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Past articles by Daphne:

Online safety and end-to-end encryption can co-exist, says data protection watchdog. But how?

End-to-end encryption has stirred debates over the past few years. Now the UK's data protection watchdog has determined that it is still a crucial technology for protecting user privacy. → Read More

Cloud computing spending is at a record high. But the global chip shortage could create some problems ahead

Worldwide spending on cloud services is reaching new heights, despite the looming threat from the shortage of semiconductors, says tech analyst Canalys. → Read More

IBM says the single-vendor approach to cloud computing is dead

Cloud computing is becoming a central part of business operations, but the risk of vendor lock-in is real. Hybrid cloud could be a solution. → Read More

Quantum computing: IBM has created this new way to measure the speed of quantum processors

Big Blue has released a new metric, CLOPS, which puts a number on the speed of a quantum computer. → Read More

Quantum computers: Eight ways quantum computing is going to change the world

Businesses are already exploring the future potential of quantum computers, and some industries anticipate big changes ahead. → Read More

Quantum computing is just getting going. But the hype could bring everything crashing down

From drug discovery to climate change, quantum computers have been pitched as a transformative solution to all sorts of business problems. But calls are mounting from within the field to distinguish hype from reality. → Read More

Quantum computers will change everything. But they won't replace your laptop

If quantum computing ever becomes mainstream, could it be the end of classical computing? Definitely not, say experts. → Read More

AWS's new quantum computing center aims to build a large-scale superconducting quantum computer

The cloud computing giant has joined Google and IBM in the race to build a universal, fault-tolerant quantum computer. → Read More

More violent events driven by social media are bound to happen, says Facebook whistleblower

Frances Haugen spoke in front of the UK Parliament to provide evidence on the spread of harmful content on social media platforms like Facebook. → Read More

Smartphone sales are giving 5G deployments an unintended boost

Consumers don't need 5G, yet they are buying 5G-enabled phones. That's good news for network providers. → Read More

Developers: Intel's automated debugging tool ControlFlag is now open source

ControlFlag can automatically detect anomalies in software code - and it could spare developers hours of tedious work. → Read More

Now you can plug Lego into your Raspberry Pi

Lego and Raspberry Pi are teaming up to let users take their projects to the next level. → Read More

Our old devices are creating a mountain of e-waste. And it's getting a lot bigger

E-waste is reaching record levels because consumers still forget to recycle, according to experts - and it's bad news for the environment. → Read More

Even computer experts think ending human oversight of AI is a very bad idea

The UK government is thinking of scrapping the right to ask for a human to review decisions made entirely by AI systems, but some experts are warning that it is not the right way to go. → Read More

Remote-working jobs: These are the best destinations to head for, and the best incentives on offer

Without the need to commute to the office, workers will be better off moving to these destinations, according to new analysis carried out by Remote. → Read More

Scientists are using quantum computing to help them discover signs of life on other planets

Zapata and the University of Hull have partnered to discover how quantum computers could assist with the search for life molecules on exo-planets. → Read More

There are two types of quantum computing. Now one company says it wants to offer both

D-Wave has unveiled a roadmap for the next few years, and it includes a brand-new project: to build a gate model quantum computer. → Read More

5G's biggest benefits will arrive where you'd least expect them

5G comes with the promise of faster speeds, but often only for city dwellers and urban businesses. But what if the technology could change the game for remote communities as well? → Read More

AI: Ban the algorithms that threaten our human rights, says UN chief

From surveillance technology to content moderation, AI is a high-risk game. UN commissioner Michelle Bachelet is pushing for a ban where the technology is contrary to human rights. → Read More

Ford and Walmart will deliver your groceries from these self-driving cars

Walmart, Ford and Argo AI are bringing driverless grocery deliveries to more cities. → Read More