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Past articles by Chris:

ChatGPT failed my course: How bots may change assessment

Does ChatGPT spell the end of the essay? No, but it may improve assessment. → Read More

No sugarcoating: Donut math yields way to make qubits last longer

Quasi-periodic kicks result in very periodic qubits, thanks to donuts. → Read More

This river is made of light, and it’s beautiful

Interference and irregularity come together to create beautiful art. → Read More

Quantum memristor: A memory-dependent computational unit

Quantum memristor bridges conflicting quantum requirements in single device. → Read More

How to make a sound wave spin? Hit it with a pipe

Spinning sound waves open up new possibilities for acoustic traps and tricks. → Read More

Atomic cloud key to controlling a quantum state without measuring it

Cloud of atoms acts as the heart of a controller for quantum cooling system. → Read More

Scalloped iceberg sculptures occur due to the weirdness of water

Water’s strange properties turn nature into a natural abstract sculptor. → Read More

Spinning black holes may prefer to lean in sync

Black holes may be inclined to lean while merging, get kicked as a result. → Read More

Dark matter asteroids (if they exist) may cause solar flares

The trick is distinguishing a potential dark asteroid flare from a normal solar one. → Read More

Entangled microwave photons may give 500x boost to radar

Stretched, entangled microwave pulses are the key. → Read More

A year on: the highs and lows of a new engineering education system

Last Christmas, I got a new curriculum, but no curriculum survives actual students. → Read More

Programmable optical quantum computer arrives late, steals the show

New optical quantum computer overcomes previous limits, looks like a winner. → Read More

All I want for Christmas is an awesome new curriculum

Revitalizing a curriculum in the middle of a chaos-inducing pandemic? Sure. → Read More

Quantum device performs 2.6 billion years of computation in 4 minutes

Photons explore quantum maze faster than possible for any classical computer. → Read More

Explaining foam in the absence of soap: It’s a tension gradient

Surface tension gradient in thin films explains why foams unexpectedly form. → Read More

Smaller, more efficient tokamak could follow in ITER’s fusion footsteps

Physics modeling and design show SPARC feasibility, but uncertainties remain. → Read More

Quantum reality is either weirdly different or it collapses

Either quantum state has to collapse at macroscopic level, or reality is unreal. → Read More

Planet X? Why not a tiny black hole instead?

Unsuccessful at finding planet X? Substitute with undetectable black hole. → Read More

Model reveals why slicing a tomato works better than dicing

Model of gel-cutting reveals why slicing is better than dicing. → Read More

Wave-particle duality in action—big molecules surf on their own waves

Heavy molecules reveal wave-like properties after scattering from light beam. → Read More