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Past articles by Lexi:

13 Benefits of Orgasms

Reaching orgasm has never seemed like a better idea. → Read More

How to join a protest against family separation June 30, or start your own

On June 30, Families Belong Together protests against illegal family separation will take place across the country. Here's how to find one near you, or how to start your own. Every voice matters. → Read More

8 outstanding Holocaust books for kids. It's hard and it's important.

These remarkable Holocaust books for kids of all ages help them to understand a critical piece of history. Especially in light of the recent research that most young people in the US don't know what Auschwitz is. → Read More

You obviously need a boat-sized rainbow unicorn pool float this summer.

Holy rainbow unicorn. And flamingo. And peacock. The giant pool floats the Internet is going crazy over are now back in stock, and we've found them! Just in time for the coolest summer activity ever. → Read More

Lucky (and delicious) black-eyed pea recipes

Eating black-eyed peas on New Year's Day is said to bring good luck for an entire year. Why chance it? These black-eyed pea recipes are easy to make and delicious to eat. → Read More

The unicorn donut teether is the It Baby gift of the year

We love it when our favorite trends come together in one item. Beyond: the unicorn donut teether! Here's why it's more than just cute, it's smart. → Read More

20+ ways to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey

The catastrophic storm is leaving thousands in need of aid. Here's how you can help the victims of Hurricane Harvey with food, shelter, supplies, and more. → Read More

Meaningful Mother's Day celebrations...without Mom.

When an important maternal figure passes away, Mother's Day celebrations without Mom can be challenging. But these ideas prove they can be beautiful too. → Read More

Lexi Petronis Bio, latest news and articles

Lexi Petronis is an author on Glamour. Read Lexi Petronis's bio and get latest news stories and articles. Connect with users and join the conversation at... → Read More

Tampon Alternative: Healthy Menstrual Cups, Instead Softcup, DivaCup: G

Seeking out the perfect period protection is a little like finding the perfect boyfriend: they both need to fit with your lifestyle, your comfort levels, your schedule, your price point, and sometimes even your feelings about the environment. If you've been relying on tampons or pads, it just may be time to expand your period horizons (surely that's a thing?) and consider menstrual cups. While… → Read More

The Best (and Worst) Ingredients to Put in Your Salad

Salad...the word alone makes you think "healthy," right? But there are both bad ways to build one—and decidedly good ones. Caroline Cederquist, M.D.—the creator of bistroMD and author of The MD Factor Diet—shares all the need-to-know basics below. The Best Think: crunchy veggies! "They make you feel full, and the very act of chewing them actually helps you enjoy eating your… → Read More

Dehydrated? 5 Ingredients You Should Be Using in Your Smoothie

Summer heat translates to sweating a lot more than usual (as if I had to tell you that—anyone have a towel handy?). So getting more water is not just necessary...it's essential. But you don't have to stick solely with your usual water bottle—whip up a smoothie with these all-nautral water-infused ingredients, as suggested by TruFusion, a Las Vegas-based workout franchise that has its… → Read More

Study Says Snacking on Dark Chocolate at Work Increases Your Productivity

If you start feeling slumpy today (it is such a Monday, I swear), this new study might be a lifesaver. Well, or at least a possible productivity-at-work-saver. According to a new study from Northern Arizona University, eating a piece of dark chocolate may activate your brain in a way that helps increase your levels of attention. Researchers enlisted 122 study participants (between the ages of 18… → Read More

Should You Drink Charcoal? Many Juice Companies Think So, and Here's Why

"Activated charcoal" isn't an ingredient you'll usually find...well, any food item, really. But Pressed Juicery just released two new limited-edition juices (they're available until June 30). One of them is filled with kale, romaine, spinach, yuzu, pink-lady apple, cucumber, and jalapeno (spicy!), and the other has spinach, romaine, parsley, coconut water...and activated charcoal. Activated… → Read More

Do This ONE Thing for Two Minutes—It Just May Make You Healthier (You'll Totally Thank Us)

The negative effects of sitting for too long have been well documented—it could contribute to depression and possibly shorten your lifespan—but a new study suggests that doing this for just two minutes every hour can reverse some of that yuck. Researchers from the University of Utah School of Medicine found that people who got up from their seats and engaged in “low-intensity… → Read More

A Quick Comparison of the Top 3 Fitness Bands: The Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Jawbone

There are fitness bands galore these days—I'm seriously looking at like, six of them that I switch between at this very moment—but what's the difference between them, really? The most popular right now are the Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Jawbone. Each brand comes in several different "flavors," each with different options. Fitbit: There are four kinds of Fitbit bands: Charge, Charge HR,… → Read More

4 Ways to Reset Your Tastebuds (In Other Words: How to Crave Only the Healthy Stuff)

We've heard a lot about how clean eating is good for our bodies—but how do we get our bodies to actually want to eat clean? Candice Kumai, author of Clean Green Eats: 100+ Clean-Eating Recipes to Improve Your Whole Life, has a few ideas for resetting your palate and making it actually crave healthier foods. Think whole: Resetting your palate starts with gearing toward eating real, whole… → Read More

4 Sneaky Ways to Healthify Your Favorite Sweet Treats

My son's birthday party is in a few days, so preparing sweet-yet-still-mostly-healthy things for the sweet boy (and his sweet little friends) has been quite on my mind. (Well, to be honest, that's kind of a subject that's always on my mind!) Anyway, that means I've been extra-investigating lately...and I'm finding these ones especially intriguing... Chobani's banana split uses yogurt in lieu of… → Read More

Study: Air Pollution, Smog May Cause Dementia, Memory Loss, Stroke: G

Smog's PR hasn't been all that great lately—a recent study found that it could contribute to stress and anxiety—and now there's more possible bad news about it. Long-term exposure to air pollution just might harm your brain. In a just-published study for the journal Stroke, researchers examined more than 900 healthy adults (all New Englanders, and all of whom were at least 60 years… → Read More

Chipotle Removes GMO Oils, Ingredients From Menu: G

Here's some big news for health-conscious burrito buffs (and, yes, I'm totally raising my hand over here...): Chipotle has announced that its ingredients will be GMO-free. The restaurant company just announced that, going forward, it will not use ingredients that are genetically modified, and will instead focus on using whole, simple foods. Soybean oil will be replaced with sunflower oil (for… → Read More