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Recent articles by Sarah:

These gut health supplements may help treat depression — study

A new study finds people who pair their antidepressants with probiotics experience a greater improvement in depressive symptoms compared to a control group. → Read More

New ADHD research reveals clues to “maladaptive daydreaming” condition

For some people, “maladaptive daydreaming” might be a more accurate diagnosis than ADHD, according to a new study. → Read More

Best diet to boost mood? A study on men and depression reveals the answer

A new study on young men found the Mediterranean diet can help improve symptoms of depression — the researchers suspect the same may be true in women. → Read More

TikTok’s “core memories” trend reveals a vital aspect of how humans create identity

Autobiographical memories influence our "life scripts," but the concept of "core memories" is not entirely correct, according to scientists. → Read More

Does cannabis actually help with headaches? What scientists know so far

Does cannabis actually combat migraines in some people? And if so, why? Scientists explain what we know so far — and the hidden history of cannabis as a treatment. → Read More

How mind-strengthening exercises can help treat migraine pain

There is no cure for migraines, but there are treatments that involve engaging the brain. These include CBT, relaxation exercises, and very possibly, mindfulness. → Read More

Can diet help treat migraines? Why one nutrient may be key to fighting pain

While there’s no cure for migraines, there are treatments. Scientists are moving toward a better understanding of how diet interacts with pain. → Read More

Do vagus nerve exercises help anxiety? Murky science complicates a wellness trend

The vagus nerve is an exciting target in the world of science and a darling in the wellness industry. But the science surrounding it is complicated. → Read More

How to prevent brain aging: One critical action young adults need to take

It’s time for doctors to “aggressively” address high blood pressure when advising young adults, say the researchers behind a new preliminary analysis. → Read More

'Wordle': How to take advantage of the word game's best brain side-effect

The online game Wordle tickles our brains in familiar and new ways: It’s a game that fosters social connections through simplicity and shareability. → Read More

Differences in men and women's brains may reveal better ways to treat depression

Scientists uncovered biological mechanisms that can, in part, explain why men and women experience severe depression differently. → Read More

Breakups and loneliness could put men at risk of disease in one specific way

Researchers report how the combination of breakups and living alone for many years is associated with heightened levels of persistent low-grade inflammation. → Read More

What exercises improve anxiety? Why the answer is unexpectedly simple

In a new study researchers reveal how and why people experienced a significant reduction in anxiety after completing the exercise program. → Read More

How to help someone having a panic attack: 3 immediate actions you can take

Panic attacks are common and distressing. Actions like gently distracting the person having the panic attack, offering water, and helping with breathing can help. → Read More

Scientists untangle a link between depression and metabolism

In a recent study scientists observe key metabolic differences between people with chronic depression and episodic major depressive disorder. → Read More

The scientific reason why depression and the immune system are connected

In a study published in the journal 'JAMA Psychiatry,' scientists establish a link between depression polygenic scores and increased white blood cell count. → Read More

Bones or no bones, there's a mental health lesson within this TikTok phenomenon

Bones-or-no-bones has become a quasi forecast for bad days or good days, embraced in a way that’s both serious and not. → Read More

Viking discovery changes history and supports ancient lore

Scientists extract wooden fragments and used new technology to detect cosmic ray signals, revealing the earliest presence of Vikings in the Americas. → Read More

Why people in their 20s and 30s need to care about their blood pressure now

Elevated blood pressure places individuals at risk of accelerated brain aging. Meanwhile, optimal blood pressure can help brains stay six months younger. → Read More

Therapy for social anxiety: How 2 different types compare and contrast

For the first time, scientists directly compared the effects of cognitive-behavioral group therapy and mindfulness-based stress reduction on the brain. → Read More