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Chicago, IL, United States

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Past articles by Jennifer:

How to Pack Lamps for Moving (Without Breaking any Bulbs!)

Packing lamps for a move is not as easy as you might think, You’ll need to dismantle the lamp and properly pack everything for a safe arrival in your new home. Here’s what the experts say to do. (And remember, these steps are for both table and floor lamps!) → Read More

These Are the Best Front Door and House Color Combinations, According to Real Estate Experts

When you hear “curb appeal,” what do you think? Landscaping and flowers and a nice driveway, right? Well, it’s time to expand that opinion. The house color and door color you have can make a big impact on a potential sale — including the way that they look together. → Read More

These Are the 10 Best Animals for Apartment Living

These are the ones you typically won’t need to worry about during the day, and who will generally be quiet for your neighbors. → Read More

How Many Moving Boxes Do I Need?

The amount of moving boxes you’ll have factors heavily into any quote a moving company will give you. So in order to save you from my procrastination-induced panic, here’s a guide to knowing what you’ll need with advice from the professionals. → Read More

3 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Think Sellers Should Ditch Popcorn Ceilings

It’s a buyer’s worst nightmare: Walking into a home and seeing the dreaded texture of a popcorn ceiling staring down at them from above. → Read More

3 Things You Need to Know About Putting Your Home Sale on Hold

Whatever the reason is for putting your home sale on hold, you need to know what to do in that situation. If you need to de-list your home for a while, follow these tips from the real estate experts. → Read More

7 Fun and Unique Crochet Patterns to Try for Yourself

From realistic mushrooms to adorable organs, here are seven fun and unique crochet patterns to try when when you've grown tired of scarves and hats. → Read More

These 10 Small But Impactful Steps Will Make You Less Wasteful When Moving

If you want to be more mindful of how you move and be more sustainable overall, follow these tips from sustainability and moving experts. → Read More

The Secret Weapon One Real Estate Agent Recommends for Multiple Offer Situations

A closing guarantee is something written into the contract that says if you don’t meet the specified closing date, the buyer or seller will be compensated. → Read More

This ’90s Decorating Task Brought Me and My Friends So Much Closer

Ah, the ’90s — a time of such glorious decorating trends as crackle finishes, safari prints, weird shapes, and bright, solid primary colors. But no other decorating style captured my heart as much as splatter paint walls. → Read More

4 Trends Real Estate Experts Wishes Had Stayed in the ’80s

If you want to avoid the ‘80s design pitfalls that could stall a house sale, stay away from these trends from the era. → Read More

The Smart Tricks Home Stagers Use To Style a Space with No Closets

I live in Chicago, a place known for its old buildings. And unfortunately, many of these aging structures have a startling lack of storage space. When I was looking for an apartment, maximizing storage was something I always kept in mind. I either needed a closet, or a room big enough to accommodate things that could double as closet space. → Read More

How to Move a Sectional Sofa Easily and Efficiently, According to Pro Movers

I spoke to two moving experts to get the lowdown on the best way to move a sectional sofa. → Read More

Try Using This Moving Schedule If You Don’t Have Unlimited Time, Patience, or Money

Stick to this schedule and follow these tips from moving experts so you can keep your sanity in check throughout the move. → Read More

I Really, Truly Wish Carpets Didn’t Exist

My dog’s specific situation is not the only reason I hate carpets, though. Let me count the whys, exclusively for your enjoyment. → Read More

Here’s How to Move Bulky Furniture, According to a Professional Mover

I gathered tips from a professional mover on how to properly transport bulky pieces in your home. Beyond moving a fridge and moving a bed, here’s how to get the big stuff out of your place and into your new one. → Read More

9 Things You Won't Realize You Have Opinions About Until You Start House Hunting

How your opinions change when you buy your first house — and when you buy future homes — can have a huge influence on what you eventually end up purchasing. → Read More

6 Ways to Take the Awkwardness Out of Hiring Professional Movers

When I moved out of my apartment in Wisconsin, it was only my second time using professional movers — and I was an awkward mess. I sat at my kitchen table while they gathered everything, drinking a cup of tea and not knowing what I could do to help. And then at my new place in Illinois, I set up a stool in the corner and slowly let them box me in with furniture. Basically, I just felt weird. → Read More

7 Home Features That Get a Bad Rap in the Real Estate World

I’m not the only one with dealbreaker appliances or home features. Here, real estate professionals share what they see buyers shy away from on a regular basis. → Read More

4 Easy Ways to Declutter Ahead of a House Showing, According to Experts

Follow these tips from home stagers to make sure your house is decluttered to perfection when buyers come knocking. → Read More