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Recent articles by Jaime:

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Why Your Hearing Gets Worse as You Age and What to Do About It

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8 Non-Scale Victories to Celebrate During Your Weight-Loss Journey

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6 Summer Pitfalls That Can Jeopardize Your Mental Health

Summer can trigger mental health struggles. Learn about the habits that might meddle with your mood and how to maintain your mental health during the season. → Read More

6 Reasons Why You Get Hiccups While Sleeping

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The 6 Worst Drinks for Longevity

Dietitians list the unhealthy drinks to limit for healthy aging. Drinks like coffee creamer and alcohol age you, but you don't have to cut them out completely. → Read More

Pain on the Outside of Your Foot? Here's What Your Body's Trying to Tell You

A podiatrist explains why you might be dealing with pain on the outside of your foot and what you can do to ease lateral foot pain from various causes. → Read More

Foamy Urine? Here’s What Might Be Going On

A urologist explains what foamy urine means, including benign causes like peeing quickly and more serious culprits. Plus, learn what treatment looks like. → Read More

How Bad Is It Really to Never Deep Clean Your Bathroom?

Cleaning the bathroom may not be fun, but it's necessary. Here's what can happen if you skip sanitizing, plus how and how often you should clean your bathroom. → Read More

Itchy Vulva? Here’s What Your Body’s Trying to Tell You

An itchy vulva can be downright embarrassing as well as excruciatingly uncomfortable. Here are the most common causes of vulvar itching and how to stop it. → Read More

This 3-Minute Breathing Exercise Can Help You Recharge After a Workout

A kinesiologist discusses the benefits of doing breathing exercises after an intense workout session and the types of breathing exercise that work best. → Read More

7 Reasons Why Your Ears Are Itchy (and What to Do About It)

An ENT explains the most common reasons why your ears are itchy and how to get relief. (Spoiler: It doesn’t involve sticking a cotton swab inside your ear.) → Read More

The 7 Worst Foods for Gut Health, According to a Gastroenterologist

The worst foods for gut health are those that cause the proliferation of bad bacteria in your digestive tract, causing problems like inflammation and leaky gut. → Read More

How Bad Is It Really to Never Clean Your Washing Machine?

An expert explains how a dirty washing machine can potentially harm your health, plus how to clean your washing machine to maintain a microbe-free environment. → Read More

How Bad Is It Really to Eat Standing Up?

A gastroenterologist weighs in on if it's bad to eat standing up, and how doing so affects your digestion and acid reflux, and how it may lead to bloating. → Read More

A 5-Minute Morning Mobility Routine You Can Do While Waiting for Your Coffee to Brew

This 5-minute morning mobility routine will wake up your joints from your ankles to your neck in as little time as it takes to brew your cup of coffee. → Read More

Better at Balancing on Your Non-Dominant Leg? Here's Why

Ever notice you’re steadier on your left leg even though you’re right-handed?Here's why you're better at balancing on your non-dominant leg, per an expert. → Read More

How Bad Is It Really to Never Clean Your Dishwasher?

An expert dishes on whether a dirty dishwasher can harm your health, and offers tips for how to clean your dishwasher (plus how often you should do it). → Read More