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Recent articles by Clarence:

Column: Concerned parents aren’t ‘domestic terrorists,’ except when they behave like one

A half-dozen states already have passed anti-CRT bills and a long list of others are considering them. The result is more confusion about what can be safely taught or discussed in class. → Read More

Clarence Page: Colin Powell, we'll miss you in the 'sensible center'

When I see the glowing obituaries, richly deserved, pouring forth in Powell's memory, I can't help but think of what might have been -- and how that prospect was humbled by what is. → Read More

Column: Colin Powell, we’ll miss you in the ‘sensible center’

What America needs is leadership that can rebuild the sensible center. It ended up not being Colin Powell, but he helped to prepare the way. → Read More

Column: ‘Squid Game’? ‘Parasite’? Here’s why they find a global audience

Having been immersed in clashes over race, class, and economic insecurities in recent American politics, Clarence Page writes that he is intrigued by the ways such issues have popped up on theater and at-home screens, not just here, but across the industrialized world. → Read More

Clarence Page: Crime in the tweets. Can social networks make gangs even more angry?

I'm a zealot for the First Amendment but after more than three decades of experience, it makes little sense to grant more protection to internet media than traditional, old-school, legacy media traditionally have had. → Read More

Column: Dave Chappelle’s pushback against cancel culture chills the joke

Dave Chapelle needs to understand that, regardless of color, folks in the LGBTQ community still don’t see themselves as all that empowered. → Read More

Column: Crime in the tweets. Can social networks make gangs even more angry?

As a publicly traded company, Facebook’s secret power to promote false or potentially dangerous content is not necessarily protected by the First Amendment, writes Clarence Page. → Read More

Column: Still we ask, what caused the Great Chicago Fire? Not a cow.

After all these years, a lingering question remains. Who, or what, caused the Great Chicago Fire? → Read More

Column: For Joe Biden and Donald Trump, an autumn of discontents

Yes, Republicans are fragmented, but fissures between Democratic moderates and progressives are as openly exposed as the Grand Canyon. → Read More

Clarence Page: No, those aren't whips the Border Patrol is using while dealing with Haitian migrants

Somewhere there must be a middle ground on immigration policy, but both sides have been dragging their heels in looking for it. → Read More

Column: The R. Kelly verdict: Yes, Black girls’ lives matter too

So many people were saying there was no way that R. Kelly, with all his money and clout, would ever be convicted. But it turns out the culture has changed — and not just in Chicago. → Read More

Column: Arne Duncan takes on Chicago’s violent crime wave at the grassroots

A problem like violence reduction, with its many possible causes, calls for multifaceted solutions. First, as the old song goes, we’ve got to have hope, Clarence Page writes. → Read More

Clarence Page: Larry Nassar scandal shows how the 'twisties' can take different forms

But a new day of reckoning may be upon us, thanks in part to the women who courageously came forward to report Nassar's abuses. → Read More

Column: No, those aren’t whips the Border Patrol is using while dealing with Haitian migrants

Haitians along the Texas border face the risk of deportation to the country they fled, a country that barely struggles along with the population it already has, while we Americans still try to sort out our mixed messages — without whips. → Read More

Column: Larry Nassar scandal shows how the ‘twisties’ can take different forms

In the wake of the Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal, more questions need to be asked about the failures of what U.S. Olympic gymnast Simone Biles called “the system” that failed to protect the girls and young women who, along with their parents, trusted it. → Read More

Column: Did Black Lives Matter trigger the Jan. 6 Capitol attack? That’s a stretch.

Ultimately our elections must be decided at the ballot box—so we don’t have to take it to the streets. → Read More

Clarence Page: What have we learned about ourselves since 9/11? Not enough.

The differences that pull us Americans apart are outnumbered by the unifying values that we share in common — if we give them a real chance. → Read More

Clarence Page: After Afghanistan, veterans face another hidden enemy. Suicide.

Since the Sept. 11 terror attacks 20 years ago, military suicides have grown four times higher than deaths in war operations. → Read More

Column: After Afghanistan, veterans face another hidden enemy. Suicide.

Part of the fallout from leaving Afghanistan and ending "America's longest war" has been an uptick in mental stress for U.S. veterans of the war on terror. → Read More

Column: No, Texas’ abortion law isn’t a Taliban idea, even if the alliteration works

We see in the current Supreme Court’s makeup a triumph of concerted efforts in recent decades by culture-war conservatives, columnist Clarence Page writes. → Read More