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Past articles by Madeleine:

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The 10 Best Ways to Prevent and Treat Jet Lag

If you're taking a long flight, the best time to fly to avoid jet lag is during the day. Image Credit: SDI Productions/E+/GettyImages In This Article Thanks to planes, you can traverse the U.S. from the Atlantic to Pacific in mere hours and get anywhere in the world in under a day. Just imagine what your ancestors would think of these speedy travels! But there's a downside to rapid… → Read More

How Bad Is It Really to Fib to Your Doctor?

Lying to your doctor won't do you any favors. How Bad Is It Really? sets the record straight on all the habits and behaviors you’ve heard might be unhealthy. In This Article You're an upstanding and honest person, of course. Dig down deep, though, and you may recall that you've occasionally found yourself embellishing the truth or strategically omitting information at a doctor's visit. Maybe… → Read More

7 Tips to Find Affordable Health Care

Doctors and patient advocates explain the many ways you can seek out affordable health care, including how to manage unpredictable or high medical costs. → Read More

The 7 Best Supplements and Vitamins for Energy, According to a Doctor

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How Bad Is It Really to Keep Hitting the Snooze Button?

Got a snooze habit? Here are the effects of hitting the snooze button every morning, why we do it and how to stop, to help improve your mood and sleep. → Read More

How Bad Is It Really to Multitask?

Neuroscientists explain what happens to your brain when you multitask, why multitasking is bad in certain situations and how to do it when you can't avoid it. → Read More

The 7 Best Magnesium Supplements of 2022

Doctors and dietitians list the best magnesium supplements and tell us which are the best-absorbed magnesium types for leg cramps, constipation, sleep and more. → Read More

The Best Sleeping Position for Your Body, According to Sleep Experts

There's no best sleep position for everyone, but some have advantages over others. Here, the pros and cons of sleeping on your back, side and stomach. → Read More

The 35 Best Whole Foods Products, According to Dietitians

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Here are the best ways to stop leg cramps in their tracks, including stretching and applying heat, and how to prevent them from happening in the first place. → Read More

The 10 Best Store-Bought Spaghetti Sauces

Turn to these best store-bought spaghetti sauces — like Rao's, Otamot and Michael's of Brooklyn — that are full of flavor and are also nutritionally sound. → Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Weight Lifting and Diabetes

Strength training delivers big benefits to everyone, and particularly people with diabetes. Get tips on how to get started, including how to stay safe. → Read More

The 25 Best Vegan Snacks, According to Dietitians

Explore a list of the best vegan snacks dietitians love, like Hippeas Chickpea Puffs, Lavva Yogurt and tahini on toast, you can purchase or make at home. → Read More

How Bad Is It Really to Let Your Pet Sleep in Your Bed?

Should you let your dog sleep with you? Here's what the experts have to say about sharing a bed with your pet, including the pros and cons of a furry bedfellow. → Read More

The 7 Best Ways to Support Someone When They're Grieving

Experts offer advice on what to say and do to support a loved one who is grieving, along with the phrases and attitudes you should avoid during this time. → Read More

How Bad Is It Really to Always Go Barefoot at Home?

Foot doctors break down the benefits and risks of going barefoot at home all the time and give tips on what to wear around the house to avoid foot problems. → Read More