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Recent articles by Daniel:

A year after media doubting, Apple's Services save a difficult year

Last March, analysts and tech bloggers dumped out arrogant contempt over Apple's latest product introduction. This year, those new offerings helped save Apple's Q2 earnings and are projected to bolster its June quarter performance despite the pandemic. → Read More

Apple expects iPad, Mac sales to grow in June Q3 despite COVID-19

It's not exactly surprising that with all of the uncertainty in the world, Apple decided that it couldn't provide useful revenue guidance for its fiscal Q3 ending in June. It is unexpected, however, that Apple felt confident in announcing a silver lining to the pandemic -- it expects to sell more Macs and iPads in the summer of 2020 compared to 2018. → Read More

Dire predictions for Apple's supply chain, retail demand were wrong

The same sources who were wildly wrong about Apple's inability to sell iPhone X were also way off base earlier this year in fantasizing dire impacts COVID-19 would have on Apple's global supply chain, its presence in China, and the effect that retail closures and an economic downturn would have on the demand for Apple's products. → Read More

iPhone SE already seeing strong sales, Android switchers

Despite the extraordinary circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple has reported strong sales of its newly launched iPhone SE. But the company isn't seeing customers scaling down buying decisions to save money, as pundits have predicted. → Read More

Apple must expand its COVID tracing technology into large scale testing

In the rough business climate caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple has taken pride in going beyond "competent business as usual" to help. But the company and its trillion-dollar peers should now take the initiative to gather testing data that governments globally are failing to handle. Lives-- and their profits-- depend on it. → Read More

Don't count on reports of a delayed 'iPhone 12'

Parallel reports have all recently claimed that Apple has decided to "delay the mass production" of its upcoming "iPhone 12", but these reports don't offer any meaningful evidence that this could result in a materially late launch. Here's a look at why. → Read More

The A13 chip in Apple's cheapest iPhone SE beats the most expensive Androids

Several years ago, Apple's best chips began decisively beating the performance of the best chips available to high-end Android phones. Now, even Apple's $399 iPhone SE uses a more powerful brain than even the most advanced Android flagships with prices above $1,000. How is this possible? → Read More

Editorial: COVID-19 disaster shows off Apple's true core

Reacting to the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple has ramped up efforts to fund a variety of relief efforts and has arranged for the production and sourcing of vital gear to assist in the pandemic. Here's a look at what else Apple has done so far, and why. → Read More

Editorial: Who wants the new iPhone SE 2020?

Apple's latest iPhone SE release represents a basic, familiar, and affordable "classic" model of iPhone that wouldn't normally be expected to garner too much attention. Yet it has, due in large part to Apple's use of its most advanced A13 Bionic chip in what is now its least expensive new iPhone, just six months after initially launching the A13 in its most ultra-premium iPhone 11 Pro. Why is… → Read More

Will the COVID-19 disaster sink Apple's premium hardware?

The same people who have consistently failed to comprehend Apple's business model over the last few decades are now postulating that COVID-19's economic devastation will make Apple's products broadly unaffordable on a global level. → Read More

Nikkei, WSJ split on their Apple horror narratives

Two major financial papers that usually blow out false news about Apple's supply chain in lockstep have suddenly diverged in their imagined tales of how the world's best-capitalized and most proficient and competent tech company might be somewhat challenged by the economic disaster now killing thousands of people. Never mind the devastation, worry about a trillion-dollar corporation that has… → Read More

Why iPad Pro's LiDAR is a big step for Apple in computer vision and AR

The new LiDAR camera sensor that debuted in Apple's latest iPad Pro this week is an enhancement upon the depth sensing TrueDepth front-facing imaging array that first made its appearance on iPhone X in late 2017. This year as it arrives on iPhone 12, LiDAR appears to set to achieve a massive installed base of tens of millions of users. Here's why that's important. → Read More

Editorial: Apple's impact from social distancing in 2020

Just a few months ago, Apple was gearing up to climb onto the gigantic shoulders of its blockbuster iPhone 11 launch to deliver another massive annual upgrade to its Macs, iPads, audio devices, wearables, and the upcoming new iPhone 12. Then the world ground to a halt in an unprecedented way. Here's how Apple can make the most positive impact possible in this year of social distancing. → Read More

Editorial: No WSJ, Apple isn't stuck in China

After years of false reporting that demonstrated a complete lack of understanding of Apple's supply chain or even the value of its operational expertise, Tripp Mickle of the Wall Street Journal is back, this time with a story about how foolish Apple was to rely on Chinese manufacturing and how hopelessly desperate its plight now is, due to the coronavirus outbreak. He's wrong, here's why. → Read More

Panicked selling of AAPL lets Apple buy back billions cheaply

Media-induced panic related to the coronavirus outbreak has caused stocks to crash in value, with Apple's share price dropping to levels not seen since early December, back before it was appreciated how well Apple's iPhone 11, wearables, services, and other offerings had performed during holiday sales. That drop affords Apple a rare opportunity to snatch up billions of its shares at a discount… → Read More

Apple drives both premium iPhone sales, global production in India

The idea Apple was failing to establish itself in India -- and outsold by Samsung and Chinese brands -- has been overturned by new research showing that iPhone ate up over 75% of all premium smartphone sales in the subcontinent in the fourth quarter, while also posting strong iPad, Apple Watch, and AirPod sales. Along with "double-digit" growth, Apple is also expanding its production in the… → Read More

A8, A8X: How Apple's custom silicon hit Samsung with a one-two punch

The year 2014-- when Apple debuted its A8 chip-- might seem like the distant past. Yet it marked a turning point in Apple's struggles with Samsung and created a much larger new playing field for iOS carved from former Android users. Here's why that matters. → Read More

Why Apple's guidance correction is causing less panic versus 2019

For the second time in two years, Apple has issued a correction to its revenue guidance. After looking foolish for sensationalizing Apple's downfall last year, analysts and tech media reporters are exercising more caution in their coverage of how business interruptions by the coronavirus might affect the company. → Read More

Huawei hit hard by coronavirus in China, new criminal charges in U.S.

There's lots of bad news piling up for Huawei, the firm often considered to be Android's best hope of challenging Apple's leadership in smartphone design and business competency. → Read More

Coronavirus to hit Android's hopes for 5G, folding screens the hardest

As Apple deals with interruption of the COVID-19 epidemic in China, its Android competitors face all the same issues; except that they make far less money and operate on much thinner margins across fragile shipment volumes. → Read More