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Recent articles by Clarence:

Column: What black Americans can learn from black immigrants as the casting for ‘Harriet’ sparks debate about opportunity

Calls for boycotts of black British actors should instead look at how black immigrants take advantage of opportunities open to everybody. → Read More

Column: OK, boomers, welcome to the other side of the generation gap

Fifty years ago, I focused on how my generation was trying to construct a “second society” all its own. Decades later, I realize that every generation tries to do that. It’s not a different society as much as it is an attempt to improve the old one. → Read More

Column: Beware the paranoid style of Donald Trump’s politics

Clarence Page: As President Donald Trump, under pressure of possible impeachment, appears to have ramped up the pace of his disinformation, I have begun to wonder: Could he actually believe his own bull jive? → Read More

Column: Barack Obama is right about giving ‘woke’ culture a rest. Will progressive Democrats listen?

Barack Obama aims to remind progressive Democrats of something he often said during his presidency: Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. But are they listening to him anymore? → Read More

Column: Nancy Pelosi gives Republicans the process they asked for on Trump impeachment, and now they’re stuck with it

Congressional Republicans would rather argue about the impeachment process than try to mount a defense that only draws more attention to the evidence mounting against Trump. But they can't seem to keep their stories straight. → Read More

Column: Desperate Republicans turn to chaos strategy: When you can’t make an excuse for Trump, just make noise.

Congressional Republicans go to the Trump playbook in the president’s defense: When the facts aren’t with you, delay and distract. → Read More

Column: What’s behind Hillary Clinton’s attack on Tulsi Gabbard over Russia? Experience.

Hillary Clinton may sound paranoid about Tulsi Gabbard, but that doesn’t mean somebody’s not out to kneecap the Democrats. → Read More

Column: Vague Democrats in presidential race could learn a thing or two from Nancy Pelosi

“That’s not a plan,” Nancy Pelosi told President Trump this week. “That’s a goal.” My biggest complaint about Trump since he first entered the 2016 race was that he had a wealth of wishes with no visible path to achieve them. Now some Democrats are doing the same. → Read More

Column: How toxic should we let political speech get? ‘Meme wars’ take new ground as fake Donald Trump shoots rivals in violent parody

Past presidential candidates would openly condemn vile viral messages for degrading our electoral process. President Trump’s strategy has encouraged them. → Read More

Column: NBA’s deference to China in the wake of controversy shows how money trumps freedom of speech

There was a time when we in the free world hoped that a taste of free market capitalism would bring enough rewards to all Chinese people and that they would crave more freedoms. → Read More

Column: Trump’s ‘unmatched wisdom’ leaves Syria’s Kurds — and us — in danger

Now we know that can drive a wedge between President Trump and his top Republican allies: Selling out our Syrian Kurdish allies to another ally, Turkey’s President Erdogan. → Read More

Column: Courtroom hugs after Amber Guyger was sentenced in shooting of Botham Jean test the limits of forgiveness

The family of Botham Jean, an unarmed and innocent young black man, may forgive Amber Guyger, the white Dallas police officer who killed him, but justice also must be served. → Read More

Column: A question for defenders of President Donald Trump: What if President Barack Obama had done this?

Amid all the spin, a familiar question looms over questions of President Trump’s Ukraine scandal: What if President Obama had done it? → Read More

Column: Go ahead and impeach, if only because democracy demands it

Impeachment is a risky move for the Democrats, and for Trump. But our leaders must be held accountable. → Read More

Column: Answers to my woke son about Joe Biden

Democratic chances to unseat President Trump may run into a big argument between baby boomers and millennials in black America. → Read More

Abortion has dropped to record lows — so who gets the credit?

This is news for every one to cheer. | Clarence Page → Read More

Column: Abortion has dropped to record lows — so who gets the credit?

A new study shows abortions are down — and it's not because of all the new restrictive abortion laws. → Read More

Column: Cory Booker’s misleading crime statistic backfires

Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker’s debate pitch about black inmates and slavery was dramatic, alarming and, alas, wrong. → Read More

Column: Andrew Yang’s cash giveaway makes an important point about jobs

Andrew Yang’s debate stunt was ignored on stage but percolates on the internet and resonates with anxious voters. → Read More

Column: I quit smoking by vaping, and now I’m worried

Vaping increasingly appears to be linked to deaths and serious illnesses, yet as smokers know, we need to discourage kids from consuming nicotine in any form. → Read More