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Past articles by Patrick:

Many Canadians think more refugees are admitted than actually are. Here’s why that’s a problem

The survey also showed that supporters of different parties saw different aspects of immigration as more important. → Read More

Why can some people cure a cannabis vomiting syndrome by switching to legal weed?

People with cannabis hyperemesis syndrome — a problem some heavy smokers get that involves chronic vomiting — are usually told to quit. But some cure it by switching to a legal supply. → Read More

Here’s how to apply for long-promised cannabis pardons

Today, the federal government told people with prohibition-era marijuana convictions how to get long-promised pardons. It's a complex process involving lots of paperwork. → Read More

Pardons aren’t supposed to be visible at the U.S. border. Here’s why they often are

Pardons are supposed to let a former offender move on. So why do they sometimes create more problems than they solve at the U.S. border? → Read More

UK finance minister to quit if Johnson becomes PM

British finance minister Philip Hammond said on Sunday he would resign if Boris Johnson became prime minister because he felt unable to support a leader happy to take the country out of the European Union without a deal. → Read More

Cannabis sales jumped $11M in May as more stores open

Canadians bought $85 million worth of legal weed in May, $11 million more than in April, according to Statistics Canada data. → Read More

Who started using legal weed? (Don’t look at teens — look at their parents)

Middle-aged men increased their cannabis use after legalization more than any other demographic group. In second place: middle-aged women. → Read More

Ontario cannabis sales more than doubled after stores started to open

Legal cannabis sales more than doubled in Ontario in April, after stores started to open. → Read More

Why you won’t be able to pick up a 24 of THC beer (which can’t be called beer)

When THC-infused beverages go on sale later this year, you'll only legally be allowed to buy small amounts. → Read More

Cannabis taxes brought in $186 million in five and a half months

The provinces are taking the lion's share of cannabis tax revenue, figures released today show. → Read More

How a weed conviction at 18 got a man banned at the U.S. border — 37 years later

Mark pleaded guilty to marijuana possession in 1982 at age 18. Thirty-seven years later, U.S. border officials confronted him about the arrest, banning him from the U.S. for life. → Read More

What will cannabis drinks’ labels say? Here’s why ‘barley soda’ is a possibility

Makers of THC-infused wine and beer can't use words linked with alcohol on their labels. The problem is, those are the only words anybody understands. → Read More

8 ways we treat weed differently from alcohol. (Do any of them make sense?)

Cannabis is probably safer than alcohol. So why do we restrict it more? → Read More

Military’s internal prison in Edmonton ‘vastly underutilized,’ report says

Canada's last military prison costs $2 million a year to run, has a staff of 26 and last had an inmate in mid-April. But it delivers value for money, the military police argue. → Read More

Does cannabis cause psychosis? Evidence is lacking, scientists say

Is cannabis linked to a risk of developing psychosis? A recent study argued that, but other scientists say it has flaws. → Read More

Can a game-based impairment app tell if you’re stoned? Not always, we found

A Toronto woman took three THC gel caps and tried an impairment-testing app based on video games. The results were a surprise. → Read More

New Brunswickers are avoiding buying pot with credit cards, sales figures show

New Brunswickers are less than half as likely to use credit cards to buy cannabis compared to alcohol. Why? Uneasiness about the U.S. border, one expert says. → Read More

Why you should probably stop smoking weed and buy a vape device

How bad for you is smoking weed? There's no proven link to cancer, but you're probably better off with vaping. Here's why. → Read More

In the wake of alarming stories, Canadians are less open to marijuana edibles: poll

As horror stories about grey-market cannabis edibles pile up, Canadians are less open to trying the legal versions, a poll shows. → Read More

Should we take drunk drivers’ gun licences away?

Britain takes drunk drivers' gun licences away. California may do something similar. Should Canada? "It's a no-brainer," one gun violence expert says. → Read More