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Recent articles by Paola:

7 photos that show the climate crisis is not a distant threat — it's already here

A formerly sunken boat sits upright into the air as a drought depletes water levels in Lake Mead on June 22, 2022.AP Photo/John LocherBillions of people are already suffering because of climate change, a United Nations report concluded.Research links global rising temperatures to heat waves, droughts, heavy rainfall, and wildfires. → Read More

The World's Largest Active Volcano Is Erupting For The 1st Time in 38 Years

For the first time in decades, Hawaii's Mauna Loa – the largest active volcano in the world – erupted, turning the sky red. → Read More

Here's How NASA Determines Which Applicants Make It to Be Astronauts

Many children grow up gazing up at the night sky, dreaming of becoming astronauts who boldly go to the Moon – and beyond. → Read More

Rare Fossil of Extinct American Lion Discovered Thanks to The Mississippi Drying Up

At the end of October, a Mississippi resident made a rare discovery along the drought-stricken Mississippi River – a fossilized jawbone from an American lion that roamed the area roughly 11,000 years ago, according to McClatchy News. → Read More

A 23-Ton Chunk of Dead Space Rocket Is About to Fall Out of The Sky

China successfully launched the third and final piece of its new Tiangong space station on Monday – and the rocket's 23-ton body is coming back down somewhere on Earth this weekend. → Read More

85 Years After It Was Abandoned, Explorers Find a Historic Cache of Camera Gear

In 1937, legendary aerial photographer and cartographer Bradford Washburn abandoned hundreds of pounds of camera gear, surveying equipment, and supplies when he ran into bad weather while exploring Canada's frigid Yukon region. → Read More

We Just Got Our Closest View of Europa in 20 Years, And We Can't Stop Staring

On Thursday morning, NASA's Juno spacecraft flew within 219 miles of the surface of Europa, a large icy moon that orbits Jupiter. → Read More

The Pakistan Flood Crisis Is a Heartbreaking Tragedy Awash With Uncomfortable Truths

Relentless rains in Pakistan over two months have caused the country's worst flooding in more than a decade. → Read More

James Webb Turns Its Gaze on Jupiter, and The View Is Simply Phenomenal

Astronomers' new eye in the sky, the James Webb Space Telescope, has already captured images of the most distant galaxies ever seen. → Read More

NASA Is About to Launch Its Most Powerful Rocket Ever, With a Few Surprises Onboard

While no human will travel aboard the Artemis I mission once it blasts off to the Moon, it won't be going empty. → Read More

Hidden 'Hunger Stones' Reveal Drought Warnings From The Past

An intense drought is shrinking rivers across Europe, revealing stones carved centuries ago to give future generations a warning of hard times ahead. → Read More

Deep-Sea Sponges Can 'Sneeze' Out Mucus, And The Footage Is Weirdly Mesmerizing

Sea sponges, among the oldest creatures in existence, let out what looks like a deep sea "sneeze" to filter out waste, researchers found in a new study. → Read More

Pieces of Charred Wreckage Scattered Across Southeast Asia Likely From Chinese Rocket

Mysterious large pieces of wreckage were discovered across Southeast Asia over the weekend, and evidence is growing that they came from a Chinese rocket booster that fell to Earth uncontrolled. → Read More

Scientists have now sequenced ancient herpes DNA from the rotting teeth of human remains

Researchers compared ancient herpes DNA to modern-day samples. The virus may have flourished when kissing became more common, about 5,000 years ago. → Read More

Human Bodies Keep Turning Up in Lake Mead, as Severe Drought Dries Reservoir

A third set of human remains were found in Nevada's Lake Mead on 25 July as water levels have receded to historic lows during a drought fueled by climate change. → Read More

Engineers Are Working to Fix a Mysterious Glitch on The Voyager 1 Probe

In May, NASA scientists said the Voyager 1 spacecraft was sending back inaccurate data from its attitude-control system. The mysterious glitch is still ongoing, according to the mission's engineering team. → Read More

A Fossil Gorgosaurus Could Sell For $8 Million, And Scientists Are Not Happy

The full fossilized skeleton of a Gorgosaurus dinosaur that roamed 76 million years ago will be auctioned off on July 28, auction house Sotheby's announced Tuesday. → Read More

A mystery rocket crashed into moon and left a 'double crater,' NASA says

NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spotted a double crater on the moon from a spacecraft impact. So far, no country has taken responsibility. → Read More

New NASA Photos Show Human Garbage Littering Mars

The Perseverance rover has been searching the dusty and rocky landscape of Mars' Jezero Crater for signs of life since it landed last year. But now, the rover has spotted human garbage on the surface of the red planet. → Read More

Biologists reconstruct ancient genome of E. coli bacteria from the gallstone of a 16th century mummy

Researchers analyzed the mummified remains of an Italian nobleman who died in 1586, and whose well-preserved body was recovered in Naples in 1983. → Read More