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Washington, DC, United States

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Recent articles by Veronique:

As Bastiat Would Say, Peer Past the Obvious With Pandemic Policies

Don’t forget the unseen costs of government actions. → Read More

Congress Drops the Ball on Small Business Coronavirus Rescue

Another case of typical congressional carelessness. → Read More

Give Individuals and Small Businesses a Government-Backed Line of Credit

An economic response to COVID-19 that's fiscally responsible. → Read More

Trump Is Still Losing His Own Trade War

The president’s tariffs have hiked prices and harmed consumers. → Read More

Is a Universal Basic Income Program Worth the Costs?

There are problems with the UBI idea. → Read More

Charitable Giving Helps Mitigate the Impact of COVID-19. What's Wrong With That?

Rather than criticize the charitable donations of the very rich, we should be grateful for them. → Read More

Creativity Flourishes, Even Amid a Pandemic

Marveling at people's endless ability to love, connect, and create. → Read More

Trump's Coronavirus Blame Game

The president is pushing the same protectionist policies he has always favored. → Read More

San Francisco's Economically Ignorant COVID-19 Response

If politicians really want to help citizens, they should brush up on the laws of supply and demand. → Read More

Export bans on medical supplies can be lethal

Myopically keeping a relative handful of already existing medical supplies from being exported today would endanger Americans’ health by reducing the quantities and qualities of medical supplies made available through time. → Read More

More Bureaucracy Is Not the Answer to COVID-19

The private sector has proven to be more resilient and flexible than the government. → Read More

Washington Motto: Spend During Good Times and Spend Even More During Bad Times –

According to the empirical evidence, there is little doubt that large government debt has a negative, and in many cases an increasingly worsening, impact on the growth potential of a debt-burdened economy. → Read More

Frivolous Litigators Bite the Hands That Care for Them

Bogus lawsuits threaten medical professionals who are fighting on the front lines against COVID-19. → Read More

Flawed Economic Policies Will Exacerbate the Pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis has resuscitated some seriously bad ideas. → Read More

Coronavirus Puts Counterproductive Regulations Into Perspective

Many regulations serve little to no public purpose. → Read More

The Private Sector's Heartening Response to COVID-19

Creativity and selflessness are on display everywhere. → Read More

Coronavirus Pandemic Inspires Private Generosity

Examples abound of the generosity and sense of community of the American people. → Read More

Coronavirus Economics

Price controls are a bad idea. → Read More

Just How Good Is Trump's Economy, Anyway?

While the 2017 tax cuts didn't deliver the results promised by Trump and his magical-thinking supporters, the administration has delivered some economic expansion, some job creation, and some investment growth. → Read More

Paid Family Leave Act Will Raise Taxes

The act’s supporters ignore its many costs. → Read More