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Past articles by Gershom:

In Israel, the Virus Is Fading. Netanyahu Is Still Here.

Jerusalem proves a lot safer than New York’s Upper West Side, but Israel’s democracy is in critical condition. → Read More

Israel’s Choice: Deadlock, or a Jewish-Arab Coalition

The nation’s latest election will solve nothing, unless Netanyahu’s opponents finally join forces. → Read More

Netanyahu Lost. But Did Anyone Win?

The news from Israel’s second election (so far) this year may be confusing, so let me start with the simple version: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lost.It’s not clear at all what happens next, except that Netanyahu is much further from his heart’s desire—immunity from prosecution. A third election is possible. In a moment, I’ll explain why, and explain what → Read More

Netanyahu's Desperation Is the One Certainty Left in Israel

At 12 midnight on Wednesday night, time ran out for Benjamin Netanyahu to form a new government. At that moment, the law required Israel's president to start looking for another member of parliament to build a coalition and become prime minister.At 12:09 a.m., parliament voted to hold new elections. As if stuck in a national version of Groundhog Day, Israelis → Read More

In the Approaching Last Act, Netanyahu Is Disgraced—or Israel Is

The tragical history of Benjamin Netanyahu may be reaching its denouement. The questions is what will lie shattered on the stage in the final act—Netanyahu's ambition to be king, or Israel as a democracy.That may sound too Shakespearian for our age of tweets, horse-race reporting, and constant irony. Shakespeare lived 400 years ago, and isn't around today to → Read More

If We Thought Anti-Semitism Would Fade Away, We Were Wrong

Tucked into Rome's old Jewish Quarter is a small, well-curated museum telling the history of Jews in what was first the capital of the West's greatest empire, and then the capital of Western Christianity. During my visit not so long ago, a sentence from a single caption carved itself in my memory. During the 15th century, it said “In Italy, the persecutions [of → Read More

Donald Trump, the Golan, and the Return of the Old World Disorder

Donald Trump just recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, territory occupied in a war 52 years ago. Trump also supports Brexit, doesn't give a fig for NATO, thinks neo-Nazis may be “very fine people,” and is trying to sabotage America's very belated halfway attempt to emulate the national health-care systems of other developed countries.Yes, these → Read More

Foreign Aid, Trump Style: Getting Netanyahu Re-Elected

The embattled prime minister wants voters to forget the occupation. Trump is lending a hand. → Read More

A Democratic Civil War Will Hurt Both Palestinians and Israelis

Ilhan Omar tweeted. She apologized. Now what? More specifically, now what happens in the Democratic Party?I'm not asking for a friend. I am asking for myself, a Jerusalemite who can't help watching Washington. Both Israelis and Palestinians in this piece of land live politically downwind from you. You have a dumpster fire, we'll breathe the noxious smoke. → Read More

Right, Left, Right

The leading challenger to Netanyahu may be electable. But he's a Never Bibi rightist. → Read More

Why They Don't Like Tzipi Livni

It might just have to do with her pronoun. → Read More

The Allegation: Netanyahu Wanted the Best Image Power Could Buy

By allegedly subverting the free press, he showed why it is so essential. → Read More

Airbnb Quit the Settlement Business. If Only Israel Would.

The Netanyahu government response to the company pulling out of the West Bank is insane, incompetent, or both. → Read More

Netanyahu's Saudi Fantasy

Like Likud leaders before him, the Israeli prime minister thinks he can redesign the Middle East. → Read More

Apropos Those Bombs: Netanyahu Says He Had Nothing to Do with Rabin's Assassination

The more a leader stokes the hate, the less he can claim that he couldn't have imagined the results. → Read More

For the Left, No Hope Means No Votes

Netanyahu is likely to win Israel's next election because the left fails to challenge the raw emotions of anger and fear. → Read More

The Trump Two-State Plan? Don't Make Me Laugh.

Trump is again promising an Israeli-Palestinian peace proposal. If it ever happens, it's likely to be a very bad joke. → Read More

Corbyn Makes the Zionist Case. Netanyahu Harms It. How's That for Irony?

British Labour is a long way from being done with its anti-Semitism problem. → Read More

Middle East Diplomacy Didn't Save Nixon. It Won't Save Trump.

The president warns Israel it will have to pay a “higher price” in his peace plan. It's one more distraction. → Read More

Netanyahu Wakes Up Middle Israel

The Israeli prime minister’s Nation-State Law and its attack on a “model minority” has created a storm of protest, even among moderates. → Read More