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Recent articles by Ryan:

Puerto Rico’s Colonial Status Left It Vulnerable to Hurricane Fiona

When a place is controlled by a government in which it has no representation, it will be abused. → Read More

Ukraine's economy is battered from war with Russia. America needs to step in.

Ukraine's counteroffensive is working — but Kyiv is facing a bigger threat than Moscow's mobilization. → Read More

Republicans Use Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free to Own the Libs

For conservatives, defenseless refugees are something to abuse and exploit. → Read More

The Irrefutable Case for Police Reform

TAP depends on your support We’ve said it before: The greatest threat to democracy from the media isn’t disinformation, it’s the paywall. When you support The American Prospect, you’re supporting fellow readers who aren’t able to give, and countering the class system for information. Please, become a member, or make a one-time donation, today. Thank you! → Read More

The Supreme Court Is Vulnerable on Abortion

Thanks to ‘Dobbs,’ a majority of Americans are ready to put limits on its power. → Read More

President Biden Is Right About MAGA Republicans

A Trump-appointed judge is attempting to protect the former president from a criminal investigation. → Read More

Starbucks workers are hitting the limits of American labor law

Starbucks workers will spend their Labor Day hours fearing retaliation for union drives at stores around the country under the orders of CEO Howard Schultz. → Read More

Go Get an Omicron Booster Shot

We finally have updated vaccines, and not a moment too soon. → Read More

The Case for Higher-Education Price Controls

President Biden’s changes to student loan repayment are welcome, but they give schools a bad incentive. → Read More

Democrats hope Medicare prices and hearing aids win seniors in midterms

Hearing aids and prescription drugs under Medicare will be less expensive thanks to Democrats but will senior citizens vote given the slow rollout of changes? → Read More

The Inflation Reduction Act’s Quiet Revolution on Public Power

Here’s how utilities will be decarbonized over the next decade. → Read More

Trump's legal troubles may be a boon for Democrats ahead of midterms

In spite of Trump's and his Republican allies' best efforts Democrats have been steadily making gains in Congress and stand to come out on top in the midterms. → Read More

The Senate's failures are much to blame for America's climate crisis

The U.S. Senate passed the Inflation Reduction Act in what some see as a massive victory for Democrats, but getting the act across the finish line has cost us. → Read More

Federal Reserve rate hikes could be worse than inflation for the economy

The Fed interest rate hike of 0.75% could mean a recession and higher unemployment for American workers, even as inflation causes like energy prices drop. → Read More

Republicans Have Created a Pro-Life Dystopia

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American Government-by-Lawsuit Is a Disaster

Judicial review is not just anti-democratic, it strangles ordinary governance. → Read More

The Case Against Judicial Review

If Democrats don’t bring the Supreme Court to heel, Americans will live under judicial despotism for the foreseeable future. → Read More

'Liberal' celebrities are falling prey to a deeply flawed, transphobic argument

Liberal women celebrities like Macy Gray and Bette Midler should understand that trans rights improve their own liberation and are beneficial to women's rights. → Read More

President Biden Is Not Cutting the Mustard

Young people are abandoning him in droves because he won’t fight for their rights and freedom. → Read More

Putin expected misery and destruction, perhaps not a stronger NATO

The military alliance that Russia has despised for years has been revitalized and is in the process of gaining two new members — largely thanks to Putin. → Read More