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Past articles by Rob:

National Holocaust Day 2021: How Auschwitz looks 76 years later

Seventy-six years ago today, battle-hardened Soviet soldiers captured scenes of unimaginable horror in Auschwitz. → Read More

Scientists drill into ‘doomsday glacier’ the size of Britain to see if it’s going to collapse

Thwaites Glacier is 74,000 square miles, the size of Great Britain, and is thought to be particularly susceptible to climate change. → Read More

Lab-grown burgers and meatballs ‘will be on sale within five years’

In the very near future, ‘guilt-free’ burgers which have only ‘lived’ in a dish as a mass of cells might replace ones made from real meat. One British lab which... → Read More

Loch Ness monster hunter spots ‘big and powerful’ beast moving at high speed

Is there really a prehistoric - or even extraterrestrial - monster that has been rapped for centuries in the icy waters of Scotland’s Loch Ness? A veteran Loch Ness monster... → Read More

Prospect of nuclear war ‘higher than it’s been for generations’, UN warns

The threat of a devastating nuclear war is rising, and now stands at its ‘highest level for generations’, a UN disarmament chief has warned. Izumi Nakamitsu, the UN High Representative... → Read More

You no longer have to be married to live in Army accommodation in huge shake-up

People in long-term relationships will now be able to live in Army accommodation, a privilege previously reserved for married couples. It’s part of a huge shake-up of how the British... → Read More

Explicit footage as world’s loneliest frog, Romeo finally gets it on with Juliet

After 10 years alone in his aquarium, Romeo, the world’s loneliest frog, finally met his Juliet this month - in a steamy encounter captured in merciless detail on camera. Scientists... → Read More

Skrillex's music 'can actually protect you against mosquitoes'

Forget gauze curtains, the hot new way to protect against mosquitoes is to blast the annoying insects with the dubstep wobble of Skrillex, scientists have discovered. Female mosquitoes attacked hosts... → Read More

Britain faces running out of baristas as Brexit puts off wannabe latte artistes

Brexit uncertainty could bring Britain’s love affair with soy mocha lattes to an abrupt halt - as we are facing a shortage of baristas. Cue jarring chords. Coffee shops are... → Read More

Here’s what actually happens inside your brain when you ‘trip’ on drugs like LSD

British national treasure Ozzy Osbourne once looked a horse when he was tripping on LSD - and the animal started talking to him. But what actually happens in your brain... → Read More

Police are seeking the true owner of the One Ring after it's found in the Shire

Nobody tell Gollum, or for that matter the Dark Lord Sauron, but the One Ring has cropped up in the Shire… well, Gloucestershire. Police are appealing to find the true... → Read More

Islamophobia ‘is seeping into the mainstream’ as far-right groups push hate

Islamophobia is seeping into mainstream political discourse, with voters believing in conspiracy theories such as the ideas of Sharia ‘no go zones’ in Britain. Research by Hope Not Hate showed... → Read More

Mum and daughter saved by police using app which finds people using three words

A mum and her daughter were saved by police using an app which can pinpoint any location on Earth using just three words. Valerie Hawkett, 33, was disoriented after she... → Read More

World War 3 fears as Russia unveils army of murderous robots the size of horses

The prospect of dying at the hands of an army of merciless, unstoppable killer robots just got a little bit more realistic as Russia unveiled its 2019 range of death... → Read More

Anti-vaxxers have some weird new theories – like the idea polio doesn’t exist

Anti-vaxxer craziness is spreading around the world like a disease - and outbreaks of easily preventable diseases like measles are following in its wake. But if you thought anti-vax began... → Read More

Bailiff gets her car clamped while on the job for parking on disabled man’s drive

It’s a wish-fulfilment fantasy for many drivers: the moment a bailiff gets her car clamped while on the job - for parking in a disabled man’s drive. In a video... → Read More

Men and women ‘are born to be different’, foetal brain study shows

Are men ‘born’ different from women? Scientists scanned the brains of foetuses and believe that the difference between the sexes begins in the womb. A team led by Moriah Thomason... → Read More

Sir David Attenborough vows to convince Donald Trump of risk of climate change

Sir David Attenborough has faced the world’s most dangerous predators - but he could be about to take on a much tougher challenge. The veteran naturalist said that he would... → Read More

Aliens ‘might have already found us, and are keeping us in a galactic zoo’

Is this why we’ve never spotted the little green men? → Read More

Flat Earthers to sail to Antarctica to find the ‘ice wall’ surrounding us all

For a group of people who believe that Earth is surrounded by a secret ice wall guarded by sinister government forces, going to Antarctica is a bold mission. But Flat... → Read More