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Recent articles by Mike:

Bob Dylan’s new song about the JFK assassination is causing a conspiratorial frenzy

Bob Dylan dropped a 17-minute long opus about one of the most conspiratiorial events in American history. The new song riled up conspiracy theorists. → Read More

Amazon ebooks about coronavirus are flooding the market—and they’re entirely unvetted

Amazon Kindle E-Books are cheap, easy to produce, and have decent margins. So scammers are cranking out cheap ones around coronavirus. → Read More

What Are Pandemic Bonds, and How Do They Affect Coronavirus

It was only a matter of time the coronavirus conspiracies would blame a cabal of the wealthy, which is happening now thanks to pandemic bonds and the WHO. → Read More

The QAnon guide to coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic is the top story in the world right now. So naturally believers in the QAnon conspiracy theory need to weigh in. → Read More

Why the coronavirus bioweapon theory persists

Coronavirus Bioweapon: A pernicious conspiracy theory, that the coronavirus is a bioweapon, persists online. Here's why that's wrong. → Read More

A subreddit war is raging over the coronavirus

Reddit has been a source of information from people inside Wuhan about the coronavirus. But it's also prone to conspiracies. → Read More

Why QAnon fans want the world to think Adam Schiff killed a child

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) is the most public Democratic face of impeachment. As such, he'd been smeared by QAnon conspiracy theorists. → Read More

Is Justin Bieber’s ‘Yummy’ video secretly about Pizzagate?

Justin Bieber's return to music 'Yummy,' has been widely panned. But it's found a wild fandom. Those who think he's exposing Pizzagate. → Read More

Robert Hyde, newest player in Trump’s impeachment, has QAnon ties

Robert Hyde QAnon Ties: The latest player in Trump's impeachment, who was stalking the Ukraine ambassador, appears to believe in QAnon. → Read More

There’s a simple explanation for Trump’s recent bevy of QAnon retweets

Over the Christmas Holiday, Trump retweeted a number of post that were related to the QAnon conspiracy theory. Is there a simple explanation? → Read More

TikTok has a QAnon problem

The QAnon conspiracy theory has inflitrated just about every inch of the online atmosphere, so it's no surprise you can find it on TikTok, too. → Read More

The decade the hucksters overran the halls of power

If thiis decade was defined by anything, it was the constant graft of the Trump administration. And it's an ethos that the powerful embraced. → Read More

The decade conspiracy theories overtook the truth

The 2010s were the decade that conspiracy theories overtook the truth. Here's how they became so powerful and where they stand. → Read More

Debunking the right-wing conspiracy theories from today’s impeachment hearing

At the first public hearing of President Donald Trump's impeachment, Republicans pushed a variety of conspiracy theories around Ukraine. → Read More

Epstein died, but ‘Epstein didn’t kill himself’ memes are alive and well

Epstein Didn't Kill Himself Memes: What might once seem like an in-joke among conspiracy theorists is no a mainstream meme. → Read More

2 years after QAnon began, where does the conspiracy now stand?

QAnon: The two-year anniversary of QAnon is today, October 28, when a mysterious poster claimed Hillary Clinton would be arrested. → Read More

Why 8chan’s founder is fighting to keep the infamous message board dead

After mass shootings where perpetrators used the 8chan to post their manifestos, the site went offline. Creator Fredrick Brennan hopes it stays that way. → Read More

QAnon believers connect Ukraine to the infamous ‘server’

The popular, widely discredited conspiracy theory keeps changing. A QAnon dweebs on the internet have an answers for the server, Ukraine, and impeachment. → Read More

Centrists and the far-right are united in their desire for Hillary 2020

Hillary Clinton 2020: There are some on the left who want her to run, and there are also some on the right. Here's why they're obsessed. → Read More

Bill Mitchell, the Trump-loving QAnon scammer, is pushing ammunition for a civil war

Bill Mitchell is hawking ammunition from a company owned by his employer. Why is he doing it? And is it legal to do on Twitter? → Read More