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Recent articles by Clarence:

Column: Would removing Trump’s live coronavirus briefings make him worse?

President Trump has turned the daily coronavirus briefing into a substitute for his campaign rallies. → Read More

Column: Why we must keep Dr. Fauci at the podium during this coronavirus fight

Dr. Anthony Fauci keeps the daily press briefings grounded in science. → Read More

Column: Trump’s mixed messages about the coronavirus pandemic aren’t helping

Trump's insistence on calling the coronavirus a "Chinese virus" is just one example of how his confused messaging is disrupting efforts to control the pandemic. → Read More

Column: Stop the antics and take the coronavirus seriously. You, too, Mr. President

The coronavirus threat is real. At last, President Trump seems to be understanding this. → Read More

Column: What Trump doesn’t care to know about coronavirus could hurt us

The president’s focus is as clear as his red reelection campaign cap. → Read More

Column: How black and Hispanic votes saved Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders

How Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are each reaching voters of color. → Read More

Column: Lessons in the fall of my friend Chris Matthews

Were MSNBC commentator Chris Matthews' offenses slip-ups or truly offensive? → Read More

Column: Trump’s chickens come home to roost in coronavirus confusion

President Donald Trump laid the groundwork years ago for his response now to the coronavirus. → Read More

Column: The Bernie Sanders dilemma: Are Dems pining for the days of smoke-filled rooms?

Bernie Sanders' rise creates a dilemma for Democrats, but don’t rush to that smoke-filled room too quickly. → Read More

Column: Actually, we may need more immigrants. Ask Team Trump.

Donald Trump once declared, "Our country is full.” His chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, says otherwise: "We need more immigrants.” → Read More

Column: A warning from a ’60s activist to today’s progressives

Veterans of 1960s protests see echoes in today’s divided Democrats. → Read More

Column: Trump vs. Bloomberg, more than a Twitter battle

Trump and Bloomberg turn Campaign 2020 into a battle of tweets. → Read More

Column: The lessons from Chicago filmmaker’s Oscar-winning ‘Hair Love’ cut deep

A Chicago filmmaker found Oscar gold in the bonding rituals of black hair. → Read More

Column: Wake up, Democrats, Trump is spinning his way to a second term

If I may revive a wonderful word from the days of President George W. Bush, don’t “misunderestimate” President Donald Trump. → Read More

Column: Hey, Bernie Sanders brigades, don’t turn on him just because Joe Rogan likes him

Joe Rogan's endorsement of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders set off a firestorm. → Read More

Column: Yes, we’re polarized, but how do we get un-polarized?

Ezra Klein's new book, "Why We're Polarized," explains how we got here. Now we need solutions. → Read More

Column: NPR-Mike Pompeo feud shows how media bashing divides voters and fuels today’s GOP

President Trump calls media “enemy of the people,” but to his party’s candidates, media bashing is a fundraising friend. → Read More

Column: Mike Bloomberg’s campaign, the best money can buy

Mike Bloomberg’s gamble of flooding the airwaves for Super Tuesday rather than pounding the pavement in Iowa and New Hampshire appears to be paying off. → Read More

Column: After 10 years, ‘The New Jim Crow’ still has much to say about race, drug convictions and injustice

A decade later, it is easier to look back and see what made Michelle Alexander's "New Jim Crow" book about race and criminal justice stand out — and ignite another debate. → Read More

Column: Let’s ban secluded ‘quiet rooms’ in schools nationwide

Now that Illinois is to close abusive “quiet rooms” in schools after a Tribune expose, so should the nation. → Read More