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Recent articles by Amber:

Talking Radical Imagination with Max Haiven

The radical imagination is something that emerges when people come together to struggle against the reality that they’ve been forced into. → Read More

What if young people reimagined the education system?

I was joined by Yumna Hussen and Lottie Cooke to discuss what a reimagined education system would be like, to explore. → Read More

How the ‘From What If to What Next’ podcast came to be

The idea that excited me about from What If to What Next was to make a very different kind of space in which to explore important ideas. → Read More

Hide Enomoto on his new book about the story of Transition in Japan

Hide Enomoto is one of the pioneers of the Japanese Transition movement, both in his community and in supporting the national movement. → Read More

From What If to What Next: Kate Soper and Tim Jackson

Might this be the time to forever do away with the idea that the only way to measure our progress, cultural, social, spiritual, economic, is purely by how much bigger our economy is than it was last year? → Read More

The Tale of the Camden Future Journal

What if… we would persuade our local newspaper to publish a wraparound containing community visions and stories written from the year 2030? → Read More

From What If to What Next: with Dr. Wanda Wyporska and Chuck Collins

In my latest podcast we are exploring how it would be if Feeney’s thinking were to be embraced by those holding the vast reserves of money that the world needs to address its complex problems right now. What if they shifted and recognised the need to let go of what they’re holding onto? And how would it feel to do so? → Read More

What if a revolution in our relation to land unlocked a revolution of the imagination?

In today’s episode we bring together Josina Calliste, a health professional and community organiser who is one of the co-founders of Land in Our Names (LION), a black-led collective addressing land inequalities affecting black people and people of colour’s ability to farm and grow food in Britain, and Chris Smaje, author of the book ‘A Small Farm Future‘ and the brilliant blog of the same name. → Read More

What If? there was a daily imagination lesson?

The imagination is radical. It is the only way to get us beyond what is and to get us to what if. It can get us beyond business as usual → Read More

Some reflections on the difference between ‘Yes, but’ and ‘Yes, and’

‘A Walk of What If’ was an ask to think of as many ideas for how Patagonia could act as though this was a climate and ecological emergency. → Read More

Why the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill could lead to a revolution of the imagination

One of the rays of sunshine in the UK’s currently bleak political landscape is the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill. I urge you to get behind it → Read More

What if every city used Doughnut Economics?

Doughnut Economics is rapidly moving from the fringe to the mainstream. Amsterdam in Holland was recently confirmed as the first ‘Doughnut City’, using the model to underpin its economic development strategy. → Read More

What Could Possibly Go Right?: Episode 14 Rob Hopkins

Rob Hopkins is an author and a Co-Founder of Transition Town Totnes and Transition Network. He approaches the question of “What could possibly go right?” with a fascination in the power of imagination for our future. → Read More

50 Shades of Hay (or ‘Why not cutting the lawn is good for the imagination’)

One of the best things about having written ‘From What Is to What If’ is the messages I get how it has been a catalyst for very real change. → Read More

When a Resilient Future Calls by to See if you Want to Come Out to Play

Clearly, no-one would choose to celebrate the circumstances under which these changes have happened. This is not how these changes should have happened. → Read More

John Crowley: “Imagination Actually Alters the World”

The older I get, and I’m now 76, the more I think that the imagination, really, in a possibly never-able-to-be-described way, actually alters the world. → Read More

Totnes Declares a Climate & Ecological Emergency – What Next?

in Totnes an event brought together local Transition, XR and other groups to ask how best to respond to local government climate emergency declarations. → Read More

Why the Next 12 Years Could be the Making of us

The point I want to make in this short piece is that the concept of a climate emergency should fill our hearts with great optimism and possibility. → Read More

My Talk at the Celebration of the Life and Times of the Totnes Pound

The Bank of England published legal advice saying that so long as local currencies didn’t feature the Queen or pretend to be sterling, they were OK. → Read More

Bologna, the City with a ‘Civic Imagination Office’

In Bologna, a new approach to engagement and civic action is emerging, rooted in the imagination. They are not afraid to use that word. → Read More