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Past articles by Eddie:

Cheesy Gorditas and Baja Blasts at the Most Beautiful Taco Bell in the World

It’s an extremely surreal experience to chow down on fast food while watching seagulls soar over sand dunes and surfers thrash about the waves and beaches of the Northern California coast → Read More

Everything Is Better With a Blowtorch

My favorite multi-tool in the kitchen isn’t a knife or a utensil — it’s the humble handheld kitchen blowtorch, which adds incredible flavor and requires no skill to use → Read More

You’ve Been Doing Tupperware All Wrong

One of the few glimmers of joy in a 2020 full of discord and pandemic malaise for me was moving to a new city and... → Read More

Go Home, Flavored Charcoal, You’re Drunk

The fiery reviews for the onion or paprika-infused bricks should tell you all you need to know → Read More

The Right’s Transphobic Disinfo Campaign About the Uvalde Shooter Is By Design

Why did figures like Paul Gosar spread rumors that the Uvalde shooter was a trans woman? Consider it another escalation in the war against LGBTQ people led by conservative agitators, who have weaponized identity to fit their goals → Read More

Even Nicholas Fuentes’ Friends Are Calling Him Out on His Bullshit

Why is the white nationalist losing some of his best men? Blame it on dishonesty, infighting and the burden of working with a volatile man-child of a leader → Read More

Is There Any Way to Make Cheap Champagne Taste Expensive?

There’s only so many mimosas one can drink — but unfortunately, when it comes to bad sparkling wine, there’s not much more you can do to liven the experience → Read More

The Anti-Abortion Movement Was Always About a Race War

The debate about the rights of a pregnant person and an unborn fetus has raged for decades, but the origin of the American anti-abortion movement wasn’t built in good faith. Instead, it relied on right-wing organizing around fears of white extinction, which continues to fuel the anti-choice rage we see today → Read More

The Delightfully Refreshing Astroturf Campaign That Gave Us the Aperol Spritz

Confused by the rise of Aperol, a niche Italian aperitif, in the last five years? You’re not weird to question its viral growth, given the huge marketing campaign that pushed it into bars across America → Read More

The Tastiest Party Trick Is Sticking a Red-Hot Poker Into Your Beer

Tired of cracking open a cold one? Try dipping a fiery piece of metal into a pint of beer, and you’ll be met with a fizzy, caramel surprise → Read More

It’s Time We All Learn How to Tie a Tourniquet

The subway shooting in Brooklyn serves as a reminder that mass shootings are now a part of American life. We may as well be prepared for it → Read More

The Most Accurate Cinematic Portrayal of Depression Is in ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’

Who hasn’t heard that little voice in their head sing some version of, ‘Everybody hates you. Everybody wishes you were dead. Peter you suck, Peter you suck...’ → Read More

The Celeb-Driven Delicore Trend Misses the Whole Point

Celebs and casuals alike are rocking shirts, caps and sweaters from their favorite delis and restaurants. It’s a fun trend that evokes vintage vibes — but does this hipster merch have to be so damn expensive? → Read More

All Hail the Guy Who Snorkeled His Way into a Music Festival That Cost $350 a Ticket

Jack documented his journey via TikTok, and according to his videos, nearly got to shore before he was caught. But in a movie-like twist, he still ended up at the party — or is that just what he wants us to think? → Read More

The Battle Over Keystone Light Is the Dumbest Fight in Beer

You would have to be drunk to confuse a Stone Brewing beer with a Keystone Light ‘Stone’ rebranded beer, but that doesn’t seem to matter to the craft brewing company → Read More

Everyone Who’s Anyone Wants to Be Interviewed by Nardwuar

The Canadian celebrity interviewer has an impeccable ability to pry open the minds and lives of artists through his deep research, disarming charisma and stylish flair → Read More

A Spirited Search for the Perfect Highball Combination

Rum and Coke, Seven and Seven, Gin and juice… there’s an endless universe of two-ingredient highball cocktails out there. But which combination of spirit and sugar reigns supreme? → Read More

Every Cocktail Should Be Turned into a Jell-O Shot

Not just the signature elixir of college freshmen and reckless nights, here’s why gelatin is the perfect tool to add a playful twist to your favorite drinks → Read More

George Floyd NFTs Are Just the Tip of a Racist Crypto Iceberg

The wild west of crypto art is creating some heinously offensive NFTs. Stopping them is almost impossible, and accountability for anonymous creators is nowhere to be found → Read More

You Should Be Pouring Espresso into Your Beer

The coffee-hops combo mixes a stimulant hit of caffeine with the mellow vibes of alcohol — and there’s a long history of people exploring the combination of the two → Read More