong in 2018. The company plans to open a total of 14 locations in Hong Kong and Macau by 2027, according to a report by Bloomberg. The Hong Kong location will be operated by licensing partner Maxim's Caterers Ltd., which also operates the Cheesecake Factory in China. → Read More

Survey finds 9 in 10 teenage boys face social pressures to be 'manly'

A new survey has found that 9 in 10 teenage boys report facing pressures to be 'manly' through experiences of harassment, bullying, teasing, social exclusion, and psychological and physical violence. The study, organised by gender equality group AWARE, surveyed 809 male respondents on their experiences during secondary school. Virtually all (97 per cent) boys reported to have experienced… → Read More

WATCH: Video advice for tourists visiting London on how to respond in terror attack

It is only natural to panic if you are caught in a life-threatening situation. However, there is a 3-step process that anyone can adopt in case of a terror attack. While no one hopes to be caught in such a situation, it always pays to be prepared. The steps are shown in a 4-minute video, released by the UK counter-terrorism police, advising holidaymakers on how to respond if the threat is… → Read More

Book-loving family in China slowly poisoned by their home library

Aside from the occasional paper cut or perhaps killer litter, books aren't typically a source of danger. But for a family living in Taizhou in China's Jiangsu province, their love of reading was slowly poisoning them - literally. At the end of last year, the family- which consists of a couple and their child- developed symptoms of formaldehyde poisoning, according to a report from Jiangsu… → Read More

Girl gets 'hamburger disease' after eating McDonald's burger: Just what is it?

Recently, a story about a 4-year-old girl diagnosed with 'hamburger disease' after eating a burger with a possibly undercooked patty has caused some buzz online about the foodborne illness. While most people are generally aware of the risks that eating undercooked meat poses, how much do we actually know about this 'hamburger disease' and how it works? Let's look at some facts: → Read More

Hawaii Five-0's Asian stars Kim, Park quit after being denied equal pay with white co-stars

Korean-American actors Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park have left US police drama 'Hawaii Five-0', after they could not reach a satisfactory agreement with CBS Television Studios over their salaries. Kim and Park were seeking pay equality with co-stars Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan, but CBS's final offer to the Asian actors was believed to be 10 to 15 per cent lower than what O’Loughlin and Caan… → Read More

Girl learns painful lesson after inserting doll's eye into own eye socket

A video of an 11-year-old girl from Pompeu, Brazil with a doll's eye stuck in her eye socket has been going viral online, terrifying and angering viewers. Since the original clip was posted on social media on July 1, the video has gotten over 6.1 million views. The girl's mother, Rayssa Ivanny Ficag, described the incident on the Facebook post: "She was in the room playing with the doll, and… → Read More

Half-Korean woman with rare disorder that causes saggy skin carves career as a model

Unconventional appearances won't stop this woman from chasing after her dreams. Sara Geurts has a rare disorder that makes her skin appear wrinkly and saggy, but is challenging the status quo by pursuing a modelling career. The 26-year-old from Minneapolis, Minnesota has Dermatosparaxis Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), a genetic condition caused by defects with the body's collagen protein. → Read More

Ichiran Ramen in Taipei beats its own record with 240-hour queue

How long would you queue for ramen? Ichiran Ramen, a popular restaurant chain which just opened its first outlet in Taipei on June 15, has beaten its own record for longest continuous queue. As of 11am on Sunday, customers had been queuing up outside the 24/7 noodles shop for 240 hours straight. That's 10 days! → Read More

Woman kills boyfriend with single gunshot in YouTube stunt gone wrong

A gamble for YouTube fame resulted in tragedy for a young couple from Minnesota. Monalisa Perez, 19, shot her boyfriend Pedro Ruiz III, 22, with a gun for a YouTube video, not knowing that she would lose him forever. The idea was for him to hold a thick book in front of his chest, which would stop the bullet as she fired at him with a gun. → Read More

Need a massage? Meat cleavers used to 'chop' your aches away

While the normal reaction to being approached by wielders of multiple knives is to run far, far away, there are some people who would pay to be pummelled by knives. Well, lightly pummelled. An ancient therapy involving meat cleavers as massage tools has proven to be a hit in Taiwan, according to recent reports in Daily Mirror and Daily Mail → Read More