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Recent articles by Clarence:

Column: What Italy can teach Democrats about running against Donald Trump

Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi, often compared to Donald Trump, offers lessons in running a media-age populist campaign from which Democrats could benefit. → Read More

Column: Alas, poor Mad magazine, pulled under by its own humor wave

It's official, Mad magazine plans to live on its past while the comedy world moves on. → Read More

Column: The birthers are back — this time for Kamala Harris

Just as the original birthers emerged in 2008 to raise what turned out to be bogus questions about Barack Obama’s birth certificate, new birthers appeared online after presidential candidate Kamala Harris’ impressive Democratic debate performance Thursday to question whether she’s really black. → Read More

Column: Kamala Harris won the moment, but Joe Biden’s still fightin’

Kamala Harris turned the tables on Joe Biden’s momentum, making Democrats long to see her face President Trump on a debate stage. → Read More

Column: Too ‘civil'? What if Joe Biden knows what he’s doing?

Joe Biden faces a backlash over his civility with segregationists, but that may be what he wants. → Read More

Clarence Page: On abortion, voters still lean to the wobbly middle

Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden is taking heat and light for his recent switcheroo on abortion rights. But Biden is hardly alone in his inco → Read More

Column: On abortion, voters still lean to the wobbly middle

Joe Biden is taking heat for changing his stance on taxpayer-funded abortions, but most voters remain in the wobbly middle on abortion. → Read More

Is Father’s Day obsolete? Don’t let the trolls fool you.

Father’s Day doesn’t get as much attention as Mother’s Day, but reports of its death are wildly exaggerated. → Read More

SAT ‘adversity score’: Let’s mend it, don’t end it

An “adversity score” to level the playing field for promising but poor students risks creating a new bias by treating students as groups, not individuals. → Read More

Is Joe Biden ‘woke’ enough to woo the left?

Progressive Democrats find former Vice President Joe Biden to be insufficiently “woke,” but his centrism may yet prove to be his biggest strength. → Read More

Comedians as populist leaders? Ukranian comic — and our own president — proves it's no joke

Ukraine isn’t the only country to recently elect a comedian to be national leader. Donald Trump knows. Democrats take note — and maybe lighten up. → Read More

Exonerated? We’ve only just begun, Mr. President

The biggest scandal revealed in the Mueller report may not be in “collusion” or obstruction of justice but in this president’s civic and moral rot. → Read More

Rep. Ilhan Omar, don't be lured in by Trump's hate-baiting

If President Donald Trump didn’t have Rep. Ilhan Omar to be his foil, he’d have to invent her — as he invented a bogus “Muslim Obama.” → Read More

Is our 'blaccent' and use of code-switching really that offensive? Right-wing critics think so

Critics of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are misreading the linguistic code-switching in America’s big melting-pot cities. → Read More

Barack Obama is right to warn Democrats about 'circular firing squads'

Remember when Obama upset the established order with his maverick campaign? → Read More

Barack Obama is right to warn Democrats about ‘circular firing squads’

Barack Obama’s blast at Democratic “purity” tests is good advice that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others should take to heart. → Read More

Is Chicago ready for reform? We’ve heard that before.

After Lori Lightfoot’s landslide victory, is Chicago is ready for reform? Voters may have more will than wallet. → Read More

Does Biden's 'GroperGate' matter? Let the voters decide

If Biden decides to run for president, he also would be wise to keep his hands to himself and let the voters decide his fate. → Read More

Does Biden’s ‘GroperGate’ matter? Let the voters decide.

The #MeToo movement has changed the conversation about sexual misconduct and unwanted touching. But Democrats worried about Joe Biden’s overactive hands should let voters decide whether he should be punished. → Read More

Jussie Smollett case shows connected black stars have their privileges too

Counter to his complaint, Jussie Smollett may have benefited from his race and sexuality in his Chicago case more than he was penalized by it. → Read More