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Past articles by Jessica:

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Trainer-Approved Tips to Strengthening Your Legs In No Time

Toned legs are a coveted thing but, sorry to say, there really is no such thing as "toning" a muscle. Rather, strengthening those muscles through exercise, and decreasing body fat through diet can help give the appearance of toned legs. For help with the best exercises for toned legs, check out these trainer-approved tips for toned thighs and stronger legs. → Read More

How to Set Up a Home Gym You'll Actually Want to Workout in

If you're trying more and more online or at-home workouts, it's time to start creating a home gym. Use this step-by-step guide on how to set up a home gym to create one that will help you meet all of your fitness goals. → Read More

How to Become a Morning Exerciser

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6-Week Weight Loss Workout Plan for Women at Home

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11 Exercises for Strong Hips and Thighs

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10 Creative Ways to Use a Foam Roller (Besides Rolling Out Sore Muscles)

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Belly Dance Exercises for Your Abs That Will Make You Want to Salsa

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Consider This Bodyweight Workout Like Paleo But for Your Workout

Animal flow primal workouts are a unique fitness trend that might seem silly, but has real deal benefits. This quick, total-body workout builds strength, endurance, flexibility, mobility, and power—no equipment required. → Read More

How to Choose the Best Gym When You Have a Million Options

Experts reveal how to choose the best gym. Start by Googling "best gym near me," then factor in price (cheap gyms can still be good!), location, and classes. → Read More

Try This Low-Impact HIIT Workout Routine at Home

Try this HIIT workout routine at home for a workout that is easy on your joints, and requires no equipment. You'll boost your metabolism in a few quick cardio circuits. → Read More

The Best Outdoor Workouts to Mix Up Your Routine

Soak up the sun (just don't forget the SPF!) with these great outdoor workout ideas. Inspired by everything from CrossFit to kid's playground, these outdoor exercises are fun and effective. → Read More

9 Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes from Breakfast to Dinner

Use these healthy slow cooker recipes to save time and create a nutritious breakfast, snack, or dinner with minimal prep time. These go-to slow cooker recipes range from eggplant pasta to easy fig oatmeal. → Read More

7 Love Handle Workout Moves Using a Towel

This oblique and core workout (or "love handle workout," if that's what you're looking for) tones and strengthens your abdominals without any gym equipment. Just grab a towel, and you can do this at-home workout nearly anywhere! → Read More

The Outdoor Park Workout You Can Do with Just a Bench

This park workout offers a total-body strength training routine that you can complete while enjoying the great outdoors. You just need is a bench to complete this fun park workout. → Read More

This Full-Body HIIT Workout Uses Bodyweight to Burn *Major* Calories

All you need is your body to rock this full-body HIIT workout. High-intensity interval-training circuits burn fat and build muscle from head to toe. → Read More

Do This Home Kickboxing Workout When You Need to Blow Off Steam

These tough kickboxing workout moves that require zero equipment and can be done pretty much anywhere. Try this kickboxing workout for a mental and cardio challenge—and a bit of strength work, too. → Read More

The Ultimate At-Home Full-Body Circuit Workout

This simple full-body circuit workout is the perfect fat-burning strength routine for at home or at the gym. All you need to complete this full-body circuit workout: a pair of dumbbells and a bit of space. → Read More

This Pilates Workout Carves Your Core and Builds a Strong Upper Body

Build functional strength and definition with this arm-, back- and core-sculpting routine that uses dumbbells and a resistance band to mimic Reformer-style moves and add a new twist to traditional mat favorites. Now you can define all the key core muscles at home → Read More