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Recent articles by Chris:

Dunes use turbulence as a buffer to prevent collisions

Dune racing shows turbulence keeps speedster dunes away from slow dunes. → Read More

Virus tricked into glowing reveals entryway to cellular victim

Viral path to cell nucleus tracked by injecting it with tiny glowing dot. → Read More

Flat surfaces surf past each other on the peak of a wave

Simple model describes the transition from static to dynamic friction. → Read More

Low turnout and polarization are a deadly combo for electoral stability

Electoral instability is driven by low voter turn out and high polarization (duh). → Read More

Why can’t I remember? Model may show how recall can fail

Model may predict why you can’t recall what you know you remember. → Read More

Galactic cosmic ray model works without physics, and that is bad

Cosmic ray statistical model removes dark matter, even when present. → Read More

Why I dislike what “quantum supremacy” is doing to computing research

Another quantum computing architecture closes in on quantum supremacy. → Read More

New boson appears in nuclear decay, breaks standard model

Weird electron-positrons from decaying beryllium and helium hint at new boson. → Read More

Atoms spin backwards while flying along a surface

Atoms experience a kind of rolling friction when they fly along surface. → Read More

In How To: XKCD author offers absurd advice for ordinary tasks

Review: A book of deliberately, hilariously, wrong advice—with explainers and diagrams. → Read More

Trampoline mirror may push laser pulse through fabric of the Universe

Simply changing a mirror may allow physicists to poke a hole in the universe. → Read More

Search for superconductive hydrides finds lukewarm possibility

Room temperature superconductive hydride predicted… at 250GPa. → Read More

Ceramics enter a new era with laser-welded joints

Right light pulse duration and joint orientation enable ceramics to be welded. → Read More

Sun’s solar wind recreated in lab with aid of Big Red Ball

Laboratory model of solar wind may improve space weather forecasts. → Read More

Identical photons generated 150 million kilometers apart

Sun is resource for quantum entanglement, may reveal internal solar processes. → Read More

Color-changing metal may provide early sign of illness

Light, metal, quantum mechanics combine for binary answer to disease, in theory. → Read More

Starving predators survive together, but maybe only in math-land

Predator populations survive because some of them starve. → Read More

Bouncing liquid surface can make bubbles do a stop-start dance

Bubbles driven around on liquid surface by sound waves. → Read More

A plague upon your land: Mouse damage visible from space

Drowning and eating the mice in some areas make for huge contrast. → Read More

Satellites play chase to measure gravity, achieve picometer accuracy

Satellites tracked to the picometer, test tech for gravitational wave detector. → Read More