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Recent articles by Jaime:

The One Type of Cheese Dietitians Want You to Eat More Often

Is farmers cheese good for you? Dietitians discuss the benefits of farmer cheese, such as promoting a healthy gut and strong bones, and the best brands to buy. → Read More

6 Headache Locations and What They Mean, According to a Doctor

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9 Mistakes That Can Make Plantar Fasciitis Worse

A podiatrist shares the most common mistakes that may cause a plantar fasciitis flareup and explains how to prevent (or at least help relieve) the condition. → Read More

This Is Why You Feel Cold After Pooping

A gastroenterologist gives the inside scoop on poop shivers, or why you feel cold after pooping, along with whether they're harmful and how to prevent them. → Read More

4 Exercises for Sculpted Arms — No Push-Ups Required

These four arm exercises provide all the same perks as push-ups, minus the possible pitfalls. Add them to your weekly workouts for rock-hard muscle benefits. → Read More

Pain Inserting a Tampon? Here’s What Your Body’s Trying to Tell You

A gynecologist explains what can cause pain when you insert a tampon, including vaginal dryness, hymen issues and certain infections. Plus, what to do about it. → Read More

The One Mobility Drill You Can Do Daily to Loosen Tight Hips and Strengthen Your Glutes

While the primary purpose of mermaid lifts is to loosen tight hips, this mobility move also moonlights as a great core- and glute-strengthening exercise. → Read More

Waking Up With Numb Hands? Here's What Your Body's Trying to Tell You

Neurologists explain why your hands may go numb while you're sleeping, including certain types of nerve damage and simply sleeping in the wrong position. → Read More

12 Breakfast Recipes for Healthier Skin

These breakfast recipes for skin health will keep your complexion glowing with nutrients that nourish you from the inside out, like vitamin C, E and collagen. → Read More

The 5-Minute Mobility Routine You Can Do Every Day

This 5-minute mobility routine feels amazing and is easy to sneak into your day, whenever, wherever. Get ready to loosen up your back, shoulders, hips and ankles. → Read More

Why You Should Stop Relying on Willpower to Reach Your Health Goals

An expert explains why "willpower" is a myth that can harm your mental and physical health, and offers healthier ways to stick to your wellness goals. → Read More

How Bad Is It Really to Drink French Press Coffee?

Is French press coffee bad for you? A dietitian explains the effects of unfiltered coffee like French press and espresso on heart health and more. → Read More

Burns When You Pee? Here’s What Your Body’s Trying to Tell You

Here are the most common causes of dysuria, aka a burning sensation during or after urinating, and what you can do to manage (and prevent) painful peeing. → Read More

8 Reasons Your Teeth Hurt All of a Sudden

A dentist shares the most common reasons why your teeth hurt, whether you're experiencing sudden tooth pain, pain at night or other dental discomfort. → Read More

The One Drink Dietitians Want You to Enjoy Every Day for Longevity (It’s Not Water)

Dietitians explain why you should drink tea daily for health benefits for longevity, including anti-inflammatory antioxidants and heart-healthy polyphenols. → Read More

How Long Does It Really Take to Break a Habit?

Quitting a habit is difficult but not impossible. Here, a psychologist explains how long it can take to break a habit, plus tips to help you boot a behavior. → Read More

How to Form a Healthy Habit (Does It Really Take 21 Days?)

Learn how long it really takes to form a habit and get step-by-step tips on how to create healthy lifestyle habits, according to a clinical psychologist. → Read More

Woke Up Dizzy? Here's What Your Body's Trying to Tell You

If you're frequently waking up dizzy in the a.m., it could indicate by an underlying issue. Here, a doctor shares the most common causes of morning dizziness. → Read More

Why Constipation Is More Common as You Age, and What to Do About It

A gastroenterologist explains the common causes of constipation in older adults and offers tips on what to do to keep your bowels unblocked as you age. → Read More

4 Ways to Use Self-Compassion to Combat a Negative Self-Image

Internalized weight bias can lead to a negative self-image. Here's how to use self-compassion to stop the negative thoughts, including specific phrases to use. → Read More