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Past articles by Stephen:

3 Ways to Add Sound to Your Site (Without Annoying Users)

If you had to learn the 50 states songs in elementary school or spent your childhood watching Schoolhouse Rock, this won’t come as a surprise -- music works → Read More

9 Web Development Trends to Skip in 2019

Hundreds of step-by-step references help you creatively develop your website, fewer resources are telling you what not to do. Web development trends to skip → Read More

What These 7 Brands Can Teach You About UX

Brands can teach you about UX and providing a rewarding experience for your target users. Do you need to update your website with these suggestions? → Read More

Could Your Website Benefit From AR or VR Capabilities?

With the technologies of AR and VR, you can boost your selling power significantly and stand out from all the competition. → Read More

6 Ways to Implement AR/VR into Your Business Today

Staying ahead of the AR/VR strategy in your business takes some planning but won't be the cash drain that you are invisioning. → Read More

How AR can Change the World of Digital Marketing

At first glance, augmented reality sounds like science fiction story. But it is a reality and Digital Marketing is already started to inspiring from the AR. → Read More

7 Elements of Good UX in 2018

UX is a crucial component of modern web design, and users' expectations are constantly shifting. Though we cannot see into the future, changes made throughout the last decade indicate that adjusting for user needs has never been more crucial. To get ahead in the ever-changing mobile app sphere, designers have to be → Read More

Top 10 Best Website Trends of 2018 –

Every year, website design and user interface change slightly; 2018 is no different, with trends emerging in design, typography, and colors. To design a website that can compete with the millions of other similar websites out there, it is important to be aware of the newest styles and most popular methods. Here are some of the emerging website trends of 2018. Source: * Broken Grid… → Read More

How Blockchain Technology Is Changing Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a central part of any business. To thrive in today’s society, you must be able to effectively advertise on online platforms, including social media. Experts are predicting significant → Read More

Is Your Site Optimized for Google's Mobile First Indexing?

A study from 2017 revealed 57 percent of all online traffic now comes from mobile devices. In response to the significant shift, Google announced it would develop Mobile First Indexing. → Read More

7 AI Marketing Evolutions to Prepare For

AI is no longer a science fiction unreality. It's happening now in the real world and is starting to impact marketing. Find out how it will change your digital marketing efforts. → Read More

7 design tactics to enhance the storytelling on your website

Responsive design is just one smart way to augment the user experience for visitors. Consider gamification and other engaging features. → Read More

Discover Missteps in Your UX Design –

UX design – the process of creating a website that is intuitive to the user – is ongoing and must adjust to the needs of your market and users. While you may feel like dropping the mic after getting your site up and running, it’s not over and done. As users and the digital landscape change, so must your website. In fact, optimal UX could be the factor that determines the success of your company.… → Read More

Participatory Design: What It Is and Why You Should Be Using It –

Participatory design is a method to bring customers into the design process through a collaborative approach. In web design, consumers work directly with experts to create user-friendly interfaces and designs to better improve the user experience. The traditional method of the design included only professional developers working to design what he or she believed met the users’ needs. The… → Read More

The Role of Place-Onas in the Future of UX

Most people are familiar with the concept of a persona—a fictional character that embodies the traits of your target audience. Marketers gather details from user research and generate a representation of their ideal client. When developing a website or smartphone app, designing for a persona helps identify how users → Read More

How Storytelling Engages Your Readers

Incorporate storytelling into your web design and how you communicate with your brand in order to engage with customers. Read More → Read More

Critical E-Commerce Best Practices for 2018 Success

2018 looks to be a good one for e-commerce sites. Be sure to implement these tips to position your business for the ultimate success this year. → Read More

Ten Steps to Intuitive Forms in Website Design

Your forms are one of the most important elements on your website, both for your users and the company. At their best, forms interact with visitors and are user-friendly. A... → Read More

5 Ways to Overcome Customer Ad Fatigue

Today, people have to wade through a sea of search hits before finding exactly what they’re looking for because of dynamic keyword insertion and other methods to get their page at → Read More

The Top Web Design Trends of 2017

In the world of web design, it’s never too early to start looking ahead. However, it’s also important to analyze the past. As 2017 closes, take a look at the... → Read More