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Recent articles by Robert:

The Adverse Effects of Twitter's 'Inadvertent' Advertising—Cyber Saturday

Twitter "inadvertently" misused people's account-securing data, such as phone numbers and email addresses, for targeted advertising, as Facebook admitted to doing last year. → Read More

America's Slipping Edge—Cyber Saturday

America must fight to keep ahead of adversaries such as China when it comes to technology and innovation, a cybersecurity group chartered by the Aspen Institute warns in a new report. → Read More

Digital Assets Will 'Trickle, Trickle, Trickle—Then Flood,' State Street Exec Says

Jay Biancamano, digital asset lead at State Street, one of the world's largest custody banks, expects a wave of institutional interest in blockchain-based digital assets on the horizon. → Read More

No, Encryption Is Not About to Be 'Backdoored'—Data Sheet

Reports of government getting access to Facebook's encrypted data are overblown. → Read More

Comcast, Mastercard, Samsung Pour Millions into Password-Killing Startup

HYPR, a password-killing tech startup based in New York, has raised $18 million in new venture capital funding from Comcast, Mastercard, Samsung and other investors. → Read More

Google and Copyright ‘Blackmail’—Data Sheet

Google would rather scale back search offerings in France and Spain than pay news publishers fees under copyright law. → Read More

Billionaire Investor Charles Schwab on the Lessons He's Learned Over a Lifetime of Investing

In a new book, and in an interview with Fortune, the legendary Schwab talks about what he’s gleaned from decades of brokering trades, weathering market turmoil, and getting burned—literally. → Read More

Bakkt Bitcoin Futures: Awaited, Debated . . . and Deflated? — The Ledger

After much anticipation, Bakkt saw low volumes on its first day - but the long game might be more important. → Read More

If Google Has Achieved ‘Quantum Supremacy,’ What’s Next for Its Competitors?

Here's what IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Honeywell, and Rigetti have to say about the search giant's quantum computing milestone. → Read More

Google Claims 'Quantum Supremacy,' Marking a Major Milestone in Computing

In a new scientific paper, Google researchers claim for the first time to have demonstrated "quantum supremacy," where a quantum computer outperforms a traditional one. → Read More

'Security' Cameras Are Dry Powder for Hackers. Here's Why

Hundreds of thousands of vulnerable "security" cameras are a major factor in a new, very powerful distributed denial of service attack, or DDoS attack. → Read More

IBM Quantum Computer Center Opens in Upstate New York

IBM's center for quantum computation opened Wednesday in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., putting five new machines online. → Read More

Cloudflare IPO: Investors Clamor for Shares, Despite Controversies—Cyber Saturday

Cloudflare shares popped 20% post-IPO on Friday, despite recent controversies over 8chan, censorship, and potential sanctions violations. → Read More

How Millennials Invest: Finance and Tech Execs Opine

When it comes to personal finances and investing, what makes younger generations like millennials tick? → Read More

Ex-Fannie Mae CEO: Housing Will Be Fine in the Next Recession

Tim Mayopoulos, ex-CEO of mortgage giant Fannie Mae, isn't worried about the next recession's impact on the housing market. → Read More

After the Capital One Data Breach, Should Big Business Fear the Public Cloud?

Experts explain the cybersecurity lessons other companies can take away from Capital One's data breach. → Read More

Silicon Valley's Smokescreen and the Phoniness of 'Thought Leadership'

"Winners Take All" author Anand Giridharadas takes Silicon Valley tech giants like Uber, Google, and Facebook to task while exposing the phoniness of "thought leadership." → Read More

A Cryptocurrency Custody Battle Is A-Brewing—The Ledger

Coinbase, Fidelity, BitGo and a slew of others are vying to be the vault for your digital wealth. → Read More

Meet the Humble CEO Who Wants to Build the Biggest Cybersecurity Company Ever—Data Sheet

Cybereason CEO Lior Div just raised another $200 million to expand his firm. → Read More

What CEOs, Bankers, and Tech Execs Think About a Coming Recession

CEOs, bankers, and tech execs discussed the possibility of a recession on the sidelines of the Fortune's inaugural Brainstorm Finance conference. → Read More