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Recent articles by Robert:

Why I Opt Out of Facial Recognition

There are too many unanswered questions about how our data gets used. → Read More

Private Equity Firm Silver Lake Got Rich Off Tech. Now It's Moving Beyond It.

The firm which won big with bets on Seagate, Skype, Nasdaq, and Dell just named two new co-CEOS. → Read More

Prepare to Be Watched Everywhere

Uber piloting audio and video recording in cars and Amazon Ring's security cameras are raising the hackles of privacy advocates. → Read More

How an Ex-Twitter Adman Plans to Squash Email’s Most Pernicious Threats

Abnormal Security is taking on "business email compromise," a social engineering attack that has victimized Facebook and Google and attracted the attention of the FBI. → Read More

Harvard Economist Calls to Outlaw Online Advertising Markets—Just Like 'Organs, Babies, or Slaves'

Harvard's Shoshana Zuboff called for a ban on "markets that trade in human futures," like online advertising, same as done for "organs, babies, or slaves" at the 2019 Fortune Global Forum in Paris. → Read More

Fintech Trends: First Lending, Then Mobile. Now Automation

A new trend for bank challengers: First there was lending, then mobile, and now automation, says Jason Brown, CEO of fintech startup Tally. → Read More

WhatsApp Hack Shows Why We Don’t Need Encryption ‘Backdoors’—Cyber Saturday

As the world fights over encryption, the WhatsApp vulnerability that allegedly allowed Israeli spyware shop NSO Group to hack more than 1,400 devices shows our technologies have enough "backdoors" as it is. → Read More

Here's What's Next for Google After Claiming 'Quantum Supremacy'?

After announcing quantum supremacy, Google plans to offer cloud access to its quantum computers, develop applications to strengthen computer security, and reduce its experimental error rates. → Read More

It’s Official: Google Claims ‘Quantum Supremacy’

Google says it has officially achieved “quantum supremacy,” publishing its results in the science journal Nature. → Read More

IBM Disputes Google's Leaked 'Quantum Supremacy' Claim

IBM scientists dispute Google's leaked "quantum supremacy" claim in a new scientific paper, saying "the goal has not been met." → Read More

How Ex-Ripple, Binance US CEO Plans to Win Over America

Binance US CEO Catherine Coley, formerly of Ripple, describes her plans to win over the American market with a new cryptocurrency exchange. → Read More

The Adverse Effects of Twitter's 'Inadvertent' Advertising—Cyber Saturday

Twitter "inadvertently" misused people's account-securing data, such as phone numbers and email addresses, for targeted advertising, as Facebook admitted to doing last year. → Read More

America's Slipping Edge—Cyber Saturday

America must fight to keep ahead of adversaries such as China when it comes to technology and innovation, a cybersecurity group chartered by the Aspen Institute warns in a new report. → Read More

Digital Assets Will 'Trickle, Trickle, Trickle—Then Flood,' State Street Exec Says

Jay Biancamano, digital asset lead at State Street, one of the world's largest custody banks, expects a wave of institutional interest in blockchain-based digital assets on the horizon. → Read More

No, Encryption Is Not About to Be 'Backdoored'—Data Sheet

Reports of government getting access to Facebook's encrypted data are overblown. → Read More

Comcast, Mastercard, Samsung Pour Millions into Password-Killing Startup

HYPR, a password-killing tech startup based in New York, has raised $18 million in new venture capital funding from Comcast, Mastercard, Samsung and other investors. → Read More

Google and Copyright ‘Blackmail’—Data Sheet

Google would rather scale back search offerings in France and Spain than pay news publishers fees under copyright law. → Read More

Billionaire Investor Charles Schwab on the Lessons He's Learned Over a Lifetime of Investing

In a new book, and in an interview with Fortune, the legendary Schwab talks about what he’s gleaned from decades of brokering trades, weathering market turmoil, and getting burned—literally. → Read More

Bakkt Bitcoin Futures: Awaited, Debated . . . and Deflated? — The Ledger

After much anticipation, Bakkt saw low volumes on its first day - but the long game might be more important. → Read More

If Google Has Achieved ‘Quantum Supremacy,’ What’s Next for Its Competitors?

Here's what IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Honeywell, and Rigetti have to say about the search giant's quantum computing milestone. → Read More