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Past articles by Mimi:

11 times Russian Embassy accounts were the biggest trolls on the internet

Official Russian government Twitter accounts are renowned for their trolling of the West. And with the Russia-Ukraine conflict becoming a rising global issue, the embassy just couldn't resist posting a tweet to mock the Western media. Among mundane tweets promoting Russian culture and wildlife sit f... → Read More

150 year old painting appears to show a woman using an iPhone

A painting from the 1860s has a detail seemingly swiped from modern times: a woman hunched and walking with her eyes seemingly glued to a phone. As a man crouches in wait to spring a flower on her, she doesn't even look up. Yup, nothing really seems to have changed beyond the nineteenth-century garm... → Read More

Scientist claims life after death is impossible

Science may have bestowed us with gifts of medicines, air travel and the internet - but it is also the bearer of bad news. One scientist thinks we should accept that there is no afterlife and move on with our lives on this earthly plane. Sean Carroll, a cosmologist and physics professor at the Cali... → Read More

Photographer takes pictures in 'ugly' places to prove all a great picture needs is skill

Photographer Jenna Martin doesn't need to say anything to argue that her craft requires talent. When faced with critics all she needs to do is hand over this collection of photos and walk away - then they'll understand. Martin took a camera and model to Lowe's, an American home improvement store that we're sure is lovely, but doesn't exactly scream creativity and picture → Read More

This man had the worst day ever

Everyone had bad days, sure. But this is just ridiculous. A Reddit user shared a video entitled 'I had a bad day today'. He simultaneously shocked the internet with a truly atrocious 24 hours, put everyone else's annoying days into perspective and made the understatement of the century. → Read More

This woman explained why people divorce

The mystery of why people divorce is worryingly Googled, furiously mulled over and frantically discussed - but no one seems to get any closer. Whatever insight scientific studies might give, it's hard to relate hard, cold facts to our heated emotional lives. But poet Taylor Myers gets straight to the the heart of the sticky matter in a viral Tumblr post, where she shared her existential fear… → Read More

Eric Trump tweeted about 'disloyal people' and it backfired in the best way possible

Come on, Eric. You should know the drill by now. The son of president Donald Trump, executive vice president of the family's company, still doesn't appear to get Twitter 101. He took to the social media site to complain about "disloyal people". Cue people pointing out, well, his father's entire history. → Read More

Man arrested at airport screams police 'treating me like a black person'

White people need to recognise their privilege. But not like this guy. Jeffrey Epstein, a doctor in Lakeland, Florida, openly (and loudly) admits that black people are treated horrifically by the police. → Read More

Nigel Farage vowed to return to front line politics and the internet had a field day

Clearly not bothered that his ideas are plunging the UK into a no-deal panic, Nigel Farage has decided that what Britain needs right now is more of him. → Read More

Aretha Franklin 'rejected invite' to perform at Trump inauguration

Aretha Franklin reportedly refused to sing at Donald Trump's inauguration, Franklin died aged 76 after a battle with cancer, but her music and impact will long be celebrated. → Read More

Taylor Swift delivers emotional speech on anniversary of sexual assault trial

One year ago, Taylor Swift had just won her lawsuit against a man who sexually assaulted her at a meet and greet in 2013. During her Reputation concert last night, the exact anniversary of the day the judge agreed with her version of events, she was close to breaking down in tears as she opened up to the crowd in Tampa She took a moment to speak about people whose own sexual assault stories are… → Read More

Dad grades typo-filled council letter about his son missing school

A dad snuck his son out of school to go on holiday - but the disciplinary letter he received as a result might have convinced him he made the right decision. Devon County Council sent Daniel Moor telling him was "guitly " for failing to send his child regularly to "hte school", so he would have to pay a fine by "debit/cred card". See the problem? Daniel certainly did, picking up the traditional… → Read More

Republican who said 'Hitler was right' wins Missouri primary

"Hitler was right." These are the words of Steve West, the man who just beat three other GOP candidates in the party's primary election for Missouri's 15th district. He will now face Democrat incumbent Jon Carpenter in November. → Read More

UKIP leader walked out of interview when challenged on immigration

Gareth Bennett, UKIP's Welsh Assembly group leader, loves to bang on about immigration - until he is challenged on his beliefs, then he furiously walks out the room. Ruth Mosalski, local government reporter for WalesOnline, simply wanted Bennett to back up his own views. → Read More

Man eats raw bloody meat at vegan food festival

A man eating a slab of raw meat in front of a vegan food festival with the words 'Go vegan and die' written across his top has sparked fury. Demonstrating a bizarre level of dedication to the cause of animals dying, phone footage shows the man chewing on the meat as he is question by police., They had received complaints from attendees of the Vegan Food Festival, reportedly the first to ever be… → Read More

People are sharing their deepest, darkest family secrets

The biggest secret in some families is where the sweets are kept. Safe to say, this doesn's apply to anyone below. Twitter user Jessi asked her followers to reveal the deepest, darkest secrets they learned as adults - obviously exchanging her own first. It wouldn't be fair otherwise. → Read More

Trump retweets Michael Cohen to deny claim he 'ate paper in Oval Office'

Trump might be full of it, but at least he's not full of paper, if his former lawyer Michael Cohen is to be believed. Cohen tweeted a denial that Trump had choked down sensitive meeting notes in the Oval Office, which Trump then retweeted. → Read More

8 questions journalists should have asked instead of drinking Boris' tea

The debate rages on after Boris Johnson drew ire for comparing Muslim women in burqas to "letter boxes" and "bank robbers". But the discussion is no longer about whether or not Johnson is a loveable rogue exercising free speech. Now people are asking he is just offensively outspoken or something even more dangerous. → Read More

The most and least livable cities in the world, mapped

Resigned yourself to living in the rat race forever? At least know which cities to pick - and which to avoid. 140 cities have been judged on factors including political and social stability, crime, education and access to welfare by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) annual survey. The survey saw global liveability broadly increase over the past year thanks to a reduction in terror threats,… → Read More

Employee tells black girls they are 'not welcome' in gift shop

A group of seven black girls were asked to leave an aquarium gift shop by the owner who said they were "not welcome" without a chaperone. But when the group returned with an adult from their summer camp, they said they were still told to "get out" and that they "are not welcome" in an incident at Jenkinson's Aquarium Gift Shop, New Jersey. → Read More