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Past articles by Marge:

8 Things I Bought for My Home Kitchen After I Started Teaching at Culinary School

When I started teaching at the Institute of Culinary Education, I realized there were tools that could make me a better, more efficient cook. → Read More

My Mom and I Are in the High-Risk Group for COVID, but My Sister Is Insisting We Travel to Be at Her Wedding This Fall. What Should I Do?

I love my sister and I don’t want to ruin our relationship, so how do I tell her my mom and I can’t risk our health (and maybe even lives) by coming to her wedding? → Read More

I Don’t Want to Invite a Couple Friends Over for My Socially-Distanced Barbecue Because They Haven’t Been Careful During the Pandemic. Is That OK?

I want to have a small barbecue for friends, but I don’t want to invite my whole friend group: for one thing, it is just too many people to try to keep social distanced in my small yard, and also, because some friends haven’t been as careful as others, I feel like they put everyone else at risk. → Read More

My Friend Eats Loudly on Our Calls and It’s Driving Me Bonkers. What Should I Do?

My friends and I have a regular Zoom cocktail hour once a week. I love seeing them (I MISS them!!!) but one friend not only slurps her drink, she snacks really loudly throughout the call. → Read More

Help! I’m Having People Over for Dinner, but I Don’t Drink. Do I Have to Serve Wine?

If you're sober or just don't want to drink for whatever reason, but you want to have people over, are you required to serve alcohol anyway? Our etiquette columnist weighs in. → Read More

Is It Rude to Take the Leftovers of the Dish I Brought to My Friend’s Thanksgiving?

I am going to a Friendsgiving and bringing my broccoli slaw with crunchy noodles and cranberries. I don’t want to brag, but this dish is always a huge hit — and leftovers are great (especially if you add more crunchy noodles). → Read More

5 Potluck Sins You Do NOT Want to Make This Year

Invited to a potluck? Lucky you! It’s a really great way to share in the party experience as more than a guest. And as a guest, there are certain cardinal rules you must not break. → Read More

My Friends Expect Leftovers When They Come Over for Dinner. Please, How Do I Make It Stop?

In this week's Ask Marge column, someone writes in complaining that their friends expect to take home leftovers when the come over for dinner. → Read More

My Roommate Keeps Stealing My Food, but She Totally Denies It. What Am I Supposed to Do?

I asked her really nicely to please respect my stuff in the fridge, and she acted as if she didn’t know what I was talking about. → Read More

Help! I Don’t Want My Friend to Bring Her Dog Over.

My friend is incredibly devoted to her dog, and feels like when she is not at work, she wants to bring her dog everywhere with her, including my house. → Read More

I Think My Friend Is Faking Her Food Allergy. What Do I Do?

This week Marge answers a reader email from someone whose friend suddenly said she was allergic to a number of certain foods. → Read More

Help! My MIL Is Feeding My Kid Sugar Against My Wishes.

This week Marge tackles a question for a reader whose mother-in-law is giving her daughter sweets even when she has repeatedly asked her not to. What is she supposed to do? → Read More

Am I Supposed to Serve the Wine My Guest Brings to Dinner?

In this week's column, Marge answers a question most dinner hosts ask themselves at some point: Are you supposed to serve the wine a guest brings? → Read More

Help! A Friend Asked Me to Pay $50 for Thanksgiving Dinner.

We asked Marge to tackle one of Kitchn's most divisive questions we've ever received: Is it OK to ask your friend for money for Thanksgiving? → Read More

Yes, You Can Drink on Keto — Here's What You Need to Know

Okay, first things first: vodka, whisky, tequila and other clear spirits have zero carbs. → Read More

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Keto

Are you new to keto? Many people find the food really satisfying, but get tripped up by these potential pitfalls. → Read More

Here's What You Can and Can't Eat on the Ketogenic Diet

We've rounded up a bunch of keto recipes to get you started, but before you jump in, let's get back to the basics: What can (and can't) you eat exactly? → Read More

What's the Difference Between Keto, Paleo, and Atkins?

All three of these popular diets are low carb — but they have important differences that could make the difference in which is right for you. → Read More

When (and Why) You Should Spring for the Good Champagne

There's never a wrong time for bubbles, but there are times when only the real stuff will do. → Read More

Why Shallow Pantry Shelves Are the Best Shelves

You may think you need/want luxuriously deep shelves. In reality, you do not! These shelf tips will surprise you. → Read More