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Past articles by Anjana:

Capricorn Daily Horoscope For September 27, 2021

Today is a day filled with experiences that may leave you a little exhausted at the end of the day, but none of it will be for waste. → Read More

Virgo Daily Horoscope For September 27, 2021

Virgos, you are always admired for your strong work ethic, and today you will be praised at work for taking care of a complex project and become more popular among your coworkers. → Read More

Taurus Daily Horoscope For September 27, 2021

You are doing great on the financial front, and your bank account shows it. → Read More

10 Signs You’re Finally In The Relationship You Deserve

You don’t have to have the same hobbies and interests, but when you are in a relationship you deserve, things that matter to you will matter to your partner. → Read More

10 Habits You Need To Break In Order To Be A Better Partner

A relationship is not a competition, and you don’t always have to win. → Read More

Let Go Of The Idea Of Being “This Kind Of Woman”

You are not the kind of woman who needs someone to complete you, because you are whole on your own. → Read More

An Open Letter To The People I’ve Harmed

You might never forgive me, but I want to say I am sorry for the way I treated you and for the things I said. → Read More

I’ve Finally Accepted How To Become The Best Version Of Myself

Everyone’s best version of themselves is different. → Read More

What I Really Meant To Say Is That I Miss You

To be honest, any glass of red wine will remind me of the first time I lied to you. → Read More

10 Ways To Love Someone Who Struggles With Their Body Image

They might not feel comfortable eating in public, so try to be understanding and kind during mealtimes. → Read More

10 Ways People With OCD Interact With The World Differently

You never feel completely safe, and that is a terrible way to feel. → Read More

We Can No Longer Be Silent About The Rise Of Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

The truth is that racism has always existed, but the former President calling Covid-19 “the China Virus” and blaming the country for the pandemic has provided many people with new ways to express t… → Read More

Every Useful Thing My Friends Have Ever Done To Help Me Manage My Depression

What I do believe to be true is that the support and encouragement of my friends have played a very important role in helping me manage my depression and also helped me recover. → Read More

Hate To Break It To You But There Is No ‘Winning’ The Breakup

It is hard to reimagine a journey that you had already imagined with someone. We cannot replace people as easily as we would like. Every end damages a part of us that can never fully heal. → Read More

I Finally Understand That This Was Never Meant To Be

We truly loved each other, but we never learned how to treat each other right because we got so used to just being the way we were. → Read More

What I Wish You Understood About My Seasonal Depression

It is more than just the winter blues or a weird funk that you have to snap out of. → Read More

I Just Thought You Should Know I Still Care

I often want to say, “Let’s go back to where we started and get a do-over.” If only it were possible—I would do so many things differently. → Read More

Skincare Is The Newest Form Of Self-Care During The Pandemic

People are taking back their power and focusing on taking care of themselves in ways that are most personal and comfortable to them, and many have turned to holistic and sustainable skincare. → Read More

When You’re Not Anxious, But You’re Still Not Okay

Do you have days when you wake up and everything around you seems okay, but you don’t? → Read More

This Year, I’m Taking A Chance On Myself

This year, I will enjoy a moment-to-moment experience but also act in ways where I care about myself and the future. → Read More