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Past articles by Emma:

The 'Good Sex In Fiction' Award Is Celebrating Authors Who Take Erotica Seriously

You may have heard of the Bad Sex in Fiction Award, but isn't it about time we started rewarding good sex in literature? That's exactly what Erotic Review decided, prompting them to create the Good Sex in Fiction Award. And while the Bad Sex in Ficti → Read More

Most Women Are Confident About Deciding To Have Abortions, Study Says, So Mandatory Waiting Periods Are Pointless

One common abortion restriction passed in many states in recent years is to implement mandatory waiting periods; the assumption is that, given a few days, women might change their minds about wanting an abortion. However, a new study finds that most → Read More

Emma Cueto

Emma Cueto is freelance journalist based in Boulder, CO because mountains are never a bad reason to do anything. She spends her time reading, writing, cooking and complaining about the weather. → Read More

How Daylight Saving Time Affects Your Body, Because It's Almost Time To Change The Clocks Again

Daylight saving time will be over in a little more than a month, which means we will once again be turning our clocks back an hour. So how does daylight saving time effect your body? It turns out, changing the time has some pretty noticeable physical → Read More

Gender-Blind Job Applications Result In More Women Hired & They're One Part Of The Solution To Workplace Sexism

There are a lot of issues when it comes to gender equality in tech, but when it comes to gender bias in the hiring process, there might be one thing that the industry can do to begin changing things: New research suggests that gender-blind job applic… → Read More

How Did Ophiuchus Get Its Name? The 13th Zodiac Sign Has An Ancient History

Ever since the internet erupted with rumors that the zodiac might be changing to add a 13th sign, people have been wondering what the deal is with this so-called "Ophiuchus" sign. But how did Ophiuchus get its name in the first place? The story is a → Read More

5 Ways The Full Moon Supposedly Affects Human Behavior

For centuries, there have been legends about the full moon making people do crazy things — and sometimes even going literally crazy. But are there ways that the moon really does affect human behavior? Science has investigated, and their findings aren't what the legends would have you → Read More

5 Ways The Full Moon Supposedly Affects Human Behavior

For centuries, there have been legends about the full moon making people do crazy things — and sometimes even going literally crazy. But are there ways that the moon really does affect human behavior? Science has investigated, and their findings aren → Read More

Doctors' Current Clinical Guidelines Aren’t Always Helpful For Trans Patients, Study Finds, Demonstrating How Much Change In Healthcare Is Needed

For many trans people, a huge number of obstacles exist when it comes to gaining access to basic health care, many of which are deeply ingrained in our health care system. Indeed, a new study has found that many medical professionals lack experience and clear guidelines for treating trans patients, → Read More

The Hugos Have Been Awarded — And Diversity Prevails, Though There's Still Work To Be Done

The Hugo Awards are like the Oscars except for science fiction and fantasy — which in my book makes them automatically cooler. The 2016 Hugos were awarded this weekend, and there are some awesome titles on the list. Which you should of course all add to your reading list ASAP. Perhaps most notable, → Read More

Online Harassment Hasn't Gotten Any Better Since 2014, Says Report, Showing A Depressing Lack Of Progress In How We Treat One Another

In the past few years, online harassment has increasingly gained attention, and many social media sites have made an effort to crack down on people who use their platforms to hurl abuse. However, the effect may not have been what you might hope: A ne → Read More

Millennials Living With Their Parents Is Now Our Generation's Most Common Living Arrangement, But There's No Reason To Freak Out About It

If you're a Millennial who lives with your parents, you're in good company — by which I mean, you know, good company in addition to your parents. According to data from the Pew Research Center, Millennials living with parents is now the most arrangem → Read More

'Mien Kampf' Proceeds Will Be Going Someplace New

What do you do with money made from the writings of a genocidal fascist? It's a moral conundrum faced by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, the U.S. publisher of Mein Kampf. And now the publishing house is making some changes to how they handle the funds from sale of the book. But as with anything → Read More

Same-Sex Parents Are As Good As Different-Sex Parents, Yet Another Study Confirms, So Can We Stop Hearing This Myth Already?

Both common sense and medical science say that same-sex parents are no better or worse than so-called "traditional" parents, but since the myth still refuses to die, it never hurts to keep disproving it until it does. Yet another study has confirmed → Read More

Being Raised Bilingual Gives You A Boost In Brainpower & It's Definitely An Advantage Worth Having

If you were raised bilingual, there's already plenty of evidence that you're probably smarter than the rest of us. In case you wanted even more bragging rights, though, a new study shows that bilingual babies have higher functioning brains than monol… → Read More

The Glass Ceiling Report From 'The Economist' Shows That There Is No Country Without A Glass Ceiling, But It's More Cracked In Some Than Others

The glass ceiling might be cracked, but it's still very much there — though it's more intact in some countries than in others. According to a new Glass Ceiling report from The Economist, women in the workplace still face greater challenges than men i… → Read More

Abortion Waiting Periods Affect 6 In 10 Women In The United States & That Is A Big Problem

Abortion access might be a right, but as we all know by now, it's not a right that's always easy to exercise. In fact, now that Florida has passed a new abortion waiting period law, six in 10 women are now subject to abortion waiting periods in the U → Read More

'Unjust' Report From The Movement Advancement Project Underlines How The Criminal Justice System Fails LGBTQ People

There are a lot of systemic problems in our criminal justice system, and one of the worst seems to be the mistreatment of LGBTQ peopleL According to a new report from Movement Advancement Project (MAP), LGBTQ people are unfairly targeted by the criminal justice system. And at a time when the nation → Read More

Smart People Have More Trouble Focusing At Work, Study Finds, But If That's You, Maybe Don't Brag To Your Boss About It

Do you often find yourself getting off task at work? Are you in fact reading this at work right now? Well, the good news is that trouble paying attention at work might be a sign you're smart. I'm sure your bosses will be very pleased. A recent study … → Read More

Social Justice Warrior Training With Franchesca Ramsey Looks Intense, But It's So Worth It — VIDEO

There's a war going on out there, a war for equality, and you need to be prepared. In order to get ready to join the fray, you should check out Franchesca Ramsey's "Social Justice Warrior Training" video for MTV's Decoded web series. Because honestly… → Read More