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Recent articles by Michael:

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Is the idea of what "peak TV" should be actually ruining good shows? → Read More

Should Couples Have a Masturbation Policy?

For some couples, masturbation is more or less a secret. Others, however, adopt a much more liberal policy toward self-pleasure. → Read More

Meet the Men Who Love Being in Female-Led Relationships

Female-led relationships, a dom/sub dynamic in which women control most aspects of their male partners' lives, are gaining popularity. → Read More

Why Women Want Nice Guys Now

The pandemic changed what many women want out of relationships. Flakes and bad boys are out, nice guys are in. → Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Cardiophobia

"Cardiophobia" is a real medical affliction that affects hundreds of thousands of people. Why do we never talk about it? → Read More

The Difficulties of Dating as a Straight Submissive Man

Dating as a straight submissive man is hard, but it doesn't have to be. Here's some expert advice on getting the kind of sex you want, including why you should be taking cues from the gay dating community. → Read More

Meet the Online Models Proving Sex Isn't Just for the Able-Bodied

Online communities like Reddit's r/disablednudes provide space for disabled people to express their sexuality, something society often gives them very little opportunity to do → Read More

Michael C. Hall, TV Serial Killer, Also Has a Synth-Pop Band

If a serial killer ever fronted a rock band, it’d be reasonable to expect them to cover Phantogram’s song “Cruel World.” Afterall, its spine-chilling opening verse reads: “I’m putting you out of your misery, ’cause darling you’re dragging me down / I wish I could say that I’m sorry, but I’m over that now — I’m taking you […] → Read More

Oral Sex Is Still Taboo. This Dating App Wants to Change That.

Dating app Headero is on a mission to combat the still-pervasive oral sex stigma that prevents oral enthusiasts from connecting. → Read More

Welcome to Co-Dependents Anonymous, Where Adults Seek Treatment for Addictions to Other People

The little-known 12-step progam is designed to help members move on from debilitating relationships. We talked to veterans of the program. → Read More

How Comedian Jon Laster Built the Ultimate Tool for Finding and Supporting Black-Owned Businesses

Comedian Jon Laster wanted to contribute something meaningful to his community after the BLM protests last summer. So he built BLAPP. → Read More

Why Do So Few Men Understand That Addiction Is a Spectrum?

The world isn't split into people who suffer from addiction and people who don't. Here's what you need to know about everyone in between. → Read More

Can an Army of Anonymous Internet Critics Fix Your Online Dating Profile?

People are asking redditors to critique their online dating profiles. Could it be the key to more success on dating apps? → Read More

Is Too Much Time on the Peloton a Danger to Men’s Sexual Health?

Anal pressure, pelvic floor issues, fungal infections. Could our favorite exercise bike be more trouble than it's worth? → Read More

Want a Better Relationship? Don’t Post About It on Social Media.

It may be tempting to post about your relationship on social media, but keeping it to yourself might be better for you and your relationship. → Read More

Meet the Students, Parents and Retirees Who Started Microdosing During the Pandemic

Sometime in the first few weeks of 2020, Charles*, a 37-year-old psychotherapist, picked up and moved his wife and six-year-old child to a new state. A → Read More

The Truth About “Girl Inches”: Why Women Overestimate Penis Size

Nick once hooked up with a petite girl in college who, lying next to him post-coitus, told him something he wasn’t expecting to hear. “You have a huge dick,” she said. “Like, that’s intimidating.” “I was just kinda taken aback,” says Nick*, St. Louis resident who’s 26 and works in sales. He’d lost his virginity […] → Read More

Why Circumcised Men Are Undergoing Foreskin Restoration

Men are undergoing foreskin restoration, a process by which they regrow their foreskin, restoring the penis to its original condition. → Read More

Will Unwanted Hugging Finally Die Off After the Pandemic?

The pandemic probably won't kill off hugging for good, but it's time to start treating hugs as the consent-mandatory acts they are. → Read More

Did the Pandemic Give a Bunch of Men “Dad Bods” Again?

The viral body type appears to be back. Let's discuss. → Read More