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Past articles by Jasper:

Fraud, climate change and ‘pig butchering’ – welcome to the dark side of cryptocurrency

The decentralised nature of crytpocurrency offers criminals anonymity and the ability to target victims from anywhere in the world. → Read More

Nasa spots bizarre alien 'tiramisu' pattern on the surface of Mars

There's a very tasty explanation for the existence of an unusual natural formation. → Read More

Cyber-scammers are using the coronavirus to trick victims and steal their money

Criminals are taking advantage of the spread of COVID-19 to fleece innocent people. → Read More

Beware the booby-trapped coronavirus maps designed to steal your money

Heartless hackers have a new way of targetting victims as they innocently search for COVID-19 information. → Read More

The dinosaurs enjoyed shorter days than over-worked humans

It turns out that the moon has cursed us with longer days and nights. → Read More

Scientists reveal the real effect coffee has on your creativity and problem-solving

Is it really a good idea to bosh that quintuple espresso or would you be better off with a glass of water? → Read More

A 21-year search for extraterrestrial intelligent life has ended without finding any aliens

Sadly, humanity is still unable to say for sure whether we're alone in the universe. → Read More

Men can tell if a woman is sexually aroused by sniffing her, scientists claim

'Sexual interest may entail more than meets the eye.' → Read More

‘Pick not thy nostrils’: Medieval book of British manners is here to show us how to live

British Library digitises 500-year-old etiquette guide which contains some very good advice for modern Britons. → Read More

Deadly superbugs are thriving aboard the International Space Station

Scientists discover 'tenacious' bacteria capable of causing lethal lung infections aboard the orbital space base. → Read More

Meteorite lands in unsuspecting man’s garden after ‘fireball’ explosion in the sky

The object was small but would have done some serious damage to anyone unlucky enough to be hit by it. → Read More

New Android phone uses AI to stop you taking x-rated naked selfies

If it sees a vast expanse of naked flesh, the gadget will flash a warning which says: 'Photo not taken due to inappropriate content.' → Read More

Climate change could kill off one in three plant and animal species within 50 years

Humanity has kickstarted a mass extinction and it's up to us whether we save the planet or let it burn. → Read More

Simple handwashing technique can limit the spread of coronavirus, scientists reveal

Passengers arrive at Heathrow Airport in London after the last British Airways flight from China touched down in the UK following an announcement that the airline was suspending all flights from the country (Image: Steven Parsons/ PA)Scientists have said that simple handwashing techniques could drastically limit the spread of coronavirus. Health chiefs are trying to stop the feared disease… → Read More

The 'insect apocalypse' has begun and it could spell doom for humanity

Scientists issue ominous warning about the 'worldwide declines' of beasties which pollinate plants and plays a vital role in feeding our species. → Read More

UFOs could be time-travelling humans visiting from the future, professor says

'There are testable theories relating to the UFO phenomenon which we can explore through scientific means.' → Read More

A bright and beautiful ‘super snow moon’ will light up the sky this weekend

It's also known as the 'hunger moon' for a very dark reason. → Read More

Scottish inventor reveals soluble wet wipes you can flush down the toilet without feeling guilty

New environmentally-wipes are soluble, flushable and totally plastic-free. → Read More

Coyotes are friends with badgers and this heartwarming video proves it

A pair of unlikely animal pals have been filmed heading out on a wonderful adventure. → Read More

Powerful new weed compound 30 times stronger than THC discovered in cannabis

New drug is significantly more potent than the other active chemicals found in marijuana. → Read More